LOBANA, SON OF HELL … (18+) … Part 1

First Read: “DARK FORCES”
The First Part of “LOBANA, SON OF HELL”

🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️ WHO’S HE???🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️


⚒️⚒️⚒️PROLOGUE 🌪️🌪️🌪️


For thousand of years, The supernatural World remained disarrayed and trembled with fear, The Seal that chained Vokan, The god of hell to his knees has gradually lose their Wills over the years

A prophecy has long been fortold that, in a thousand years to come, the chains that bined Vokan to his knees would be broken and the seal would be destroyed, the god of destruction will be released and cursed Havoc to the World of humanity

Years later, Another prohecy has been said that, There would come the rise of a being, a being powerful than all Supernaturals who would walk through the Flames of hell, retrieved the Scarlet Sword and Save the World of Supernaturals from the terror of Apocalypse, the Son of Hell Whose name shall be Call……… ‘LOBANA!!!”…
WHO’S HE??🔱🔱🔱🔱

💨💨💨💨 WHO’S HE🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️


⚒️⚒️⚒️WRITTEN BY EMMY 🗡️🗡️🗡️


The whole realm radiated an intense aura as people could be seen walking glamouriously towards the Walls of Supernaturals, the sun shown brightly as it dimed it’s natural light towards a strange building.

“It’s has been Thousands of Years, The Seal of Vokan is getting Weaker over the years, the prophecy of the seven gods is getting nearer, what do we do??”

A man whose name was Aiden ask, furrowing his brows as he bored his eyes to the huge table before him, a seering heat cursed through the entire building as the rest of them heaved in frustration

“Summon the priestess of Zalwanga, the eye of the gods, one she can unfold reality and give us the answers we seek”

A man whose name was Rokon ordered…..

The whole realm smile as a portal appeared before the building, the beings bowed to to a young lady who emerged from the portal as her body radiated a suppressing Aura, a smile creeped to her face as she stood before her summoners

“What seem so important that you had to summon me?” She asked

“Am so Sorry Alina, The seal of Vokan is getting Weaker everyday, the people are restless, Thousands of years ago, before the disappearance of the seven gods, we three had been impaled by the seven gods to find the solution to the seal of Vokan, and so must we ask, what is the solution to this problem??”

Rokon who seemed to be the leader spoked with so much confidence, Alina smiled broadly as she stood in the midst of them, radiating a great energy as her staff glowed brightly

“Beware of what the future holds!!”

She said, gasping for air as her eyeballs turned white, a barrier circled round her as she seemed possess, Aiden made to help her but was stopped by Damon

“Don’t go near, she’s in the realm of gods!!” Damon said

A glimpse of light shown brightly as it brought a seering heat to the building, Alina gasped for breathe as her eyelids took their normal shaped, still breathing heavily as she used her staff for support

“What did you see my priestess!!” Damon asked, Alina shrienk as she made to speak, her face held terror

“I see the future, I see a World of terror, the seal of Vokan will be broken, The prophecy of the seven gods can’t be stopped, The destruction of Vokan still holds!, The god of hell will be released!”

Alina replied, the three beings held a face of confusion as they cringed with fear, unable to decipher what to do next

“Great priestess, we can’t just let the realm of Supernaturals to be destroyed, tell me, is there a solution??” Rokon asked

“Destruction shall be brought to the World, I see the future, a thousand years to come, A being shall be born, the sky will bow to him, Nature will fear him, a being powerful than all Supernaturals who will walk through the Flames of Hell, retrieve the Scarlet Sword and save the World of Supernaturals from the terror of Apocalypse, the Son of Hell Whose name shall be called…… ‘LOBANA!!!”….

Alina explained, the three beings exasperated at her explanations, at last, the Was Hope for the Future

“Priestess, How do know if this being is born?? ” Rokon asked

“When the times comes, believe me, you will know!!!”…..



“You have to fight for your baby, he’s almost here, push!!!”

The Doctor pressured Miss Dunbar who push with all her strength, The rain felt ferociously as the sky thundered with fury, the wind blew eerily as the Oceans rise and fell at each passing moments, it’s was night but the Sky became brightened as the sun shown brightly, this was a shock to every being in the world, sweats trinkled down the Room as the Weak woman pushed with all her strength, the sound of a baby Wail filled Brinkon hospital as a Soul was born into the World

“Congratulations Ma’am, your child his here!!!” The doctor said as she applaud the woman

Nature smiled at the little child as the doors of the room Opened, revealing Mr Dunbar as he walked towards the Room and received the little child to his arms, Mr Dunbar gasped, furrowing his eyes brows as he beheld a terrific scene, the little child child eyes glowed Red for some seconds as a Sword pattern which was impaled on the little child chest also glowed reddish, he rubbed his eyes twice, punching his face hard to confirm if he wasn’t dreaming, he slowly opened his eyes, but by now the little child eyes took their normal shapes as the strange pattern had also disappeared

He quickly formed a smile as the Doctors all trailed their eyes towards him, confused at why he had to hit himself, Mrs Dunbar smiled broadly as she watched the little baby

The doctors played with the little child, placing him on his little bed as Mr Dunbar swing sat upright before his weak Wife, a smile creeped to his face as he smiled broadly to Miss Dunbar

“What will you like to Call him??”

Miss Dunbar asked, Mr Dunbar smiled as he raised his head to the sky, clutching his head tightly at the mentioned of those words as he kept hearing a strange voice playing indecently in his head, all saying the same thing over and over again


Mr Dunbar reciprocated a smile to his Wife’s face as he made to speak

“Liam….. !!!”…
☘️☘️☘️THE NEXT ROOM 🌿🌿🌿

“Push!!!!!!!!! ”

The doctor pressured the Weak woman who laid on the soft bed of Brinkon hospital, she gasped as she could feel her life force draining weakly from her

Thunder roared at each passing moment, lightening flash through the sky as the sun still shown brightly, the winds blew and the Sun died down as the cry of a baby filled the hospital

“Congratulations Ma’am, you made it, your child is here!!”

The doctor announced happily as they placed the Child on the the woman Arms, the strange woman heaved fearfully as a strange voice kept banging in her head, each saying the same thing over and over again…


“Please Call him Scott!!!”

The woman weakly stated as her eyeballs turned white, releasing her grip on the baby as her head slowly dropped on the soft bed

“Quick, bring the defibrillator,…. on the count of 3, 3, 1!!”

The Doctors yelled as they took the baby from the dying woman, pressing the defibrillator on the Weak Woman chest, her chest raised up due to the impact of the material as it collided with her, tears streamed down the doctors faces as they slowly retrieved their hands

“Time of dead….. 11:39!!!”….








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