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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)


Patricia, Felicia and Anne have been friends
for years before they got married. Though
married life was hectic and tough for them,
these three friends still tried to spend time
together once in a while to catch up on
what was happening in their respective lives
and to keep their friendship alive and intact.
Today they were meeting at the Hair Saloon
they all favored.
Patricia: ‘My own husband na so if him
come house after close of work, naso him
go eat finish, baff, go sleep. Until I wake am
up make him perform some action. Me, I no
dey let am rest when konji catch me ooo!’
Felicia: ‘Your own better, my own too dey
worry me! Every time babe you too hot,
let’s get down to business’ Felicia said
ignoring the fact that her phone had been
ringing for quite some time.
Patricia: ‘Why you no wan pick your call
Felicia: ‘No mind my husband oooo. I sure
say he wan ask wetin dey house to chop
when he reach house’
Patricia: ‘Pick your call then, answer am
Felicia: ‘Babe, if I pick my call, he will tell
me to send the children to his sister’s place
that he wants to have me and the house all
Patricia: Laugh ‘No be people like us dey
look for men like your own?’
Felicia: ‘Him own too much, I don tire jare.’
Patricia: Looking at the time, said ‘Where is
Anne, isn’t she supposed to be here by
Felicia: ‘She should, maybe traffic is
holding her down.’
Patricia: ‘I hope so, she sent me a text few
minutes ago saying she will soon be with
us, abi she don change her mind?’ As she
was busy talking about Anne, Anne walked
in hurriedly ‘Anne, talk about the devil’.
Anne: ‘Amebo, what are you guys talking
about me for?’
Felicia: ‘We were talking about you not
been here and wondering if you had
changed your mind about coming.’
Anne: ‘How can I change my mind when it
is not as if we see every day? Just four
times in a month and you think I will skip
it?’ She asked as she sat down.
Patricia: ‘Maybe your husband is keeping
you busy na’ She laughed.
Anne: ‘Which kind husband?!’
Patricia: ‘How is he, how is our latest chief
in town?’
Anne: ‘My husband is fine ooo. How is
Patricia: ‘We are okay, we are managing…..’
Felicia: ‘Managing ke?’
Patricia: ‘Yes na, we dey manage. You know
say money no dey again.’
Felicia: Laughing, she said ‘You dey
manage and the Brazilian hair you are fixing
is costing N 150,000. Is that one managing?’
She asked making Anne and the hairdresser
Patricia: ‘So because I am managing, I
should look unkempt and not look good for
my husband abi?!’
Felicia: ‘You can still look good without
spending such an amount of money.’
Patricia: ‘Not for my husband oh! I must
spend this money to look good for him.’
Anne: ‘I seem to notice that you have been
glowing lately Patricia, what is the secret?’
Patricia: ‘My husband is treating me fine.’
Felicia: ‘Is that the secret?’
Patricia: ‘Yes na, what are you expecting to

Felicia: ‘How your husband has been
treating you? We need to know.’
Patricia: ‘Babe, this is the best moment of
my marriage and I will do anything to keep
it that way!’ She said smiling.
Felicia: ‘Tell us na or you no wan tell us the
Patricia: ‘Telling you the secret is not the
problem, the problem is are you willing and
ready to do it?’ She whispered
Felicia: ‘Hope say no be ritual oo?.’
Patricia: ‘If na ritual, you think say I go dey
talk about am for Saloon?’
Felicia: ‘Oya what is it?!’ Turning to Anne,
she said ‘Anne, are you here with us, this
one you have been quiet, is everything
alright? She said to her friend who was
busy telling the hair dresser how she wants
her hair and the style she needed with the
weavon she just bought.
Anne: ‘I am here with you guys, hope we
are not meeting in a saloon next week?’
Patricia: ‘No we aren’t. We will meet in a
restaurant or fast food. Any place but not
Felicia: ‘Did you hear what Patricia said,
Anne? Won’t you want to know the secret
of her sweet marriage?’
Anne: ‘What is the secret Patricia?’

Chidi: ‘No club today, Kingsley?’
Kingsley: ‘No, no club today. I want to take
time off from club today’ He said to his
friend who came visiting him.
Chidi: ‘Why? What happened?’
Kingsley: ‘Nothing, I want to rest from it
abeg. I want to start planning my life.’
Chidi: ‘You want to start planning your life, I
don’t get.’
Kingsley: ‘I want to settle down soon.’
Chidi: ‘Wow! Kingsley, you want to settle
down? Unbelievable!’
Kingsley: ‘What is unbelievable about that?’
Chidi: ‘I never thought you will ever want to
settle down.’
Kingsley: ‘Why do you say so?’
Chidi: ‘All the girls you have been dating,
you never mentioned settling down with
any. What makes you even say you want to
settle down now?’
Kingsley: ‘ Probably because I may have
found the one.’
Chidi: ‘You mean you have found a
Kingsley: ‘Yes!’
Chidi: ‘Wow! And you didn’t tell me, who is
Kingsley: ‘Kristine.’
Chidi: ‘Who is Kristine?’
Kingsley: ‘The girl I met at the club two
weeks ago.’
Chidi: ‘Don’t tell me Kristine, the club girl is
the person you want to settle down with.’
Kingsley: ‘I think she is the one for me…..’
Chidi: ‘Why do you think Kristine is the
woman for you?’
Kingsley: ‘She is beautiful, attractive and
down to earth. Just because she clubs
doesn’t give you any right to judge her!’
Chidi: ‘I am not judging her, it’s just that
there are some weird things about her that
seems strange.’
Kingsley: ‘Why, what is the strange thing
about her?’
Chidi: ‘There was a time I learnt she can’t
keep a man.’
Kingsley: ‘What do you mean she can’t
keep a man?!’
Chidi: ‘I don’t really know but rumor has it
that any man she dates leaves her or ends
the relationship.’
Kingsley: ‘Why?’
Chidi: ‘I no know abeg, if you ask me, na
who I go ask?!’

Am i the only one wondering what
Patricia’s secret is?


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