LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 17



⚔️⚔️⚔️FATAL CLASH⚔️⚔️⚔️



“Hmm, with this, I can get you all exposed and also get what I want, you are gonna pay Liam, you will pay!”….
Mrs Dunbar has strangely gotten through a mysterious portal while Vokan appeared and defeated all Creatures, just a day left before the great Battle and still no plan has been made, Jackson has captured everything that happened with hopes of exposing them and getting what he wants, next episode commence….

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🛠️🛠️🛠️NOW ON LOBANA🛠️🛠️🛠️

⛩️⛩️⛩️MOTOR PARK⛩️⛩️⛩️

“OMG!!! Who the hell did this??” Mr Dunbar asked as he towered above the dead body that laid before him, he heaved as he bent low to the height of the dead body and tilted the figure’s head over to the other side side

“What??” Mr Dunbar muttered as he saw the fangs that was impaled on the figure’s neck while his entire blood seems have been drained from him

“Mr Wilson was right, this was probably cause by an animal or a Vampire, Diana’s (Mrs Dunbar) life is at risk!”

“Sherriff, am afraid you need to see this!” A figure said as he approached Mr Dunbar who stirred on his feet and made his way down the direction that the figure pointed at

He gasped as he sighted a necklace while he bent low to be pick the fallen necklace, it was evident that he knew whose own it was, he darted his eyes through the surroundings as he scanned the entire Woods

“Diana!!!” He muttered amidst himself as he fought the tears that boil up in his eyes

“Batch 1, I need you all to secure the environment, you find anything weird going on, you inform me, okay ?”

“Yes sherriff!” They all chorused

“The rest of you, take this body away and clear the park, is that clear?”

“Yes sherriff!!”

“I need to see Mr Wilson!”…..


“Let’s go of me! I need to find my Mom!” Liam yelled as they all emerged from the portal which in turn close up

“And where do you wanna start searching for her huh?” Rokon snapped at Liam who hummed with anger as he pedaled down the room, Aiden could be seen smiling widely as he clasp his palms together

“Bravo! Bravo!” You’ve all been gone for three days without a specific plan on trapping Vokan, how do you explain this to the Supernatural realm huh?” Aiden hoffed at Rokon and Damon whose face held a grin as they brawled far away from each others

“It’s all his fault, it’s all your fault you son of a bitch!!” Liam yelled as he plunged towards Aiden who bounced backwards with fear

“Let him go Liam! Let him go!!” Damon snapped at Liam as he struggled hard to suppress his breathing

“Isn’t there a single thing we could do to find my Mom?” Liam asked as he finally stood his ground

“There’s nothing we can do Liam, Vokan took your mom and right now, we need a plan on capturing him, only then can we save your Mom!” Rokon explained as he turn to face Liam

“Who the hell is Vokan? That son of a bitch who took my Mom was Scott, so tell me, who the heck is Vokan?” Liam yelled

“That creature maybe your brother but he happens to be the vessel of Vokan, a long time ago, the god of hell Rose to his knees as he swored to destroy the Supernatural realm, the seven gods sacrificed their life’s in order to seal him in the magic prison, a prison where no god could escape, over the years, his body seem to have been destroy leaving him only with his smoke form…. ” Rokon explained, slightly pausing as the tension around them increased the more

“The seven gods had prophecied a prophecy that said, Vokan shall find a vessel, a vessel who shall break his seal and set him free while he shall cause havoc to the Supernatural realm, another prohecy fortold that, there would a come the rise of a being, a being who would walk through the Flames of hell, retrieved the Scarlet Sword and save the whole realm from the god of destruction, a being whose name shall be call ‘Lobana’!” Rokon finally completed his words while Liam eyes widened at the mentioned of his words

“This….. This…. This is impossible, I misjudged him, my Brother can’t be the vessel! He can’t be!!” Liam yelled as tears began to stream down his face

“Am afraid Liam, your brother is the vessel of Vokan!” Damon said while Liam gasp as he sat on the chair

Something kept tugging his mind at the mentioned of Damon’s words and he couldn’t help but ask

“Where’s this being who shall Stop Vokan? I need my Brother! Where the heck is Lobana?” Liam voiced out huskily in despair

“Lobana doesn’t exist, he hasn’t been found over the last eighteen years and now, the whole realm is at risk and as the protectors of the realm, we don’t have any plans of stopping him and it’s all your fault!” Aiden fired at Liam

“Back off Aiden! Alina has seen the prohecy, Lobana shall save us, there’s nothing to be scared of!” Damon fired back at Aiden who grin as he chuckled

“What an ass for believing in her!” Aiden muttered amidst himself

“I heard that! Unique abilities you know!” Damon said

“Am so sorry Damon, you did so much for me that you had no plan in saving the realm, am… Am sorry!” Liam muttered while the red candles that flickered round the room brought more heat to their core

“It’s not your fault Liam, we still have a chance in saving your Mom but you have to listen to us!” Damon stated while Liam nodded

“Lobana will save us and after that, your mom would break free from the compulsion of Vokan but for now, you need to head back, it’s late already, your Dad would be worried!” Damon explained

“But… But ”

“You must listen remember? Now go!” Damon voiced out with a smile as a portal appeared behind Liam who nodded as he walked towards the portal but halted as he turned to face them

“I will be back!”…..


It was night already, the dark sky loom darkly as a resounding aura fill the hall, revealing Jackson as he walked down the silent Passage, It was evident that he was here to see a figure

“Mr Wilson, can I have some seconds with you?” Jackson asked as he approached Mr Wilson

“Am sorry Jackson, am afraid am running out of time now!” Mr Wilson replied as he hurriedly bypass Jackson who smirked as a smile creeped to his lips

“I need to discuss some few things with you Mr Wilson! It won’t hurt” Jackson said

“Not now Jackson!”

“It’s regarding your project!” Jackson said again, causing Mr Wilson to stop as he turned to face him

“Don’t mistake my patience for joke boy!” Mr Wilson said as he got close to Jackson who firmly stood his ground

“It’s actually about…. ”

“Mr Wilson, Thank Goodness I finally saw you, I need to speak with you!” Mr Dunbar said, causing Jackson to stop speaking as Mr Dunbar approached them

“I need to go Jackson, Maybe next time!” Mr Wilson said as both figures walked towards his office, leaving just Jackson behind as he hummed in anger



The sky rumbled as lightening flashed through the sky, dripping it tears as an hollow light dim towards a cave whose aura was suppressing

“Buckle up creatures, we attack the Supernatural realm tomorrow, the realm will be ours and no one can stand in our way!” Vokan voiced out with great aura as he sat majestically on his throne, the aura that came firm his was suppressing

“All hail Lord Vokan!!” The whole crowd cheered in response


Vokan yelled as his body radiated a great energy while the sky rumbled, a great blast shook the entire the realm from it’s hinges as the ground reverberated constantly and splitted I lnto two, the whole crowd struggled to gain their stance as some strange creatures whose body were on fire erupted from the ground while some had greenish bodies with horns, Vokan smile as the creatures kept erupting from the ground

“Behold the Creatures of destruction, My creatures of Hell!!”…..

🌨️🌨️🌨️🌨️DAY 4🌨️🌨️🌨️


It was morning and the birds were beginning to chirp, the sky was blue and the grasses swerve with the breeze, several auras radiated from the realm as the protectors of the Realm stood before hundreds of Supernaturals

“Your protectors have difiled the law of the seven gods, Vokan has been freed and they paid no attention but Instead, they risked the sake of the entire realm in order to save a human!” Aiden said grimly as he stood before the hundreds of Supernaturals, both Werewolfs and Vampires

“Pay no attention to him, the kid is no human but one of us, we had to help!” Rokon snapped at Aiden and there was a loud uproar between the realm

“Spare me that Rokon, the realm is at risk, Vokan may attack anytime from now!” Aiden fired at Rokon who hummed with anger

“Pay no attention to him, Alina has seen the prohecy, Lobana shall free us!” Damon explained as he stood before the huge crowd

Suddenly, a slight wind blew pass them causing a portal to appear before the crowd, revealing Alina as she walked briskly out of the Portal with her staff held firmly with her hand

“And why exactly did you stray Into this place?” AIden asked Alina with a masked expression as she turned to face him

“This is no time to argue with you Aiden, time is against us!” Alina explained as tension filled the crowd

“What do you mean Alina?” Damon asked Alina as the whole crowd payed rapped attention

“Am afraid, anytime from now, Vokan….. ”

The priestess couldn’t finish her words as her trident vibrated, causing temor in the crowd, the sky suddenly turned dark while lightening struck at each passing moment, the whole realm radiated a darkly aura as a messenger ran in with fear and panic

“Trouble loom Damon, the realm is under attack!” The Messenger spoke with severe fear while his body shook as if been struck by lightening

The entire crowd panicked the more as everyone listened to what the messenger had to say

“What happened Freko? What happened?” Damon asked with a masked expression as all eyes trailed towards Freko

“Some creatures have breached the gates of the realm, the are thousand of them, Vampires and several other creatures are heading towards the realm, they seem like the abandoned Creatures of Vokan!”

The messenger replied with fear while the tension that move round the crowd rise to it highest pitch, everyone was in disarray as all eyes trailed towards the protectors of the realm

Alina gasped as she stared at empty space, her eyeballs turned pure white as she stared at blanked space

“It’s true, the armies of Destruction, and the creatures of hell are all here, they have reached the gates of the realm!” Alina spoke calmly as her eyeballs took their normal shapes while her regalia glowed brightly

Damon and Rokon stared with grim faces as they gulped the saliva that threatened to fall from their mouths, it was evident that fear had cringed their soul as they looked startled

“Fear not Creatures, I know you all are wondering how we can defeat these deadly creatures but fear not, Lobana shall save us, the seven gods had once save you and so shall he!”

Alina spoke calmly as her staff glowed brightly, the fears of the entire Supernaturals faded a little as their faces became brighten

“It’s true Brothers, We need to stand and fight for our Realm no matter what, Lobana shall save us, who dares doubt the prophecy of the great priestess of Zalwanga and the seven gods? Who will fight for the future of the realm if we all run? We all are one blood and we shall stand to fight Together! Who’s with me!!!” Rokon roared with great bravely as his face shown brightly for a while, Damon smile and nodded as he turned to face the huge crowd

“Together we fight and together we fall, who are we??” Damon roared

“We are the protectors of the Realm and we shall fight till our last breaths!!”

The crowd roared as cheers filled and ranted the air, the wild breeze became tightened as all creatures roared with great bravery but it didn’t last as the snaring and growling of several creatures could be heard miles away

“Are you sure Lobana will save us?” Damon asked Alina as they walked towards the front of the of the battleground..

“He will!” Alina replied calmly

“He better does or we are all doom, I can’t believe we are all dying like this!” Aiden said with a smirk as they all walked towards the gate of the realms

The snaring of several creatures got nearer as the great gate that bined the walls of the realm fell to it’s knees while both teams stood few feet away from each others, several beings could be seen as some burned with fire while some had greenish bodies, the sky turned dark as lightening flash again

“So good to see you again brother, it’s been long!” Kox said with smirk plastered across his face as he faced Rokon, Vokan was no way to be seen and neither was Mrs Dunbar

“My brother is dead, Claws out, fangs at alert, Full transformation, ‘ATTACK!!!’… ”

Rokon ordered as both teams transformed and clash at each others with inhuman speed and strength, Damon leap as he landed in the midst of the two teams while the aura from the two teams infiltrated the air


Priestess Alina yelled while her trident trembled, her scarab glowed brightly as the sky turned dark and formed the imprint of a tiger while her body glowed and a huge glowing tiger appeared and roar. Chatunga bent low to her height while Alina leap and landed on it, the huge tiger in Megazode size growl as it charged at the incoming creatures, faster than a normal tiger as both Tiger and Priestess glowed with glory, Chatunga opened it mouth as it leap towards the Creatures while a great mass of fire erupted from it and Consumed the opposing Creatures……




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