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KING OF HEART – Episode 55




(He’s a flirt)🤤😉

Genre:- College Romance And Comedy

Tag:- Betrayal, Death, love, Sex and jealousy

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 55

Location: Chicago

Authoress P.O.V

” Ryan of course” her friend replied and Gabrielle stood up immediately. “That’s not possible, Ryan can’t have a girlfriend” Gabrielle said.

” why can’t he have a girlfriend?” her friend asked. “Ryan, can’t have a happy relationship when he destroyed mine” Gabrielle said.

“Ryan didn’t destroy your relationship, you did that yourself. We all know Ryan is a flirt, a player but you foolishly choose him over your Boyfriend” her friend said.

“That was because I love him” Gabrielle replied and her friend burst into laughter.

” Did you just say love?, did you hate your ex boyfriend?” her friend asked. ” I didn’t hate jack, I also love him” Gabrielle replied.

“can you see that, you’re a confuse soul, leave Ryan and his girlfriend alone” her friend said.

“I can’t leave them alone, who is his girlfriend that you’re talking about?” Gabrielle asked.

” it’s Mia, of course” her friend replied. “Mia, you mean the school queen?” Gabrielle asked and her friend nod her head. “I thought she hate him, anyway that’s none of my business, but if I don’t have Ryan know one will” Gabrielle said.

“I have said my own, leave Ryan alone, he us not the cause of your misfortune” Gabrielle friend said.

“Keep your advice to yourself” Gabrielle said and walked to her room.

” keep your advice to yourself, because I don’t need it” her friend mimick.

” you have already lose in the both side” her friend said.

“Who’s she?” Theo asked. ” She’s someone special to me” Ryan replied.

” Someone special to you?” Theo asked and Ryan nod his head. ” Beautiful lady can you please introduce yourself to me” Theo said.

“Sure, I am mia Wilson” mia said and stretched her hand forward for an handshake.

“Wow, you mean the same Mia Wilson?” Theo asked and mia nod her head with a smile.

“nice to have you here” Theo said. “And am also happy to be here, among my favorite superstars, I can’t wait to see the rest of the gang” mia said.

“yeah, they will soon be here, they will come out once they hear Ryan voice” Theo said.

“Oh, that’s good” mia replied. “Mia, there’s something you haven’t tell me” Theo said.

“really, what’s that?” mia asked. “you haven’t tell me who Ryan is to you” Theo said.

“Oh, Ryan is my boyfriend” mia replied. “Boyfriend, you and Ryan doesn’t suit each other, I will like if you can be my girlfriend” Theo said.

“you’re sick upstairs” Ryan said. “Wait… did I talked to you, why are you so pained?” Theo asked.

“Why wound you say that we didn’t suit each other?’ Ryan asked. “Yeah, you guys doesn’t suit each other, this lady is too beautiful for you” Theo said teasingly.

“you are cra$y!” Ryan said and removed his shoe from his leg and stone Theo with it.

“Mia, can you see he is aggressive, someone like this isn’t good for you, just come to daddy” Theo said.

“Theo, I will kill you” Ryan said. “Ryan calm down, don’t you know he’s joking?” mia asked.

“I don’t like that type of joke, it’s too expensive” Ryan said. “I am not joking, I will steal this beautiful lady away from you” Theo said.

“baby, let’s go to my room” Ryan said. ” no, I love his company” mia said with a smirk.

“Wow, can you see I have already capture her heart, she loves my company” Theo said.

“Mia baby, did you know you’re beautiful?” Theo asked. “Really?” Mia asked with a blush.

“Babe, you’re blushing, don’t tell me you have already fall in love with Theo?” Ryan asked.

“I think I am falling for him” Mia said with a smirk. “You can’t fall in love with him” Ryan said.

“Why can’t I fall in love with him?” mia asked and Theo sat down on the chair.

he crossed his leg like a king and placed his hand on his jaw. “I am more handsome than this fool” Ryan said and Mia shake her head negatively.

“no, he is more handsome than you” mia said Ryan stood up from the chair and move closer to Theo and gave him a punch on his face.

“What the f*ck, did you want to disfigured my handsome face?” Theo asked. “Did you see what you caused, Ryan said and gave Theo another punch.

” Hey, baby we are only joking” mia said and move closer to them. ” Are you sure?” Ryan asked.

“Am very sure, we are joking” Mia said. “That joke is too expensive I don’t like it” Ryan said.

“You should know I can’t leave you for someone else” mia said. ” Ryan, you will pay for hitting me” Theo said with a smile.

” Go to hell” Ryan said. “Hey watsup man” Leo one of the gang said and shake hands with Ryan.

“Am good dear” Ryan replied. ” I heard your voice, from my room who are you fighting with?” Leo asked.

“Am planning to kill this a$$hole, here for toying with my feeling” Ryan said pointing to Theo and Theo, left out an evil smirk and the other gang members come outside.

“Hi!” mia said and wave her hand at them. “Wow who’s this beautiful lady?” Leo asked.

“She’s mine” Ryan replied sounding possessively. “Calm down man, we aren’t talking her away from you” mike said.

“Better!” Ryan replied. “What’s your beautiful name?” Leo asked. ” she doesn’t have a name” Ryan replied.

“Calm down man!” Theo said. ” Don’t tell me to calm down f00l, I know you’re planning to take her away from me” Ryan said.

“This one you’re being overprotective, Am very sure you’re a playboy before” mike said.

“keep quiet!” Ryan said. ” I promise you that I will take her away from you” Theo said and ran to his room.

“Am sure you guys don’t wanna practice before tommorow concert” Ryan said angrily.

“Hey babe, what are you doing here with your luggages?” Cathy friend asked. “I don’t wanna stay with Mrs Smith again, I will stay here until I achieve my aim and go back to my father house” Cathy replied.

“What aim are you talking bout?” her friend asked. “Did you wanna know?” Cathy asked.

” yes, I want to know” Her friend replied. ” Alright, I will tell you” Cathy replied. “Alright, am listening!” her friend replied.


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