LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 19




[NOTE]: Everything here is Fiction, not real but fiction, Thanks a lot Mike for Gutaro!
Hmmmm, Kox has been killed by Rokon, his own flesh and blood, Aiden turns out to be a betrayal, a spy of Vokan and Damon is also killed by him(Aiden), Mrs Dunbar has transform, still under the control of Vokan, Vokan has finally made an entrance and Liam appears Late, ‘Where is Lobana??” Next episode commence……


The battleground had become silent as the dark smoke cleared off to reveal Vokan whose body sparked with an eternal aura, the Creatures of destruction and the Creatures of hell all retreated back after the massive explosion that shook the entire realm to it’s hinges, Vokan smirked as he stood before his vicious armies

“Vokan?” Rokon who recognize the being with a single glare muttered as he stood before his own armies while the armies of the realm all stood behind him. Chatunga who took the form of the huge megazode Tiger growl with fury as Alina hopped from it’s back while they both stood before the battleground, few feet away from where Rokon stood

“Am Please to be welcome by you All and I think it’s time I finish what I started!” Vokan said as he fiddled with his fingers

“How dare you? You will rot in hell, you won’t win this War!” Rokon yelled at Vokan

“Oh my, seems I didn’t make much of an entrance or did I?” Vokan said in a mocking manner

“I will kill you, I will make sure you are trapped in that magic prison where you will rot forever!”

“Spare me that, back then, the seven gods sacrifice their life’s to seal me and now I broke free, all thanks to this vessel so…. ” Vokan explained, slightly pausing as he dropped his fingers and stared daggers at them

“No Seven gods, no more sealing except the wrinkings sounds that will be left of this realm after I crushed it to it’s knees!” Vokan said with a smirk as his gaze moved towards Mrs Dunbar


Liam yelled as he squatted below Damon while all eyes trailed towards him, he winced in pain as he stared at Damon, thinking a miracle would happen and Damon would stand on his feet again but everyone knew he was long gone, gone and gone for good

“You viper, you killed him! You betrayed the realm!” Rokon snapped at Aiden whose face held a smirk

“Duh, I did and he deserved it, you all do, it will be nice watching me kill you!” Aiden replied as both figures stared at each others

“Mom! What happened to you? It’s me!” Liam yelled at his Mom as he slowly dropped Damon’s head on the ground and rise to his feet

“Don’t bother doing that kid! I will make her kill you herself!” Vokan said

“Scott! I know you can hear me! I know you are in there, don’t play by his tricks, I know you were force okay and I forgive you, come back to me!”

Liam said, stretching out his arms to Vokan who bounced backwards and finally stood his ground, his left arm turned to a red smoke for a bit as it took back it’s normal form

“Interesting! He’s trying to fight back but am sorry to break it to you cause he’s never coming back!” Vokan said as he took slow steps forward

“Scott!” Liam muttered amidst himself as he sign in defeat while he bored his eyes to the ground

“I will make you pay for trying to reach out to him, it will be a lot fun watching you die by your Mom’s claws….. ”

Vokan stated and paused, slowly drifting his head towards Mrs Dunbar who gnashed her teeths at each passing moment while waiting for an order

“Kill him!” Vokan ordered and it’s seemed to boost her ego as she grinned evilly and dashed towards Liam with inhuman speed


The wild breeze which blew pass both teams at each passing moment got Wilder as both teams hungered for more blood, Aiden smirk while he never left his gaze on Rokon

“I always found you weird you know? Always the proud one and….. Obviously the ugliest among the protectors!”

Rokon said and giggled a little as he placed a finger on his lips while trying to stop his laughter, Aiden grinned angrily as he slowly broke the grin and smiled

“I see, trying to make me angry so you can finish me with one blow just like you did to Kox huh?…. Am afraid it won’t work, you can try harder but you will end up failing, just like Damon did!”

Aiden said with a plastered look which seem to Infuriat Rokon as his smile soon turned to a deep frown at the mentioned of his words

“How dare you, I will make sure I ripped you apart, only then can I find peace for Damon!” Rokon said within gnashed teeths

“Come on then!”

An err sound could be heard as both figures smirked and charged at each other at insane speed, causing a massive blast as both finger clashed.

Meanwhile, Chatunga and Alina in their glorious form, snared at Vokan who seemed to traced their gaze, a smile creeped to his face as he turned to face them

“Chatunga!!!” Vokan muttered

“He can see you!” Alina asked Chatunga in a whisper as Chatunga took the form of a human, a beautiful lady

“Of course he can, he’s the god of hell, a god standing before another god!” Chatunga replied Alina as he stood beside her in it’s invisible form, no one could see Chatunga because he appears to be a god except Alina and Vokan

“Alina!! I really like your bravery you know?” Vokan voiced out as Alina smiled broadly

“Am glad you do Vokan, Lobana shall seal you! It’s all a matter of time!” Alina muttered

“That son of a bitch doesn’t exist, it’s just an old myth which died along with the seven gods!” Vokan said

“We will see about that when the times comes!” Alina replied

“How about you joined me before it’s too late? You will die fighting with them!”

Vokan asked Alina who smiled as her trident trembled while the ground rumbled, creating a massive blast which dived towards Vokan as it pushed everyone backwards, Vokan swiftly regained his stance as he stared eyed daggered at Alina who leap towards him and with a swipe of his hand, blasted her away

Chatunga growl and took the form of it’s tiger as it charged towards Vokan.

“Mom! It’s me Mom!”

Liam said in one breath as he ducked a claw swipe that whizzed towards his head and bounced backwards, Mrs Dunbar snared at him as she leap towards his position, Liam heaved a sigh as he welcome the Punch that aimed at him

“Stop it Mom! Fight it!!” Liam muttered as he got strangled by his Mom whose eyes glowed Reddish while her fangs showed vividly

“Am sorry Mom, I have to do this!” Liam said as he swiftly escaped her grip and in motion, connected a punch towards her cervical spine (hyoid bone), causing her to gasped as she shut her eyes closed, it was something he had learned from Damon

Liam breath heavily as he carried his Mom in a bridal style and placed her on a soft spot, a little far and safe from the clash while he ran to join them


Aiden yelled as a claw connected to his lower abdomen while he growl in pain, it was evident that Rokon had an advantage

Aiden smirked as he dodged a kick, grapping out the outstretched leg as he flinged Rokon towards a hardened rock, causing blood to drip from his stained lips due to the impact of the hit

Aiden smile as he sent several punches towards Rokon who spit out blood from every hit he got, he seemed to be enjoying the show when all of a sudden, he gasped as he felt a piercing pain, digging deeper into his heart

He swiftly turned and gasped as his gaze collided on Damon who happened to be brought back from the dead, a smile was broadly placed on his lips as he thrust a dagger Into his heart

“H…. How? I… I.. I killed you” Aiden struggled as he fell on his knees while blood dripped from his damaged chest and lips

“You don’t need to know and you never will!”

Damon said, smiling widely as he got hold of the dagger and thrust it further into the heart of Aiden whose eye widened as his eyesballs turned white and fell down dead.

Vokan shifted backwards as Alina created a force field with her trident and stretch it towards Vokan who only smiled, dodging the attack as he ran at inhuman speed and knocked her down

Chatunga growl as he breath out fire towards Vokan who only consumed the fire and wave his hands up, a reddish light shown brightly causing Chatunga to bounced backwards

“What’s happening?” Alina asked

“I don’t know, it appear that the weird light affects my stay here! Take care! I can’t stay here any longer” Chatunga explained and dived towards a Portal

“Don’t worry about him, we will take it from here!” Rokon and Damon stated as they dived towards Vokan

The Creatures of hell and creatures of hell waved a smile as both teams charged at each others once again while painful screams of both teams ranted the air

Alina waved her trident up, causing a massive bolt of lightening as she directed it towards the Creatures of hell while she joined the fatal clash


Rokon yelled as Vokan thrust his deep claw into his arm, causing him to crashed on the ground as he wailed in pains

Soon, a loud thud could be heard as Damon crashed with a loud thud after getting blasted by Vokan huge mass of Fire, while Vokan smile as he howered below the weak Creatures and slowly advanced towards them


Liam yelled as he leap high, way higher than than any being as he evaded a surprise punch towards Vokan, the claw whizzed through Vokan(Scott) head, causing him to bounced backwards as he got bruised by Liam, he wasn’t expecting that

“Damon! How did…. How did you….. ”

“Don’t worry about me, I will explain later!” Damon replied as both Rokon and himself weakly stirred on their feet, too weak to stand as they blast had really affected them

“Watch out!”

Damon yelled at Liam who slowly tilted his head towards Vokan, too slow to avoid the attack that aimed at him as a bone breaking Punch connected to his jaw, causing an heavy projectile force as he got propelled backwards, blood dripped all over his lips

“You hit me…….. you perish!” Vokan muttered dangerously while Liam slowly stirred on his feet

“Scott! Fight it Scott! Remember how tough we used to be huh?”

Liam muttered while Vokan held his head in pains for some seconds and smile as he aimed another punch towards Liam’s tummy, causing him to crash to the ground once again while he spit out more blood

“You can’t kill me Scott! Am you brother! We have been through thick and thin together, we went through a lot Scott! We used to be the best bitches you know?Fight him Scott! Fight him!!”

Liam said once again as he manage to stirred on his feet but it didn’t last for long as a punch connected to his lower abdomen, creating a slight blast while he fell to the ground


Liam yelled as he felt his ribs broken by the punch, coupled with the severe pain that burned his chest, a seering energy radiated from Liam as his clothes suddenly tore and burned to ashes while the drawing of the sword pattern that was impaled on his chest glowed reddish

“Scarlet Sword!” Vokan muttered while he raised his Fist up, they emited Red smokes as he whizzed it towards Liam

“Stop Scott! Just stop already! I know you can hear me! I know you are in there! You have always been my brother and I can’t blamed you no matter what, I know you are scared to face me because you are blaming yourself for everything that happened but I forgive Scott, I do! I fought through my transformation because of you! You are my life symbol Scott and you will always will be! I can’t hate you no matter what you do okay! Cause you are my brother and that’s why you are gonna fight through him okay! Fight it!!”

Liam explained in one breath while he stretched out his arm towards Scott who yelled in pain as he clutch his head tight, red smoke could be seen Emiting from him as he winced in pain

“Take the palm Scott, I need you! I need my brother!!”

Liam muttered as he stretched further his hand, something strange happened, Scott left eye glowed reddish while his other eyes took its normal shape, his left arm transformed to smoke while his other arm took its normal shade, he seem to be going through some deja Vu

“What are you doing to me? ” Vokan muttered as Scott fought his way through him

“Getting back my brother!”

Liam muttered as he stretch his arm further at Scott while a smile appeared on his lips, as strange as it seem, a smile creeped towards Scott Lips as he also stretch his arm towards Liam


Vokan muttered as both figure’s palm clasp over one another, something unexpected happened, the sky turned dark, real dark as it formed an esclipsed, a giant quake reverberated the ground and a giant blast shook the entire Realm to it’s hinges as bother figure’s palms touched one another

A reddish smoke came out of Scott as it flew and landed on the ground, an infiltrating aura radiated from Liam and Scott as both figure’s palms seem to have been glowed to each other, by now, all creatures have stopped fighting as they watched the unbelievable

The sky rumbled as lightening flashed at each passing moment, everyone moved backwards as Liam’s chest glowed Red while his clothes ripped apart and like wise did Scott except that a sword pattern showed vividly on his wrist and it glowed reddish as both figure’s bodies fused and merged together, a reddish flame burned round them as the ground splitted and a long, glowing sword which sparked and rained fire floated from the ground and landed on a being hand

There standing before everyone, instead of two peoples was a combination of Scott and Liam as it formed a being, a single megazode being

A being whose left eye glowed and blazed with fire while the other eye sparked with lightening, the head of this being blazed with fire as everyone gasped at the presence of this strange being that stood before them. A being whose veins is been run by four different blood as his chest glowed red while it formed a symbol of the Scarlet Sword. Vokan in his smoke form gasped and Cringed with fear as he bounced backwards

“Impossible…. The prohecy is true….. Lobana is real!!”



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