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LIFE WITH BOYS – Episode 13





🏹 BOYS 🏹

[ 12 brothers ]😳😳

By:Sam Antha ✍🏻


💮Episode 13💮

“W-what?” My mom is the first to break the silence as she squeaks a response staring at them unblinking.

Charles and Daisy turn to my mom, suddenly a nervous look spreading over their faces…

“Urm…um…” Charles clears his throat, “Mom, me and Daisy are having a baby” He says holding daisy closer to him, his arms around her waist…

I blink…and a grin spreads across my face then I glance to my mom expecting her to just about have a rant at them about bringing up a baby in an un-married relationship…

But she surprises us all…

“Ohmygosh! Seriously?!” She squeals excitedly, eyes wide and hands covering her mouth in shock…

Charles and Daisy seem to relax as they thought she would to be against it…and Daisy nods enthusiastically.

Mom let’s slip another little excited squeal again and jumps up from her seat and in a blink of an eye, moves across the room and crushes both Daisy and Charles in a bone crushing hug.

“Oh my! That’s just amazing!” she beams hugging them both tightly…making Daisy chuckle.

“How long are you gone? Oh my gosh! Do you know if it’s a girl or boy yet?! Ooh we need to go baby shopping! Oh wait! You two going to get married?!” Mom gushes out at a hundred miles an hour millions of questions that I can hardly catch.

“Whoo….mom chill!” Aston says standing up from the couch “One question at a time…jeeze” .

He shakes his head in amusement and makes his way over to them, mom still practically bouncing on the spot excited as hell.

“Aw congrats dude!” Chris calls out “Hey, you did it! One of your little soldiers made it and finally got a girl up the-“ his words get cut off….

“Christopher! Do NOT finish that sentence!” Mom snaps at him giving him a warning look….and the rest of us, older ones, crack up snickering….at him as he gives her an innocent look…and Charles narrows his eyes slightly at him but then goes back to grinning.

I smile jumping of Blake’s lap and going over to Daisy smiling at her as she sees me approach and then pulls away from Charles grinning at me.

“Congratulations Daisy” I smile at her as she pulls me into a tight hug.

“Aww…thank you sweetie!” She grins back as I hug her lightly….

As I pull back she beams at me “You’ll have to come help me pick out baby clothes Dee! With your mom too” She says excitedly and I feel my eyes widen in….in…well fear.

I nearly gulp. Shopping for baby clothes? With an very excitable mom to be and a too overly excited soon to be grandparent?

Oh hell no! I hate shopping in general…even for myself!

I hear Evan laugh from the side…obviously hearing and knowing what I’m thinking…knowing I hate shopping.

I send him a evil look as he just smirks and swallow….turning back to Daisy not wanting to upset her by saying I don’t want to go baby shopping with her……

.sorry but even the thought makes me feel sick, small cute baby clothes….moms to be going all gooey over them…..

Heck no!

I open my mouth to say to Daisy not knowing if it will hurt her feelings or not…but suddenly Charles steps in…

“Urm….babe it’s okay, we don’t have to rush into anything yet..
.we’ve got plenty of time” He says wrapping his arm back around Daisy’s waist in the loving way he does…..

“Yeah! nine whole months” Mom claps her hands together grinning.

“The best nine months of your life honey!” She says beaming at Daisy her eyes shining over…..

“Ooh….I remember the times I’ve had, you go through so much…but it’s all worth it in the end when you pop out the most amazing beautiful little thing ever to be seen and it’s all yours…”

Mom says choking on her words and I can tell she’s about to start crying….from happiness thou..

“First they’ll be so small you have to watch t-them every second…then the next minute…there….their taller than y-you…and l-leaving….h-home…” she starts slightly hiccupping a tear sliding down her check…..

My body becomes tense and I feel uncomfortable as moms about to start blubbering about how we were when we were all kids…and get all emotional and all that…..

“Urr…ur…yh…congrats bro and Dais! But we’re outta here….before…” Evan says eyeing mom and the legs it out the room with all of us, who understand, following him….

I run up the stairs to my room…and smile at the thought of there being a little baby Walker…

I wonder if it’ll be a boy or girl…….


“Just place that there…..and you’re….done!” I chirp enthusiastically patting Tom’s head grinning and praising him as he just completed a Thomas the tank engine puzzle.

I give him a hug from behind as he’s sat in between my legs on the living room floor and I can tell he’s grinning with self pride.

“Well done little man!” Aston says from across the living room smiling at Tom.

Tom claps his hands together grinning then turns around in my arms grinning at me “I did it Delia! fhank you!” he grins and throws his little arms around me hugging me tight.

I chuckle slightly rocking backwards at the force from his little form, but hug him back, pulling him onto my lap.

It’s about 7pm…on the same day we found out the news of Charles and Daisy’s baby…..and it’s nearly Tom’s bed time……as he’s all ready to go…but just wanted to finish the puzzle he completed by himself…okay with a little help from me thou.

“Okay munchkin…time for bed” Mom walks into the living room looking to Tom and smiling, that smile has seemed to be stuck to her face all night.

Tom instantly frowns “Noo….mommy…..I don’t wanna” He pouts crossing his arms over his chest making him look so fricken adorable.

I chuckle lightly at his face and tickle his side gently “Come on Tommy….time for bed” I smile at him standing up pulling him with me…..

He looks up at me with slight hope in his eyes “Delia? Can you take me?” He asks sticking out his bottom lip.

I smile and am just about to reply saying of course I will when another voice cuts in…..

“Naa….don’t worry Dee…I’ll take him” My twins voice comes into the living room and he smiles at Tom.

“Come on little man, time for bed” Seth picks him up effortlessly…and surprisingly Tom doesn’t protest, instead he smiles and wraps his arms around Seth’s neck as he carries him out the living room.

Mom smiles at him “Thanks honey” She says as Seth disappears upstairs with our little brother,

I smirk….thank god I don’t have to deal with putting that little monkey to bed.

I sit down on the couch next to Ashton….as he’s watching some random thing on TV…and Leon is sat staring blankly at the TV……the house is actually oddly quiet……which is never a good sign….

I jump suddenly as the doorbell goes…echoing through the house…again…..why is the house so quiet?

“I’ll get it!” Mom calls out and I hear here going to the door……

I frown curiously….who in the world is coming to our house at this time?…..

I suddenly heard familiar rushed voices….and then a little girl screech….

“DELIA!” I looked up to the door just in time to see the little brown haired 5 year old race over to me grinning and jump into my lap.

I blink in surprise…but then chuckle, wrapping my arm around her small waist so she doesn’t fall off my lap “Hey Morgan” I smile at her as she bounces on my lap grinning and Aston smiles at her next to me….

I then frown slightly confused “What you doing here then Morgan?” I ask twirling a piece of her long brown hair around my finger affectionately…

She stops bouncing on my lap and puts on thinking face “OH….mommy and daddy have to go see grandma…” She nods then continues bouncing on my lap happily and I just raise an eyebrow….

I look up as I see another figure coming into the living room and smile as it’s Darren, looking to the floor shyly….

I then hear my mom’s voice “Oh of course! It’s absolutely fine! Hell we’ve got loads of rooms” She chuckled and I furred my eyebrows “Yes, yes…..I’ll make sure they get to school…” Is all I heard and I frown more confused still with an excited 5 year old on my lap….

I then hear the door close and footsteps….also my mom’s voice….

“KIDS!” Mom hollers as she comes into the living….not alone,

“These guys are staying her the night, Ruby’s mother was taken ill and they have to rush off to go see her” She smiles and I feel my face turn to a scowl…

Coming in behind her, holding a small bag each are the rest of the Dean family…..Hayden, Aidan oh and April.

Pick up on the sarcasam on this…

Well that’s just fricken fantastic!😒😒


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