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[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻



Delia Walker has 12 brothers. Twelve irritating, annoying, bossy and protective brothers.

The only female contact she has in her life is her mom and has to cope with all the pranks, arguments and play fighting between the two of them.

Having to move suddenly to another state for her mother’s new job,

Delia ‘s life isn’t all just about her brothers’ anymore, especially when she meets her new neighbours.

More specifically, Aidan Dean, the boy that storms into her life and creates havoc.

New people, new feelings and a new place. Will it all be the same?😳

Or will Delia finally grow up and learn to protect herself instead of her brother’s doing that for her?
Romance. Friendships. Enemies.😋

Family. Love. Everything that’s needed to create a roller coaster of feelings for this girl.

Family means everything. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

These are the main characters Just thought I’ll make it clearer, to who’s who


Walker Family
Anna Walker (Mom)
Hair colour: blonde/brown
Eye colour: hazel

Charles Walker (Oldest brother)
Age: 22
Eye colour: Electric blue eyes
Hair colour: Black
Info: Lives with his girlfriend.

Ashton Walker
Age: 20
Hair colour: blonde
Eye colour: Hazel
Info: Slightly shy, but fun.

Blake Walker
Age: 18
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Blye
Info: Caring, funny, jokes about.

Christopher Walker (Chris)
Age: 17
Hair colour: Brown hair
Eye colour: blue eyes
Info: Flirty, prankster, player.

Evan Walker
Age: 16
Hair colour: Black
Eye Colour: hazel eyes
Info: Prankster, flirts with every girl, like older brother chris.

Seth Walker
Age: 15
Hair colour: blonde/brown
Eye colour: Electric blue
Infor: Lexi’s identical twin, an hour older than her. NoQuiet and resereved, but can joke about.

Alexis Walker (Lexi)
Age: 15
Eye colour: electric blue
Natural hair colour- Blonde.brown
Dyed hair colour (now)- lighter blonde
Info: Seth’s identical twin, not a girly girl.

L eon Walker
Age: 13
Hair colour: Dark blonde
Eye colour: brown
Infor: Mood swings, quiet

Lee Walker
Age: 10
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: grey
Infor: Shy, sweet, likes reading.

Cory Walker
Age: 8
Hair colour: light brown
Eye colour: blue
Infor: Silly, funny, strange kid.

Joe and Jack Walker
Age: 6
Hair colour: light blonde
Eye colour: Hazel eyes
Infor: Identical twins, joke about, cute, mischief

Thomas Walker
Age: 4
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Baby blue
Info: Cute, lovable, loves hugs.

Dean Family
Ruby Dean
Hair: Brown
Eyes: dark blue
Owen Dean (Dad of the deam family)

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: brown
Hayden Dean
Age: 17
Hair colour: blonde
Eye colour: dark blue
Infor: Player, jerk

Aidan Dean
Age: 16
Hair colour: dark brown with blonde highlights
Eye colour: dark brown
Info: player, flirtatious

April Dean
Age: 15
Hair colour: brown hair
Eye colour: Blue
Info: Acts innocent, sweet, kind to others….but not all what she seems.

Darren Dean
Age: 9
Hair colour: Blone
Eye colour: brown
Info: Shy, cute, funny

Morgan Dean
Age: 5
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: dark blue
Info: Sweet, cute, loving


Charlie Preston (Charlotte)
Age : 15
Hair colour – Dark red
Eye colour – blue

Abigail (Abby) Scott
Age- 15
hair colour – Mahogany dark brown
eye colour – dark brown

Nathan (Nate) Gallagher)
Age- 15
Hair colour – dirty blonde
Eye colour – blue

Wat do u guys think??


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