LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 13





“About time”…..

Mrs Dunbar still lies in the hospital, she’s not dead but something happened to her, what Happened? Scott (Vokan) had appeared before Liam, what’s he planning? Liam’s has gone back to the Supernatural realm and Vokan plans to attack in four days time, will he succeed? Scott is trapped in his own consciousness, will he ever escaped? Next episode commence……

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“Fear nothing, all you need to do is prepare the Supernaturals for the great war ahead!” Alina said as she held firmly to her staff

“I really hope you are right or we will all be doom!” Aiden said and formed a smirk

“I had a prohecy, I didn’t get to see Lobana but I did see him, he will save us, he will!” Alina yelled

“Pay no attention to him Alina, he’s just been a stubborn knuckle head!” Rokon said and smirked, Alina chuckle as she turned to face AIden

“If you have any good ideas on how to defeat Vokan, feel free to say it!” Alina said In a mocking manner

Just almost immediately, a soft wind blew pass them as it carried a large smoke, a portal appeared, revealing Liam as he emerged from it, his face had swollen up and his eyes looked sour as a result of too much tears

“Damon, I need your help!” Liam said in a teary voice

“What happened? Spit it out already!” Damon said as Liam got closed to him, the whole crowd payed rapped attention to Liam as he made to speak

“Something bad happened, After I got home the last time, I met my mom lying weakly on the floor, she was rushed to hospital but the doctors said there’s nothing wrong with her, she looked pale, she lost a lot of blood and she ain’t opening her eyes!”

Liam explained and by this time, the tears that swelled up in his eyes streamed down his face as he broke into a cry

“Calm down Liam, she’s gonna be okay, the doctors are gonna save her!” Damon said

” You don’t understand me do you? The Doctors said she’s okay but her whole system have gotten exile on blood, she need blood and the more they give it to her, the more her system consumes it, I need your help!” Liam said with a teary voice

“What do you need them to do Liam!” Alina who have been silence the whole time asked as she faced him

“I heard a Vampire blood can save a human…. ” Liam said and paused as he turned to face Rokon

“I was just wondering if you could help me, save my Mom Rokon, she needs your blood!” Liam finally stated and a deep silence followed after him, everyone seemed to be lost in deep thoughts as they bored their eyes to the ground except Alina who took few glances at Liam

“Don’t tell me you all are considering on helping him!” Aiden yelled and formed a smirk

“And what if we are?” Damon yelled back

“The seven gods made it clear that we were not to interfere into the affairs of humans, aren’t you disobeying them by doing this?” Aiden fired at Damon

“Enough! If you don’t wanna help then fine, I will find my way!” Liam said with a masked expression as he turned to leave

“Wait up Liam, I will help you!” Rokon said causing Liam to turn and face him, a little smile escaped his lips as he tilted his gaze towards Damon who nodded at him

“What the fuck are you doing Rokon? How dare you!” Aiden fired at Rokon who briskly walked towards their midst

“Let me get this clear Aiden, Liam has been one of us right from when he was bitten, I don’t see what’s wrong in helping him beside, the rules were made by the seven gods and they can also be changed by us!” Rokon explained and Aiden hummed in anger

“Suit yourselves, am out of here!” Aiden said and dashed out of the building with lightening speed

“Thank you so much Rokon, thanks a bunch Alina!” Liam said as tears streamed down his face

“Where’s she?” Damon asked

“Brinkon’s hospital!” Liam responded

Damon smiled and smashed the substance on the floor which created a portal, they all walked towards the portal and stopped as they turned to face Alina

“Oh No, nope am gonna pass!” Alina said and formed a smile, taking one last glance at Liam before diving into her own portal

“Why does she keep looking at me?”….


Jackson could be seen laying weakly on the soft bed of Brinkon hospital with red bruises all over this neck, he looked sour and weak as he flunged his eyes opened

He Yelp in pain as he clutch his neck gently, the sharp pain spread down his core and he yelled as he removed his hand from his neck, a look of anger surged through him as his mind drifted over to the event that happened in the school

“Those two will surely pay for what they did to me!” Jackson cursed under his breath as he stirred on his feet and walked towards the passage way

“How ridiculous!” He said, staring at the cloths that was given to him by the doctors

Mrs Dunbar could be seen laying weakly on the soft bed with her eyes shot closed, a slight wind blew pass her, revealing Liam and the rest as they emerged from a Portal

“Is she your Mom?” Rokon asked as he pointed towards his fingers towards Mrs Dunbar

“Yeah, please save her!” Liam said as he took his mom palm into his, clasping it over with his own palms

“We will try Liam, now step aside!” Rokon said as he sat on the soft bed beside Mrs Dunbar

He gasp as he prick his thumb with a sharp substance, stretching his palm towards Mrs Dunbar as the blood that dripped from his thumb fell on Mrs Dunbar’s lips

Suddenly the blood turned dark and slowly disappeared as Mrs Dunbar consumed it, Rokon smile as he opened Mrs Dunbar eyes, he gasped, bouncing backwards as he beheld a terrifying horror, her eyes took a shade of red for some seconds as they closed back

“What happened to My Mom!” Liam asked fearfully

“Am… Am.. am afraid Liam, this isn’t natural, it’s Supernatural!” Rokon said and Liam shrinked as he fell weakly on the floor

“What!!!” Damon asked

“Her eyes strangely glowed Red for some seconds Damon, believe me, am finding it hard to believe too!” Rokon said

“There’s something behind this, am afraid she was attacked by a Supernatural!” Rokon added and Liam eyes widened the more as he clutch tight to Rokon clothes

“Tell me you are kidding!! There’s something you gotta do!” Liam yelled as he Release his grip on Mrs Dunbar

“Am out of ideas Liam, am sorry!” Rokon said

“Actually, there’s something that we could do!” Damon said, causing the rest to turned their gazes towards him

“What’s that?” Liam asked

“As an alpha, we possess a unique ability, we have the ability to see the past of somebody, so am guessing if we could tap into her last memory, we might be able to find the source of her illness and cure her!” Damon explained and Liam stirred on his feet

“Then let’s do it!” Liam half yelled

“I have to warned you, if things goes south, you might die from shock or she might die from shock!” Damon explained and Liam shuddered his words as he patrolled the room

“Let’s do it!” Liam finally ordered, Rokon exchange eyes glances at Damon as he stood before them

“Didn’t you hear me Liam? I said someone might die!” Damon yelled

“I don’t care okay, she’s my mom and I can’t just watch her die, I will do anything for her okay?” Liam yelled as he sat before his Mom

“How do I do it!” Liam added and Damon heaved a sigh before speaking

“It’s simple, just draw out your claw and dipped it Into her neck and focused on her last memory, am gonna guide you through!”

Damon explained and Liam smile as he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath and then flunged them open, they took a Red shade as Claws crept out of his fingers, Damon did same as he stood behind him

“Let’s do this!” Liam yelled as he thrust a claw into Mrs Dunbar neck, He gasped as Damon also thrust his finger until his neck, both Creatures gasped as their eyeballs turned white and soon, they dived into a strange realm…

“Where am I?” Liam asked Damon as they stood before the living room, no one was home yet

“You are home dullard, this is the last memory of your Mom before she ended up in a coma, it’s just a fake version of the real world!” Damon explained

Both creatures tilted their gaze toward the door as Mrs Dunbar barge through the door, the whole Memory played vividly as Mrs Dunbar picked the wall clock and hunged it back on the Wall

Suddenly, a dark aura radiated behind Mrs Dunbar as a figure appeared behind her, a chuckling sound filled the room as her gaze Collided on Scott

Liam gasped as Scott slipped and in a flash, grapped Mrs Dunbar by the neck causing her to chock, fear cringed down his core as Scott eyeballs turned green and Scales of a snake appeared on his face

“Hmmmm, I have the perfect plan for you!” Scott said as he prick his thumb with his long fangs and feed the blood into Mrs Dunbar mouth, tears streamed down Mrs Dunbar face as Scott forced the blood into her system

“Wha… What happened to you Scott? It’s me… Am you mother!” Mrs Dunbar pleaded

“I know!” Scott said with a smirk and In a flash snapped her neck, a loud could be heard as Mrs Dunbar crashed to the ground with a loud thud, she had red bruises all over her neck and they seem bloody


Liam yelled as he dived towards Scott but he disappeared before he even got to him, tears streamed his face as he squatted below his Mom, he made to touch her but gasped as his hands went through her and came out at the other end

“What’s happening?? What the fuck is happening??” Liam yelled as everything slowly faded and turned to dust……

Tears streamed down Liam face as he Release his grip on his mom, his claws took their normal shapes as his eyes turned normal, Damon heaved heavily as his body took their right shapes

“What happened?” Rokon asked Liam mentioned who kept mutr as he looked numb, staring sadly at his mom as he boiled up in anger, everything that unfolded in the strange realm seem like a dream to him, too real to be true

“Mrs Dunbar was attacked by a strange figure, Am afraid she’s gonna be a Vampire when she finally wakes up!” Damon explained and Rokon gasped as he stared sadly at Mrs Dunbar

“Who was that in the realm? You seem to know him!” Damon asked

“He’s my brother, Scott Dunbar!” Liam finally responded as his mind drifted over to the event that happened in the school, he gasped as he sighted the red bruises on Mrs Dunbar neck, it was the same with Jackson’s

“No wonder he was strong enough to handle those goons, he kept acting strange the whole time all because he was a Supernatural” Liam added as he stood on his feet and walked towards the window

” And where are you heading to?” Rokon asked

“To kill that son of a bitch, he’s gonna pay!” Liam yelled as veins sprouted out, they showed vividly

“Wait up, am afraid you are no match for him Liam, from the way he looked, he seem stronger that you, you are gonna get yourself killed!” Damon explained

“I don’t care, he must pay!” Liam yelled

“Wait up Liam, you must not be consumed by hatred, the most important thing right now is finding a cure for your Mom before she wakes up or else it gonna be a disaster!” Rokon explained and Liam halted at the mentioned of his words

“Think about it, do you really want your Mom to be a vicious creature? You have to help her, let’s give her a cure before discussing anything else!” Damon explained and Liam heaved angrily, closing his eyes as he turned to face them

“Is there a cure?” He asked

” Yeah but we have to retrieve it from the realm!” Rokon replied

“Then let’s get going!” Liam said as he smashed a substance on the floor, creating a smoke as a portal appeared, Liam wasted no time as they all swooped towards the portal which in turn, close up.

A dark energy radiated round Mrs Dunbar as she mumbled some words, it was evident that she was struggling to wake up from the deep slumber, the whole energy died down as she became calm once again

A low gasped could be heard from the other side of the window, out of the Darkness of the passage whose source of illumination came from the lamps scattered position, Jackson could be seen cringing with fear as he held his mouth in horror, he had been there the whole time and witnessed everything, he gasped as he took slow steps backwards

“No way!!!”…..



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