LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 11





Liam went through the full moon and he made it, Vokan has been release and he has taken control over Scott, What happens next? Next episode commence……

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“What? Who the heck is Vokan?” Liam asked and a deep silence followed after him as everyone kept mute, their faces held great terror

“The seal has been destroy, Vokan is free!” Aiden yelled

“We need to find Lobana as soon as possible or else, the Supernatural realm is doom” Rokon said in a low whisper as he sat weakly on the chair

“Can someone tell me what the fuck is going on?” Liam fired, his veins where boiling up but none payed any attention to him

“It’s nothing Liam, it’s late now, you have learned control already, how about you go home and come back tomorrow?” Damon said, staring numbly at Liam

“I ain’t going anywhere, your wounds haven’t healed!” Liam fired at Damon as he plunged towards him

“Am okay Liam, they will take a little longer before they heal cause there were caused from an alpha, now go!!” Damon said

“I…. But you, Who’s Vokan?” Liam asked

“Listen to me Liam, I said go, you can come back tomorrow!!!” Damon yelled and Liam flinched as he spranged his feet

He dipped his hand into his pocket, bringing out a little substance as he smashed it on the ground, creating a smoke as a portal appeared, Liam heaved as he walked towards it but halted Midway as he tilted his gaze towards Damon and the rest

“I will be back!” He said as he turned and dived into the portal….

“What do we do now?” Aiden asked

“Well, we do nothing, we just have to be prepared for the great Battle ahead!” Damon replied

“Are you kidding me? We are gonna be dead if we do nothing!” Aiden yelled

“Lobana will save us, Alina has seen the prohecy!” Rokon chipped in

“You all are a bunch of fools for believing Alina’s prophecy, Lobana doesn’t exist, it’s up to us to keep the Supernatural realm save!” Aiden fired up as he spranged up on his feet

“How dare you Aiden?” Rokon fired back at him

“What do you wanna do huh, you wanna have a taste of me huh? Then come on!” Aiden asked as a stupid smirk never left his face

“Don’t push me Aiden!” Rokon said and Aiden scoff, by now, both vampires were standing close to each other as they breath heavily under each other face, the aura that radiated from them caused rumbling of sweats in the strange room

“Stop it already guys, Just stop!” Damon yelled as he banged his hand hard on the table, causing it to break and splitting into two

“The fate of the whole realm is in our hands and instead of a strong strategy, you all are busy fighting!” Damon added, the two vampires mumbled amidst themselves and then began to bounce backwards

“Fine, what do we do now?” Aiden asked, he held a serious gaze

“We can’t underestimate Vokan, his power is beyond imagination, it caused the lives of the seven gods to seal him during the last battle and now that he have been release… ” Rokon said, slightly pausing as he gulp before completing his words

“Now that he is free, am afraid we do not stand a chance against him without Lobana, all we need to do is get the other Supernaturals prepared, a great Battle lies ahead, it won’t be long from now!” Rokon completed his words and an overwhelming heat surged after him

“I will get them prepared and we need Alina!….. “…


A huge aura which radiated dark current was revealed as lightening flashed through the sky, sure enough, the atmosphere was grim as it mourned the arrival of Vokan, a great energy radiated round the dark cave as Darkness made its way

“All hail Lord Vokan!” The crowd hailed as a dark smoke swerved it presence into the dark cave, fusing and merging together as it formed a man with green glowing eyes…… Scott

“How do you feel my Lord?”

Kox asked as he bowed before Vokan, a smirk escaped Vokan’s lips as he fiddled with his Fingers, the whole crowd gasped as Gom bored his eyes to his chest, a deep hole could be seen as his heart had been torn apart from his body, a loud thud could be heard as he slowly crashed to the ground, his face had turned dark and black veins spread through his body, it was evident that he was gone

“Don’t he scared my creatures, he deserved it, the same thing goes to anyone who doubt Me, just because I was seal didn’t mean I had no idea of what Happened here, am I clear!” Vokan yelled and the crowd nodded as they all bowed before him

“Back to your Question Kox, I feel…… Powerful, much more powerful than ever, the vessel is much more perfect than I expected!” Vokan added as the entire creatures all rise on their feet

“My Lord, when do we strike the Supernatural realm?” Kox asked

“Don’t be in a rush Kox, everything is in total control, let them await my arrival for now, Lobana doesn’t exist and he will never be found!” Vokan replied with a smirk

“That’s right my Lord but….. !”

“Speak!” Vokan yelled

“The boy! What about the boy my Lord?” Kox asked

“The boy is mine, Scott is mine, he’s never gonna be free from my compulsion!” Vokan said

“Am afraid my Lord, the boy has a brother, he’s a Supernatural, his strength is quite Strange, he’s a newly bitten alpha of Damon but he has the eyes and strength of an alpha, am afraid he will come looking for you when he discovers the truth!” Kox stated solemnly

“Is that so? Then let me give him a little present!” Vokan said.

“And by that my Lord, what do you mean?” Kox asked again, looking up at Vokan as a briskly smile creeped to his lips

“Bloody bruises…… “…..

🌪️🌪️🌪️LIAM’S ABODE🌪️🌪️🌪️

“Liam!! Scott!!” Mrs Dunbar yelled moments after she stepped her foot into the house, the lights were off as she dropped her bag on the couch, the house was dead silent as a single soul couldn’t be seen

“Liam, is that you?” She asked as a creaking sound could he heard from the kitchen, she heaved as she made her way into the kitchen but halted on sighting a spoon that fell on the floor

“Oh, it’s just you?” She asked as she bent to pick the spoon, she finally picked it and dropped it on the cabinet, the sound of a sudden creak diverted her attention as she hastily plunged towards the living room

She heaved again as she sighted the fallen wall clock on the floor, she bent and took it as she placed it back to it’s normal positioned

She tried turning the lights on but nothing Happened, the power was out, a little sweat fell from her face as she relaxed on the couch

“What a day!” She said, breathing heavily as she shut her eyes closed, she quickly flunged her eyes open as she heard a snare behind her, she slowly tilted her head towards the direction of the snare and gasped as she sighted a two headed being approaching her, she tried yelling but nothing happened as she crashed on the ground and crawled backwards

A piercing scream filled the room as the strange creature leap towards her and she raised her hands up to protect herself, her breathing became hard as she couldn’t see the creature again, it was mysteriously gone

She narrowed her gaze in confusion as she stirred on her feet, sure enough, the lamp above her fell to the ground and she gasped as she cringed with fear, sweats streamed down her face at each passing moment

“Mrs Dunbar, oh What a beauty but am afraid you have to be gone!”

A voice ranged behind her and she gasped as she tilted her gaze towards the direction of the voice, a slight chuckle filled the room as her gaze collided on someone’s

“Oh, it just you Scott, come on, help me with the lights!” She said as she stood before the table

A slight grin escaped Scott’s lips as he tucked his hands into his hair and in a flash stood before Mrs Dunbar, grapping her by the neck as he swooped her off her feet, causing her to chock, Mrs Dunbar cringed fearfully as she witnessed a terrific sight, scales of a snake appeared on Scott face as his eyeballs turned green

“Scott….. Please… Please let me .. go!!” Mrs Dunbar pleaded as Scott grip on her neck tightened the more, it was evident that she was gonna die, her life force was slowly draining from her

“Hmmmm, I have the perfect plan for you!!!”…..


It was almost Dawn, the atmosphere looked grim and the sky rumbled, a slight wind blew pass Liam’s room as a smoke appeared, revealing Liam as he emerged from a portal which in turn closed up

A smile creeped to his lips as he walked down towards Scott room, he hastily opened the knot of Scott’s room and made his way inside, Liam scoff as Scott couldn’t be seen, a smirk escaped his lips as he came out of the room and walked down the stairs

“Mom!! Dad!! Scott!! Anyone at home??” Liam yelled as he finally made way towards the living room

A sudden gasped filled the air as Liam stood numb, unable to move, out of the darkness of the room whose source of illumination came out from the lamp scattered positions, Mrs Dunbar laid weakly on the floor with her eyes shut closed, she had reddish bruises all over her neck as little blood stained her lips and clothe

“Mom!!!” Liam yelled as he rushed towards her and squatted below her as he held her with his arms, the tears that boil up in his eyes suddenly streamed down his face as he wail with pain

“Mom!! Stay with me, open your eyes, open your eyes Mom!! Don’t fucken bail on me!!” Liam yelled as he cried in silence, everything that unfolded before him seem like a dream, too real to be true

“Am gonna save you Move, I will surely save you!”

Liam said with a teary voice as he stirred on his feet with his mom held firmly on his arms, an agonizing scream filled the air as his chest glowed red, his eyes took a shade of red and soon, he broke into a run as he ran with inhuman speed, a fake smile escaped his lips as he arrived at Brinkon hospital

“Anyone one here?? Help!!!” Liam yelled, kicking the Hospital door as he barge in, the Doctors swoop towards him as Mrs Dunbar was placed on a stretcher with her eyes shut close

“Please save her, please save my Mom! She’s all I got!” Liam yelled as he clutch tight to the Doctor’s clothe

“Am gonna need you to stay here while we operate on her Mr Liam” The Doctor said as he barge Into the operation room, Liam tried walking into it but was stop by the nurses, tears streamed down his face as he walked outside the Hospital

He felt a buzz in his pocket and dipped his hand into his pocket as he brought out his phone

“Hey…… Da… Dad!” Liam said with a teary voice as he placed the phone on his ear

“What happened Liam, no one is at home and the house is a mess!” Mr Dunbar said from the other end of the phone

“Am… Am.. Am sorry Dad, something happened, Mom’s at the hospital….. “….



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