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KING OF HEART – Episode 54




(He’s a flirt)🤤😉

Genre:- College Romance And Comedy

Tag:- Betrayal, Death, love, Sex and jealousy

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 54

Location: Chicago

Authoress P.O.V

“Are you sure you aren’t having change of mind, because you discovered that the girl parents are rich?” Her friend asked.

“Not really, Cathy almost kill me this afternoon” Mrs smith said and her friend burst into laughter.

” Aren’t you the one that trained her like that, did you remember I warned you, when her parents dead, but you are too greedy to listen to advise” her friend said.

” It wasn’t like that, I just felt like she need mother care and love, since she lost her parents same day” Mrs Smith said.

“Oh, she need mother love but your children doesn’t need love, just tell me you’re greedy, you’re talking care of her because of the properties are parents left for her” her friend said.

“But, you knew I can buy her properties not to talk of my son” Mrs Smith said.

” which son are you talking about, is it the son that has already disown you, I told you your families come first, but you didn’t listen to me, for your information Susan is here” her friend said. ” You mean Susan is living with you now?” Mrs Smith ask.

“Yeah, I told her to move in with me, since the innocent girl need mother love, which you can’t give them” her friend said.

“it’s not like that, you know I have been the one talking care of Cathy….” she said and her friend cut her off.

” which made you ignore your own children, I don’t really understand you, and you don’t deserve to be called a mother” her friend said.

” Am sorry, I thought I was doing it for their own good, you know the money her parents left for her won’t go somewhere else, I want it to remain in our family” Mrs Smith said.

” you’re a very greedy woman” her friend said. ” Am not greedy” Mrs Smith replied.

” you’re, and am sure Cathy will still come back for you if she lose Ryan, which she has already lose” her friend said.

” I came here for you to advise me, not to insult me” Mrs Smith said. ” I am not insulting you, I was only advising you my dear friend” her friend said.

“I don’t know where Cathy go to” Mrs Smith said. ” how’s that my business?” her friend asked.

” okay fine, I will see you some other time” Mrs Smith said and stood up. “So soon?” her friend ask with a mocking smile. “Yes, since you decided to turn to a pastor” Mrs Smith replied.

Susan parked her car at the garage and Mrs Smith rushed to her side to hug her.

“Don’t near me!” Susan said and stopped her with her hand and Mrs Smith stopped on her track.

“Am very sorry my dear” Mrs Smith said. ” How did you know that, am here?” Susan asked.

” I didn’t know you’re here, I came to check on my friend” Mrs Smith replied.

“Thanks goodness, I thought you came to check on me, you can take your leave now” Susan said.

“Yeah, you can take your leave since you aren’t here to see her” Mrs smith friend said.

” Welcome darling, your lunch is inside, go inside and freshen up” Mrs Smith friend said with a smile.

” Linda, this is unfair, you can atleast help me talk to her” Mrs Smith said.

“I can’t help you talk to her” her friend replied. ” This is unfair, are you trying to turn my children against me?” Mrs Smith ask.

“And if that’s what you think, yes am trying to turn them against you, since I don’t have a child of my own, and I can’t wait for Ryan to be mine also” her friend said.

“You can’t take them away, I am their mother and am very sure they will come back to me when the time comes” Mrs Smith said and her friend burst into laughter.

“Where did you get that mentality from, they aren’t coming back to you” her friend said.

“Linda, watch and see” Mrs Smith said. “You aren’t suppose to be pain my dear friend, you still have Cathy” her friend said.

“you’re a very bad friend” Mrs Smith said. “I agree and you’re also a bad and greedy mother, so get out of my house now!” her Friend said.

“I will leave, but I just want you to know that I will come back for you, you can’t take my children away from me” Mrs Smith said and get into her car.

and her friend burst into laughter. “Greedy woman, I pray you come back to your senses soon, because I can see you haven’t learn your lesson” her friend said and walked into the house.

“Let’s go darling!” Ryan said and hold mia hand. “Relax, they can’t do anything to you” Ryan whispered to her.

“The paparazzi are too much, hope they won’t suffocate us?” mia asked. “They won’t my darling” Ryan replied.

Good evening Mr Smith one of the paparazzi greet and Ryan ignore them.

Can you kindly tell us, why you and your gang love covering your face? Another asked and Ryan brought out his phone.

“Hey, did you wanna lose your job?” Ryan said to the person he called. “Am very sorry sir, am on my way” the person replied and Ryan end the call.

Mia was shaking near Ryan. And Ryan hug her tight. “relax, my guards will soon be here” Ryan replied.

“Mr Smith, can you kindly tell us who she’s?” one of the paparazzi asked. ” Say, something Ryan, before this people suffocate us” mia said.

“You don’t know them, they won’t still let us go if I replied them, my guards will soon be here” Ryan said and the guards clear the road for them.

“see me in the room” Ryan said to his personal guard.

“watsup man!” Theo greet and hug Ryan. “Am good, where are the rest?” Ryan asked.

“They’re inside sleeping” Theo replied and Ryan removed his mask from his face and he also helped mia to remove hers.

“Wow, Ryan who’s this beautiful lady?” Theo asked with a smile.

“Gabrielle, The king of hearts have finally got a girlfriend” Gabrielle said. ” Who’s the king of hearts?” Gabrielle asked. ” Ryan of course” her friend replied and Gabrielle stood up immediately. “That’s not possible, Ryan can’t have a girlfriend” Gabrielle said.

Who remember Gabrielle?


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