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🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Chapter 7💮


“Kids, get up now!” Mom shouts through the speaker things she installed in all our rooms and I jump awake groaning as I realise the day.

Which only means one thing……we start a new school.

I frown and push myself out of bed, padding over to my closet.

I pulled out my disgusting uniform.

Yes we have to wear uniform to this bloody school! Mom told us yesterday and we were like ‘WHATTTT?!?!’ as at our old school, we didn’t have to wear one.

Why can’t this be the same.

I pulled it on. The dark green and dark blue chequered skirt which I’m really not a fan of.

Black tight and a white blouse make it so formal, especially with the green and blue stripped tie.

However the cardigan, which is a colour that’s between dark blue and green I don’t so much mind as it kind of comes across as a casual one, well apart from the school logo.

Looking in the mirror I cringe. It is gross, and really not me. The skirt is the worst. I don’t wear skirts.

Frowning I brush my hair and slip on my black doc martens. They are all black and look fine with this skirt, the school better not have an issue with these.

I don’t normally wear make-up, just have simple things.

Eyeliner, mascara and some foundation that I touched once when I wanted to see what it was like, and it wasn’t great. It wasn’t needed.

So I don’t bother with it really and just stick with the eyeliner and mascara, liking how it goes well with my eyes.

After brushing my teeth I grab my bag and head out my room and down the stairs, where I hear chaos in the kitchen.

Great. I forgot the about the mad morning rush.

“Joe…give it back!” I hear Jack wine and see him pouting as Joe has taken his bowl of cereal.

“Boys” Mom sighs frowning as she packs the younger ones bags.

I smirk slightly at Joe and Jack and walk further into the kitchen towards the table where Jack’s trying to grab his bowl back from Joe, who pulls it out of his reach.

“Guys……god it’s only cereal” I say grabbing another bowl from the counter and placing it in front of Jack “There….now you got your own” I say placing the cereal box in front of him so he can pour some.

He frowns but slightly smiles up at me and starts to pour some.

I just notice now that the noise in the kitchen has quietened and I frown in confusion and look up getting slightly startled as I see most of my other siblings looking at me.

I frown “What?” I snap.

Evan’s the first to speak “Woah…you are actually wearing a skirt. It kind of looks..” He start but I cut him off.

“Awful! I know!” I snap.

He smirks and rolls his eyes “No, I was going to say nice.”

I make a ‘pffft’ sound, yeah sure he was.

Evan, Chris, Seth, Leon and me are all in the same kinda uniform, well except they have trousers on and a jumper instead of cardigan.

They look pretty smart but I can already tell they are making it their own with collars not properly tucked in or jumpers not on.

Lee, Cory have another one.

Similar but the colours are slightly different since they are not actually going to the same school as ours.

“Okay kids, you all ready to go?” Mom asks once we’ve all left the kitchen and we nod.

“Good luck guys” Mom calls after us as we leave the house.

“Bye mom” I smile at her as I close the door.

“What car’s we taking?” Evan asks
“Whatever car. Bagsey going with Blake!” I shout then glare at Chris and Evan “Don’t trust you two” I say and they smirk and shrug probably agreeing.

We take two cars, me, Blake and Seth in one with Blake driving and Evan, Chris and Leon in the other with Chris driving.

Blake, he’s in senior year (Twelfth grade) and like at the top since he’s 18. Chris and Evan are in Eleventh grade, me and Seth are sophomore (Tenth grade) and Leon is in eighth grade.

We arrive at the school in about 15 minutes to see people in the same uniform hanging around and pull into the parking lot with a huge building in front that looks…..posh?

Is that the right word to use?

The others pull up beside us and we climb out fully aware that people are looking at us.

My guess because we are new. Oh and the fact that there are seven of us.

Seven people no one hear has seen before. Great way to draw attention.

Evan and Chris are already smirking and scanning the groups of crowds around us and I see the usual, girls instantly blushing and giggling, flicking their hair and standing in straighter positions.

Gosh. Idiots.

Evan’s eyes light up “Oooh, this is gunna be an awesome school.

I know it already.” He says looking in an direction of a group of girls, or should I say sluts.

Their skirts are so short. Practically a belt.

I frown at Evan but he just ignores me.

“YO! Hey!” Comes an familiar voice and we all turn to see, great,Hayden and Aidan making their way towards..

“Hey man” Chris, Evan and Blake great them.

I just roll my eyes and fold my arms with Seth still by my side but nod to them.

As they chat my eyes drift around the grounds.

People are still looking. It makes me uncomfortable and I shuffle my feet looking down.

Maybe they are looking at Hayden and Aidan no as they joined…Oh that reminds me, what about April?

As just like on cue she suddenly pops up out of no where.

“Hey Delia ! Seth!” She greets us smiling at us but her eyes seem to stay longer on Seth.

I smile back slightly and nod.

“Hey” Seth replies thou and see her eyes light up and she smiles wider.

She’s wearing the same uniform as me, but it makes me squint my eyes as somehow it looks different.

“Shall I show you two to reception?” She offers still smiling.

I shrug not really caring..

“Ur…yeah sure” Seth says.
She grins and looks over her shoulder to the others then back.

“OH…and Aidan’s in our year too….even thou he’s 16, he’s just an older one.” She smiles.

OH….just great. Aidan is in the same year. Fan-bloody-tastic.

We follow April towards the building along with Leon, Blake, Chris and Evan following with Aidan and Hayden too.

I kinda feel sorry for Leon, he’s 13 and this is a bloody big school. I hope he will be okay.

We go into an open area with a few seats to the right and a desk to the left with a lady behind it.

“Hey Miss, I got new students.” April smiles at the middle aged women behind the desk.

She looks up and looks between us and beams “Ohh, you must be….walkers?”.

“Nar shit” I mutter under my breath but only Seth hears and he smirks

“Yeah.” Blake replies to the lady and scowls at me.


The lady smiles and hands us a green folder with our schedules and other information in.

“Oooh…let me see” April says peering over my schedule.

“Ah…you’ve got homeroom and a few other subjects with me!” She smiles.

OH joy! I think sarcastically to myself but just smile weakly at her and she peers at Seth’s who has pretty much the same as mine, just with a few differences.

Blake, Leon and eventually Chris, Evan and Hayden go off saying bye leaving me, Seth, Aidan and April..

oh and guess who also happens to be in our homeroom yep Aidan.


We walk to our homeroom, on time surprisingly and our teacher is called Miss Summer, a name that just seems too happy.

We get closer to the door, hearing talking then Aidan opens it first followed by April then me and Seth.

There’s people in here but no teacher yet and the talking quietens as me and Seth come into view, god, it’s not like we are bloody aliens.

“Hey, you can come sit with me.” April says leading us down the aisle to the middle near the back with eyes following until someone says.

“WHoooa…..twins! HOT twins!” A random guy comments and people start to agree and hush whispers.

I turn to see the guy that said it with sandy blonde hair and a smirk looking at me.

I narrow my eyes at him and sit down in the seat that’s a few away from him.

I see Seth smirk as he sits next to me and April sits in front with some girl.

Before anyone can say anything to us the door opens and incomes a young women with short blonde hair and a friendly smile comes in going to the desk at the front.

“Sorry I’m late class” She says dumping her bag and turning to face us and smiles scanning the class “I heard we had some new students.” she says and her eyes land on me and Seth…oh god.

please, please don’t make us introduce ourselves.

She beams at us “Ahh….There you are” she smiles “Adelia..? and…Seth?” She says and we both nod at the same time.

She smiles “Well…..I’m Miss Summer……would you two like to say something about yourselves?”

She says leaning on her desk and I internally groan…. NO I would not.

People’s head turns looking at us making me want to glare at them.

“Ur…I’m Seth….and this is Delia..” Seth says nudging me slightly.

“We’re twins” I shrug my lips tugging upwards slightly.

Some people snicker and Miss Summer slightly smirks too “I can see that.” She smiles “Anything else?” She wonders and I can tell that the people in here want to know more.

I sigh quietly and glance at Seth giving him a look.

“Urm…..we moved from Washington” Seth says plainly

“Oooh….that’s cool” Miss Summer smiles “Okay…..let’s get on…” She says and starts talking about things that are happening but I tune her out getting annoyed by some curious stares we’re getting…..and resisting the nerve to flip those people off.

After a while she lets us get on with something and people begin talking again.

Seth nudges me and I turn to look at him “Aren’t you getting annoyed with people staring” He whispers frowning.

I sigh “Totally” I agree and then April turns around in her seat smiling and so does the red head she’s sat with..

“Hey Seth, Delia….this is August” April says pointing to the red head who smiles.

“HI” She says and I just slightly smile at her.

“Hey” Seth says and her eyes light up.

August still smiles looking at both of us “I like that you are twins.” She says “It’s awesome”.

“Yeah I totally agree……there’s like no twins in this school” April says and I glance at Seth and we smirk.

Gosh it’s like we aren’t even human.

“Yo..Delia, Seth!” Calls a voice and I turn to see Aidan smirking/smiling at us along with some guys around him.

I raise an eyebrow at him and I’m pretty sure Seth is too, he smirks.

“Looks like we’re see more of eachother now, being your neighbour an all…” He says trailing off and winks at me and I hear a few gasps of surprised which makes me frown.

“OMG, you live next to Aidan!?”

Some girl near April screeches and swivels around on her stare looking at me wide eyes.

“Urr….yeah…” I say…what’s the deal.

“OMG….you lucky bi**h” She says smirking “God….I wish I did” She says more to herself.

I frown confused.

“Ahh…so that means you live next to April too” August says and I nod.


She smiles “Gosh..and his brother” She says more dreamily and April shoves her in the arm.

“That’s my brother’s you talking about!” She glares .

“Sorry, sorry, sorry…..but come on…you gotta admit….they are freaking hot!” August protest.

I snort and smirk, they may be “hot”, but the jerkiness gets in the way of that.

April glances at me but then back to August “Yeah….whatever” She mumbles shaking her head.

“Anyway……” April says smiling again “I can show you to your classes if you like…since I’m in most of them” She says glancing at both of us but mostly Seth.

He smiles “Yeah…thanks” and she smiles wider and turns back around in her seat….I glare at her back.

The rest of homeroom dragged on…it was double….and now the bell has gone for break..

Me and Seth just went to our next period….of course with April showing us and her friend August too….third period is Chemistry.

The next two hours went by okay, like all the others we had to introduces ourselves but just kept it to what we said before.

And it seemed that lunch came by fairly quickly.

Me and Seth are making our way to the cafeteria where the others will be, and thank god April isn’t with us….she wasn’t in out last period, but I bet she will turn up soon.

As we near the cafeteria we suddenly see Leon with some guy about his age walking to the cafeteria too.

I smile and nudge Seth, Leon hardly ever makes friends…..

“Aww” I smile and Seth smirks but feels the same.

I would call him, but I won’t because we could scare of his friend.

But the guy suddenly turns off waving and now leaves Leon on his own walking to the canteen.

“Leon!” I call out picking up my past.

He turns and slightly smiles when he sees us but not much.

We catch up with him “You okay?” I ask walking at his side along with Seth and he nods….not saying anything and I smile.

We walk into the crowded cafeteria looking around for our brothers…until we spot them at the far corner sat at a table, great along with Hayden, Aidan…and April and some random other people.

We make our way over around the tables and Blake looks up as we nearer and smiles “Hey guys” He says and all the others look up.

As we approach I suddenly feel arms wrap around my waist and jump…what the hell?!

“Hey there sexy…” A deep voice says and I spin around to see guy stood there……with black hair and a cocky smile, I narrow my eyes.

“Dude get the hell off her!” Comes Chris’s booming voice.

The guy seems to ignore and continue to look down at me, I step back out of his arms but he steps forward.

I hear a chairs scrap across the floor and I shake the guys arms off .

“Dude we said….get the fvck off her!” Evan shouts this time coming to us and pushes him away along with Chris the other side.

I glare at the guy who raises an eyebrow “Okay, okay…..Have her to yourselves” .

He smirks turns and leave but sends me a wink before.

“Jerk” I mutter

“A**hole” Evan says then he and Chris turn to me.

“You okay”?” Chris asks.

I nearly roll my eyes but don’t, instead turn back around “Fine” I nearly snap.

I my be thankful for them doing that as that guy was a jerk, but they do this so much. It’s a little embarrassing.

I flop into a seat next to Seth who’s glaring in the direction that guy went, gosh not him too.

While Aidan and Hayden are raising a curious eyebrow and Chris and Evan sit back down grumbling some words that should not be repeated.

I snatch an apple from Evan’s tray that’s next to me and stick my tongue out at him as he shots me a glare.

“What…you gunna let you little sis go hungry now are you?” I mock and shake my head “Bad brother you are” I smirk and take a bite out of it as I hear the others snicker and Evan smirks lightly and looks away.
Conversations starts within the guys and their new ‘mates’ who I keep catching glancing at me, making me cringe.

The rest of lunch is…acceptable, I just sit there at the table listening to their boring conversation about some random rubbish.
😂😂oh Brothers..


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