LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 2


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It’s been a thousand years now, Has the son of hell been born? What power does this being possess? What happens next?? The next episode commence…..
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🔨🔨🔨18 YEARS LATER⚔️⚔️⚔️


The night was dark while the sky rumbled, lightening flashed through my body as My body radiated an intense heat that I couldn’t help but flunged my eyes open, I breathe heavily as I met myself in an unfamiliar place, the whole place have been fazed to the ground as fire could be seen burning everything thing in it’s path

“Oh Sh*t, not again!!”

I muttered as I stood before the strange tree, it’s always the same dream over and over again, over the past eighteen years, it’s has always been the same dream yet I haven’t seen a single soul in this strange place except from the burning ashes

I growl in anger as I sighted the only thing which stood few feet away from me as it didn’t burn due to the fire but greatly stood it’s ground, there was an huge gap between us as the path that led to the house was covered in thorns, Water, and burning Fire, one could die by stepping a single feet into it, I sighted a golden door whose aura was suppressing as it burned in an everlasting flame

I shielded my face as a glimpse of light shown brightly on my face, I slowly retrieved my hands and gasped as I met myself in a burning mountain, I cringed in fear as the mountain shredded, reverberating constantly as it splitted into two, I cringed fearfully as I descended down the mountain, my body kept radiating an intense aura and something kept tugging my mind as if I could do something


I yelled, the mountain slowly turned to dust and faded away, I gasped as I jerked up from the terrible dream I just had, breathing heavily as I couldn’t catch my breath, I clutch my head tightly, trying to remember what the dream was about but couldn’t, it happens all the time, while in the dream, I keep records of everything that happens but once am awake, I don’t seem to remember a single event


A voice yelled at me as my door flunged open, revealing Scott, my brother as he bolted Into my door, I clutch the bedsheets tightly as my mind drifted over to the dream I just had

“Hey Bro, it’s okay, was it the same dream again?” Scott asked

I nodded my head positively as I clutch his arms tightly, back then, Mom told me of the event that happened when I was born, the Woman in the next room had also given birth but died due to the birth of her child, Dad who pitied the Little child adopted him as my brother since he didn’t have a Father, ever since then, Scott and I had grown to become two strong boys, always loving and daring

“It’s the dream Bro, it’s the same thing!!” I replied

“Did you remember anything??”

Scott asked, sweats trickled down my face as my mind drifted over to the dream, trying to get something but I seem not to remember anything

“No Man, nothing…. I got nothing!!” I replied

“It’s okay Bro, let’s just go to sleep, we have to prepare for School tomorrow!!”

Scott explained, I heaved in relief as I tilted my head to the huge wall clock besides me, true to his words, it was almost time for school, I had to prepare

“Liam!! Scott!! Get your asses down here boys!!” Mom yelled from the kitchen

“Almost done Mom!” Scott and I yelled back in response

Soon, we were done with our works as we dived towards the living room, settling on the dinning table as we munch our food in a hurry

“Slow down or you might chock!” Mom Warned

Soon, we were done with our meal as we hung our bagpack on our backs and headed outside, Dad had left early for work as the sheriff of Brinkon City, we wave back at Mom who slowly closed the door

I smile broadly as Scott mounted a bus, we hurriedly entered the bus which began moving seconds later, it was a long day ahead…


I muttered as I sighted Lydia almost entering the class, Scott dimed a smile at me, giving me that “you got her” kind of sign as he bolted into the classroom, I smiled sheepishly as I approached Lydia

“Hey!!” She said in response

“I didn’t see your brother, is everything alright?” I asked, she was about answering when she sighted a figure, slowly retrieving her smile as she bolted Into the class and sat on her sit, I stood there, watching her swerve her hips as I grin stupidly

“Mr Liam, are you gonna stand there all day or give way for me? I don’t have all the time in the world!”

Mr Justin, our Chemistry teacher yelled angrily at me, making me to snapped out if my fantasy as I dived towards my sit, the class erupted into a laughter as all eyes trail towards me, is shielded my head, feeling embarrass as I bored my eyes to the table

“Now Class, Who can define the rate of chemical reactant? Mr Liam, can you help us out?”

Mr Justin asked, pointing his hands towards me as I slowly stirred on my feet, I wonder why he hate me so much, I heaved in satisfaction as I made to speak

“The rate of chemical reactant is defined as the concentration of reacting substance which disappear or the amount of concentration of product which appears in one unit of the time from a given concentration of the reacting substance!!”…..



A loud thud could be heard as Rokon fist landed on a wall, creating a deep hole on it, his face burned in anger as he stood before the two other beings

“You have to calm down Rokon?” Damon said

“How do you expect me to calm down huh? The seal of Vokan keeps getting Weaker by each passing day, Lobana has been born but we haven’t found him for eighteen years now, we have fuc*king searched everywhere!!” Rokon yelled in fury

“And who says it doesn’t bring fears to us man? Vokan will be released and he will bring havoc to the world together with his army of ‘MEGA FUDS’!!” Aiden fired

“What do we do now?” Damon asked

“Summon the priestess Of Zalwanga!!!”….

“How do we find Lobana my priestess??” Rokon asked Alina who stood firmly as she clutch tight to her Staff

“The prohecy is almost nearing, Vokan will be released, Lobana has been born and only one being can find him,….. Ruma!!” She stated

“Ruma?? Isn’t that the dream Witch??” Aiden asked

“Yes, only she can seek Lobana in the dream World,. You have to get to her before it’s too late!” Alina explained

“Let’s get going!!!”…..



It’s been a tough day, school hours were finally over and it’s was time we headed back home, I made to plunged towards Liam but weakly fell on my knees, shivering feverently as I clutch my head in pain, I kept hearing a voice banging so hard in my head..

Liam and the rest of the students all rush towards me as I gasped, my eyeballs turning white as I couldn’t catch my breath, my whole body seem to be in an entirely different place as I couldn’t hear a single word, their wails kept piercing through my ears in the form of an err sound

“Scott, stay with me you wret*h!!!”

Liam yelled, I jolted out from my seizure at the mentioned oh his words, gasping out for air as everyone cleared way for me…

“Look man, it’s Lydia!” I yelled at Liam as we both tilted our heads towards her direction, the school goddess, her beauty was bewhelming

“I don’t know Man, her brother is a bit*h, a bully, no one goes near her without been bullied!” Liam replied back to me, his face cringed with fear

“Come on Man, you have got this!” I said to him

“Okay Scott!”

He said as he dived towards her, Lydia smile as he approached her, everything kept going well untill the bast*rd finally arrived

“You need to go, my brother is here!”

Lydia yelled at Liam who was too slow to make a move for it as Jackson grapped him by the neck and flunged him on the passage way, kicking him on the tummy as he wailed weakly

“Hey Sis, the next Time I see you with him, he’s gonna pay, the rest of you…. Teach him a lesson!”

Jackson ordered as 3 huge guys all swooped towards Liam, blood gushed out from his mouth as he kept receiving fast punches from them, I felt something changed in me as I dived towards them but ended been beaten by them.


I wail weakly as blood gushed out from my mouth, I watched Scott yelled in pain as blood oozed out from his lips, my body kept reacting strangely as if waiting for a trigger, I felt strange as if I could do something but it never came, Lydia yelled at me as everything became darker and darker untill I completely blacked out….


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