I took the Pencil and paper and started
sketching the balloon i saw with Yoma.
Immediately, Emi hurriedly took the pencil
from me and started cleaning what i was
” why are you cleaning it?” – I asked
” I know weitin you dey talk about (Emi
started describing exactly the balloon i saw
with Yoma). but we nor dey sell am for
here, go that chemist we dey front, tell
them say you wan buy CONDoM.
But nor be balloon oo” – she said.
”what is condom?” – I asked
” go meet brother Felix or Aunty Emillia
( the neighbours that lived in the main flat)
dem go tell you, na dem even show me” –
Emi replied .
## I did’ntt waste anytime, i zoomed
immediately to the main house. Getting
there, i saw brother Felix and aunty praise
in the sitting room watching tv.##
” what is condom?” – I asked
* Miss praise and Bro.Felix looked at me in
” where did you hear that” – Miss Praise
” Emi told me” – I replied
” that’s not a word used by kids okay?” –
Miss praise uttered
* bro.Felix then intruded*
” see my boy, condom is used to…………
( Felix explained in details the use of When i say details, i mean
## miss praise just sat and looked as
bro.Felix enlightened young Lekins.
Miss Praise to me not to listen by telling me
to leave the sitting room, but i was keen on
getting informed.
On that day, i learnt something new!##
At about 5pm ( that’s when my mom
usually returns from work),
i heard my mom’s car.
Immediately, i ran to open the gate.
When we came inside, she brought out the
text books she bought for me and helped
me write my name on them.
At about 8:30pm when i was about to
sleep, i went to my moms room.
” mommy, brother Felix told me that
co.ndom.s are used to prevent pregnancy”
– I said to my mom
## My mom was shocked when she heard
She asked me alotta questions on where i
got to know about it and where i saw it………
I honestly answered everything she asked.
She then explained to me that there are
certain things children are not supposed to
know about. But as they grow up, the’ll
eventually get to find out.
She was somewhat infuriated.##
*********NEXT DAY********
I was in my mom’s car waiting for her to
drive me to school when i saw her talking
with bro.Felix’s mom ( am sure it was
concerning what her son had taught me).
After her long talk with bro.felix’s mom, we
drove to school.##
” why did’ntt you come to school
yesterday?” – I asked Nonso
” i was not feeling fine. my mom took me to
the chemist, on our way back home, we
came to the school to pay my fees” –
Nonso replied
” okay, i thought you had been caught
doing something bad.” – I uttered
” hahahah, no.. Besides, Esther came to my
house yesterday, she said you’ve not been
talking to her” – Nonso muttered
* i hissed*
” don’t mind her, she’s angry that Tasha
offered me a drink” – I replied
” yeah, Esther also told me that. But that
Tasha is fine o” – Nonso said.
## we chatted for some minutes before we
heard the bell rang for assembly.
We dashed out.

Normal assembly processes ensued and
ended. We then marched to various classes
and took our individual seats.
I sat on my seat when i saw Esther brought
her bag to the sit before me (Yoma’s seat).
I was somewhat surprised and noticed she
was all smiling and joyful.
I did’ntt pay attention.##
” no! Don’t sit there, Yoma is a noise maker,
so are you! You’ll both turn the class
upside down if you sit together. Go and sit
with Lekins” – Mr Ojo instructed Esther
# i was transfixed as i watched her take her
bag from Yoma’s seat and sat beside me.
The class was about to commence when
Yoma’s dad signaled the presence of Mr
They both walked outside to talk (am sure it
was probably because of the balloons that
Yoma brought to school).#
” how come did you get uncle to change
your seat?” – I asked
” I told him that Adewunmi (Esther’s initial
seatmate) usually disturbs me in class and
am unable to concentrate” -Esther replied.
” so you lied, all liars shall go to hell” – I
” don’t you lie? ” – Esther countered
## few seconds later Mr Ojo has’nt
returned, I noticed Esther got closer to me
and placed my hands on her thighs.##
” what if uncle comes in and sees us”- I
muttered silently
” how will uncle be able to see us when
we’re sitting at the back? ” – she replied
I did’ntt decline any further.
# i slightly raised her gown beyond her
kneel and started using my left hand to
massage her inner thighs ( The crap all
started when we were in primary 3 as I
innocently tapped her on her thighs to get
her attention.
She was like—– continue!)
* minutes had passed and Mr Ojo was’ntt
returning soon.
Esther then rested her head on the desk to
obstruct Yoma from seeing anything that
was happening*
i then moved my hands……..


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