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Everywhere was quietened, everything so silent as all creatures retreated their weapons and watched what displayed between the god of hell and the two brothers, ferocious lightening kept sparking as a deadly aura loom all around the realm

“Wait what? Is he dumb now!” Harry asked, pointing towards Liam who levitated with his eyes shut firmly closed as a blue fire seem to burn round his brother and him.

“Interesting, he’s in the realm of gods!” Theo replied Harry as his dagger kept glowing constantly

“How come you know do much about that!” James asked

“Don’t forget am a god you Know? I know a god when I see one and I for sure know what it sure taste like…. The realm of gods!” Theo voice out huskily as he watched what displayed on the battle field.

“What in the name of heaven is the realm of gods!” James asked

“It’s the old ruin of gods, the dead covens of the fallen gods, each god has it own realm, we need an emotion for it’s connection to be triggered, I got mind when Malia was almost killed, she is my realm…. ” Theo explained and paused

“As much as it seems, I will love to find out who and what is behind his realm” Theo said ammous while they kept watching what displayed on the battle ground

“Shouldn’t we help them?” Harry finally asked the question that kept troubling his mind while Theo slowly turned to face him.

“No, we do nothing, it’s their fight, they need to finish this…… Alone!!!”…..


The dark coven of the seer of Argedon was filled with extreme void and Darkness, dark potions created by the dead seer showed all around as they emitted dark smokes.

A magical portal came in view, reveling Ruma who emerged from it while she held firmly to her blueish staff which radiated a slight aura as she seem to search for something.

“Where could she have kept it?” Ruma asked nobody in particular as she kept searching all around the coven and halted when she finally found what she was looking for

Of course, the deadly orb of the dead seer of Argedon could be seen as it floated on the air, although the seer was dead, her compulsion to all students of Dylan college was still at large and they needed to destroy it

Ruma heaved a sigh as her Staff trembled while she took slow steps towards the deadly orb, she finally came to an halt as she stood just an inch away from the orb of the seer.


Ruma chanted and hit her staff on the ground, Creating a slight blast as she stretched out her staff towards the orb, a huge blast occured as Ruma’s staff collided on the orb as it shattered into pieces, Creating a blast that threw Ruma backwards as she crashed on the wall.

“Finally, I destroyed it, you’ve got just and hour or two Lobana, the world depend on you now!”……



“Where am I?” I muttered as I blinked severally and finally jerked from the strange place I laid, the last thing I remembered was, The realm…… Lydia….

I fell weakly on my knees as the realization on what happened in the realm hit me really hard, her last words, I couldn’t stop him, I just couldn’t and now am to live without her, the thought of it alone gave me a seering headache as the tears that boiled up in my eyes began streaming down my face, He was gonna pay!

I gasped and stirred on my feet as the whole place that I stood began glowing as if fading while a bright light shown brightly, I shielded my eyes so as to protect my eyes from the fierce Rays of light that reflected my eyes.

I slowly dropped my hands as the whole light died down to revealed myself standing in a strange place which seemed so familiar, I happen to have been here before but I don’t seem to remember.

“What the!….. ” I muttered as everything clicked and began rushing down my spine, it’s the only place I had always dreamed of, the I only place that appeared in my dreams….. I was there now but why?

“Because it’s is your realm Liam!” A deep grutttaral voice ranged behind me while I swiftly turned my body as my gaze collided on a figure’s face, he wore a Golden crown.

“Who….. Are…. You? I asked while he made to speak

“I am the seven gods that existed Thousands of years ago, I am your guidance!” He responded while I shivered with fear as everything clicked once again! I had seen him before!!

“Hurry! The world need you!! It needs Lobana!!!” He muttered while I heaved in frustration, I had totally forgotten all about it.

“Why do I need to hurry huh? I can’t even find revenge for the one I love!”

“Oh, you’re wrong, the answer to everything is right in front of you!” The figure replied while I swiftly spun my body and howered as my gaze collided on it, the only door in my dream which stood it’s ground when everything else in it’s path burned

“What is….. ” I asked and paused as I turned my gaze behind me, the strange figure was gone like he had just disappeared.

“How do I get over there?” I asked myself while I kept staring at the deadly stuffs that littered the ground and then it all happened, I felt something burst within me, a burst of raw power as the last words of Lydia slowly played on my mind.

“I love you!” I thought happily and in one swing, stepped my leg into the deadly ground and strangely, I felt nothing, I kept walking forward and soon, I arrived at the door.

“Open the door and discover your realm, discover it’s meaning!”

A voice which seem to boom from the four corners of the universe spoked grimly while I hesitated for a little while before placing my hand gently on the huge door and slowly pushed it open.

A bright light blurred my vision but soon cleared off while I shivered as a figure appear before me, I found it, I discovered it, I know what it mean, it has always been with me, my realm!


I muttered and that was all I could remember as the strange realm litted up, everything in my path slowly faded and turned to dust while I dived back to the real world……



I heaved in satisfaction as I floated on the air and slowly landed on my feet, every creature that stood on the ground of the realm all retreated their weapons as they all watched what displayed before them.

“It’s good to have you back Liam, let’s do this!” Scott elucidated and smiled while we approached each other, slowly glaring at each others while Scott squatted low before me

“You’re gonna pay!”

I snapped at Vokan who stood few feet away from us and in a flash, thrust my hand right into the the lower back of Scott who yelled as a severe pain racked through his body.

An eternal aura radiated round Scott and I while an external flame burned round us as we fused and merged together, Every Creature gasped as they watched the unbelievable, the green line on my arm faded away as our muscles continually ripped and expanded

Our clothes tore apart as they couldn’t contain the size of our muscles, the sword pattern on my chest glowed and likewise did a sword pattern on Scott’s wrist glowed as we merged, lightening flashed through the sky while the ground quaked and splitted into two, dread filled the realm as the Scarlet sword which sparked and rained fire floated out from the ground and landed on a being’s hand..

There standing before everyone, instead of two peoples was a combination of Scott and I as we merged together to form a being…..

☔☔☔☔☔WRITER’S ☔☔☔☔

The whole battle ground had quitened, Thousands of skulls littered the ground while everyone looked fazed, several buildings razed to the ground as everyone retreated backwards while a megazode being stood before the god of hell who shower no sign of fear.

“Seems like I couldn’t get rid of you after all, maybe it time I do this myself!” The god of hell spoke grimly while Lobana flashed a smile

“You did a wrong mistake and now, you shall pay for it!” Lobana who spoked in the form of two Humans said grimly while he held firmly to his Sword

“Have been waiting a long time for this, Let’s get this over with!”

Vokan battered and tossed off his black robe to the ground while he Bagan taking slow steps towards Lobana, meanwhile, Lobana stood his ground as Vokan approached him, Vokan yelled as his clothes tore apart while his muscles ripped and expanded and soon, he was twice the size of Lobana

The two gods dashed at each others with lightening speed, the ground quaked and reverberated at each steps they took while the two gods leap at each other, creating a huge blast that shook the entire realm to it’s hinges as the gods clashed.

The blast threw both gods backwards but while in air, the two gods twisted their body’s and landed gracefully, Vokan smirked and stretch his hand towards the ground while two glowing swords erupted from the ground and landed on his palms

Lobana smile and merged with the wind while Vokan ducked an invisible force that appeared behind him, a clenching sound could be heard as the swords of both gods collided while they sneered at each others..

Vokan smirked as lightening emitted from his swords while he directed it towards Lobana who countered attack by forming a ‘wakanda pattern ‘ while the fierce lightening landed on his arm and threw him backwards, the ground quaked and cracked as Lobana landed skillfully.

And just before Lobana regained his widths, Vokan dashed towards him and moulted his fist and hit Lobana, Lobana smirked as Vokan’ hands fazed through his body and appeared at the other end, the god of hell panicked as Lobana glistered in glory.

Lobana appeared before Vokan and hurled Earth’s rocks at him while Vokan countered attack by slicing the rocks into two with his swords.

Several hands sprouted out of Vokan while he dashed towards Lobana, grapping him by his waist and tossed him towards the other side but strangely, Lobana stood his ground and landed gracefully!

Vokan breathe out heavily while Lobana look unfazed as if someone that had not done anything since the fight began, a smile creeped towards his lips as he made to speak, his plans were working, Vokan was losing his will power and gradually losing his ability to withstand the fight.

“Interesting, he succeeded in draining half of Vokan’s durability! A god indeed!!” Theo said from the other end of the wall as he watched the fight.

“I have wasted enough time already, the battle of gods is bewhelming, it’s my turn now!”

Lobana said and dashed towards the god of hell, merging with the wind just before he descended on Vokan who panicked as Lobana couldn’t be sighted, the sky turned more darker while the rain slowly dropped it tears, Lobana reappeared behind Vokan, conjuring a great mass of lightening and redirecting it towards Vokan.

Vokan groan in pains as the huge mass of lightening that rained from the sky, fell on him, his swords falling frets from his hands while he flew backwards in an eternal momentum.

In a flash, before he could land, Lobana had appeared below him, the god of hell gasped at the suprise stunt pulled by Lobana but he was too late to duck as Lobana rammed him on the ground, an explosion occurred due to the impact as blood gushed out from Vokan who heaved in defeat.

“No!!!! I….. I…. I can’t lose to you!” Vokan wailed in pains while Lobana smirked as he held him by his neck and pulled him up.

“You lose, now perished!” Lobana spoked within gnashed teeths as he plunged the sword into Vokan’s lower abdomen, Vokan yelled in pains as the Scarlet Sword ripped through his abdomen

“I won’t lose to you Lobana, I will be back, We….. Shall…. Meet again… ”

Vokan growl weakly and with the last of his strength, Vokan created a disturbance, the ground quaked while everyone struggled to regain their stances including Lobana, Vokan with renew sense of energy, broke free from the Scarlet sword and dived through a portal just before Lobana could stop him.

The Creatures of the realm roared in victory as Lobana smiled faintly while the creatures of hell panicked at the sight of what they had just witnessed as they began bouncing backwards in fright

“Not this time fools!” Lobana mumbled and lifted the Scarlet sword to the sky, Theo smiled and stood before Lobana who appeared in a megazode size while he also lifted his hand to the sky as the sky turned dark, forming the imprints of a glowing dagger and a sword while a huge mass of lightening, coupled with a great fire, rained from the sky and struck the Creatures of hell, causing a huge explosion as the creatures of hell got consumed in the eternal flame and soon, all Creatures perished

“We did it!!” Damon and Rokon chipped in victory as sweats dripped from their faces while they pedaled down the mountain and joined Lobana.

The war was finally over, Lobana heaved in satisfaction as they shrienk and soon, a red line glowed brightly on Lobana’s chest and wrist, revealing Liam and Scott as they landed skillfully on the ground while everyone cheered in victory.

“He’s gone, he escaped!” Damon said as he approached the two Brothers.

“He may have escaped but there’s no way he’s gonna survive that, there’s no Fucking way!” Scott replied while Damon nodded in satisfaction

“Lydia!!!” Liam yelled in tears as he ran towards Lydia and squatted low to him while everyone gathered around them

“Hey, moved, let me help!” Theo voiced out in a cool manner while Liam stared at him and then made way for him as Theo squatted low beside Lydia..

“What are you trying to do to her huh?” Scott asked Theo whose gaze still remained on Lydia while he stretched out his arm towards her arm and felt her purse.

“What Happened?” Liam asked while Theo kept mute as he shut his eyes close.


Theo yelled as the dagger emerged from his chest and glowed while it floated round Lydia, a red orb shown brightly on her face while everyone waited patiently

“What the hell did you do to her huh and why the hell is Nothing happening? Nothing is fucking happening!!” Liam snapped at Theo in tears, he couldn’t stand the sight of losing Lydia

“Wait for it! Get a hold on yourself man, all I did was heal her with a bit of my Father’s dagger, seriously, you all, over thought things, she didn’t die man, she only fainted as a result of Vokan’s claws that penetrated through her. She only lose a little strength and She’s gonna be okay”

Theo replied and just before Liam could reply, the dark sky became bright once again while Liam smiled broadly as Lydia’s fingers moved a bit while she slowly blinked her eyes and dimly opened them




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