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Writer: Popoola Omogbolahan
Authorb45 ✍️✍️

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🌈 Chapter Six🌈

💐Isabella Meyers💐

“Can I talk to you for a moment?” He asked again because I didn’t reply him but rather stared at him.

“That’s James, Xavier step brother” May whispered into my ear.

” I know ” I whispered back.

But what did he want from me?

“I’m sorry, but am late already. That will be tomorrow” I replied walking past him to my car where my mum was waiting patiently for me.

I looked back and my face met with his and he looked so shocked.
I guess he wasn’t expecting that after all.
But he soon changed the expression on his face as his lips curved and broke in a smile and then he winked at me.

I looked away immediately.
What the f.uck was that!
I opened the door of my car and hopped in while May went over to her own car where her driver was already waiting for her.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong? I have been waiting for you for quite a long time. I asked a student about you but funny enough, no one know you yet” she said and chuckled. “What kept you so long?”

“Ooh, that! It’s nothing mom. I was just busy in the class and that’s all” I replied. Although I know it’s all a lie.

“Okay! How’s your first day at school?” She asked with a smile expecting me to say something sweet about the school.
Ofcourse, am gonna say something sweet. Am not gonna tell her how I got threatened over a boy. Am not gonna tell her how I threatened the rude head girl.

“It was fine mum. And it’s so fun” I replied.
Yeah! It was so fun seeing the look on the girls face after I talked back at them bravely with no atom of fear. And it was fun seeing the look on Jude’s face when I walked passed him. Everything was so fun!

But I hope tomorrow will be better than today.
And also about Xavier, I wish he could notice me and make things faster.
And also the hooded boy in the class, I have really forgotten about him but I wish to see his face too.
I don’t know why but I just want to.

🥵 Michelle George🥵

“Did she just talked back at me?” I fumed staring at me dumb friends who watched the girl threatened me and left with no bruise.

Where the fuck are my friends who wouldn’t let a mere fly passed through my face without killing it.
Where the fuck are my over protective friends.

“She will pay for it?” Felicia muttered while I stared at her angrily.
I felt the urge to rip her hair off her head but I controlled myself.

“Why didn’t you tell her that when she was threatening me? Why were you all watching her when she called me names without doing anything to her? Why the fuck did you let her leave with no bruise on her disgusting face? Huh? Why?” I let it all out angrily.
In as much as I tried to admit her face look disgusting, I couldn’t. She was just to cure than I am and she’s a threat to me.
A very big threat which should be removed with immediate effect or I might lose to her.

My friends were silent as none of them could utter a word and that infuriated me.

“Why the fuck aren’t you guys answering me!?” I screamed at them angrily.

” Babe, calm down, try to…”

“Try to do what? Try to understand that you girls are useless or what?” I thundered cutting Alicia short.

I still can’t believe my friends watched they nitwit called me names and let her leave.
It’s still unbelievable that my friends couldn’t stand up for me at that moment.
It’s still quite hard to believe they couldn’t utter a word or stop her from saying those words to me.

She called me a piece of trash and they watched not saying anything.
And to think that all these happened in the class and the students were watching added petrol to the burning fire burning within me.

“Babe, you have to calm down. I promise you we will take care of this girl tomorrow” Jessica said while trying to calm me down.

“You better do!” I yelled angrily stamping my right foot on the ground angrily.

“See babe, this girl is a threat to you. She even said it to your face that what will happen if she doesn’t leave Xavier so am sure she’s trying to take Xavier away from you so it’s better you act fast and propose to Xavier now before it’s too late” Felicia said calmly.
I stared at her.
She’s right, I should make haste and stop delaying things.
Yeah! I would have done this a long time ago but I was confident that no one will dare get close to my Xavier but right now it’s seems I was wrong. This girl can do more than I had thought she can.
She’s a threat to me.
She can take away my Xavier and leave me with nothing but memories of when I used to love Xavier. And that will be very painful.
But what if I propose to Xavier now and he say no?
What if he have no feeling for me?
What if he felt nothing for me?

“What if he say no?” I asked calmly as my voice has now become so soft and gentle.

“Trust me babe, he won’t. He feels the same way for you so he won’t think twice before hugging you tight and kissing you deeply” Alicia replied dreamingly.
That gave me hope.
I wish their words are true.
I wish he really feels the same way.
I wish he would hug me tight and kiss me deeply just like Alicia stated.
I wish all these could happen.
I wish Xavier could be mine.

🌈 Xavier Brooke🌈

“Bro you have to see the way she stood up at her not fearing a bit. You have to see the daring look ok her face when she was threatening Michelle. What did she even said again…” Felix said scratching his head.
” Michelle said, stay away from my Xavier and she said what if I don’t. Bro you have to see the fight for yourself. I sooo much love her courage” Ben said smiling foolishly.

I stared at them as they spilled out their words.

I sighed.

“So is this why you guys stopped me from going home, huh?” I asked staring coldly at the two foolish beings right in my front.

“No, James tried to talk to her but guess what?” Felix said smiling amusingly.

” What?”

“She snubbed him” they chorused and laughed heartily while I stared at them like someone who have gone mad.

But seriously what does James want with her?

I thought I had made it clear to him that she’s off limit then why the fuck did she tried to talk to her.

“Since you guys are done, can I go home now?” I asked.

” I think she’s inlove with you bro” Ben said.

” And I will take that as a yes, you can go home” I said standing up.

” And Michelle and her friends are planning something to hurt her” Ben said. ” I heard them saying something about her but I couldn’t hear them well and the only thing I could make out of what they said was we will take care of her tomorrow and whatever they meant isn’t anything good” he stressed.


I stared at him sharply.

To be continued…✍️

Encourage ur writer.. 🙏

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