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KING OF HEART – Episode 53




(He’s a flirt)🤤😉

Genre:- College Romance And Comedy

Tag:- Betrayal, Death, love, Sex and jealousy

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 53

Location: Chicago

Authoress P.O.V

” I wanna see her badly, come her to come home fast, don’t tell her am around please” Mrs Wilson said to her husband.

“We don’t need to call her, we can just wait for her darling” mr wilson said.

“Call her please!” Mrs wilson said and pout her lips “Alright” mr wilson said and pick up his phone.

He dial mia number and she picked at the first ring. “Hello princess” mr wilson said.

“Dad, I was about to call you that I won’t come back to the house today” mia said.

“Princess, you need to come there’s something important we need to talk about” mr wilson said.

“Dad, that thing can wait” mia said. “No baby, okay let’s do it like this, come now and you will go back today, you can even come with your boyfriend” mr wilson said.

“Alright Dad” mia replied. “Is she coming?” Mrs wilson asked. “Yeah, but she’s going back today” mr wilson replied. “That’s still better” Mrs wilson said happily.

“What happened?” Ryan asked. “Dad, said I should come to the house now” mia replied.

“Those that means you aren’t going with me again?” Ryan asked. “Am still going with you, but you have to follow me to the house” mia said.

“Alright, let’s go!” Ryan replied. “Hey!” Benita said and dragged mia back.

“What’s your problem?” Mia asked. “My problem is you don’t tell me that you’re leaving” Benita said.

“Benita, did you know you’re crs$y?” Mia asked. “Yes am cra$y for you darling” Benita replied and stick her tongue out at her.

“Babe, let them go, I have a plan” jack said. “I trust you” benita replied and roll her eyes at Mia and mia hissed out loud.

“Cathy, what happened to you?” Mrs Smith asked and Cathy burst into tears. “It’s that mia of a girl, she sent thugs to beat me up, she’s a w*tch” Cathy said and burst into tears.

“She sent thugs to beat you?” Mrs Smith asked surprise and Cathy nod her head.

“What did you do to her?” Mrs Smith asked. “What did you mean by what I did to her, don’t tell me you have started liking her” Cathy said.

“Cathy, am just asking because I knew that girl can’t sent thug to beat you, without any reason” Mrs Smith said.

“You are an hypocrite” Cathy said and stood up angrily. “Cathy, am sorry it’s just an harmless question” Mrs Smith said.

“You are a very bad woman, Instead of you to follow me to the school and fight for me, you’re here asking me what I did to her, am leaving this house for you, but I want you to know that I won’t rest until I have mia” Cathy said and rushed inside her room.

She came out with her back and roll her eyes at Mrs Smith. Mrs Smith tried to stopped her and she pushed her with her bag and mrs Smith fall freely on the ground.

“Greedy woman!” Cathy said and went out. “Did, Cathy just insulted me?” Mrs Smith asked herself and stood up from the floor.

“When did Cathy became this rude?” Mrs Smith asked herself. “I need to go see my friend” she said and picked her car key from the table.

Mia walked inside the living room with ryan by herself. “Surprise!” Mrs wilson shouted happily with cake on her hand.

“Mum” mia shouted and run to hug her and mrs wilson dropped the cake carefully on the table.

“Mum, when did you come back?” Mia asked. “I came back today” Mrs wilson replied and used the icing sugar to rub mia face.

“I missed you mum” mia said. “I missed you more darling” Mrs wilson replied.

“Good afternoon ma” Ryan greet. “Who’s this handsome guy?” Mrs wilson asked with a smile.

“He is my boyfriend mum” Mia replied with a blush and mrs wilson move closer to her husband.

“his he the mask singer leader?” Mrs wilson whispered to her husband and mr wilson nod his head.

“Is it true that you’re my daughter boyfriend?” Mrs wilson asked. “Yes ma!” Ryan replied with a smile.

“Wow, are you sure, you truly love my princess?” Mrs wilson asked. “Yes ma, I love her” Ryan replied.

“That’s good, I have prepared your favorite food, let’s go to the dinning” Mrs wilson said.

“Wow, thanks mum” mia said happily and hold ryan hand. “Let’s go and eat” Mia said to ryan.

“So who are your parents and who are you?” Mrs wilson asked. “Darling, I think that’s not necessary” Mr Wilson said.

“It’s necessary, because we need to know who we are giving our daughter to” Mrs wilson said.

“Mum, we are going to somewhere important, he will reply your question some other time” mia replied.

“Are you sure, you’re gonna bring him here again?” Mrs wilson asked.

“Sure, I will come back later ma” ryan replied. “Alright, handsome” Mrs Wilson said and face mia “princess make sure you come back tommorow” Mrs wilson said.

“Am not sure if I will come back tommorow” mia replied. “Mr, hope you aren’t planning to steal my daughter away from me?” Mrs wilson asked.

“I dare not ma” ryan replied. “Bye mum!” Mia said and wave her hand at her.

Ryan parked his car at a corner and put on his face mask, he gave mia face mask to wear and she put it on immediately.

“Is this even necessary?” Mia asked. “Yes it’s very necessary, my identity is not safe again if people see your face” ryan said and mia nod her head.

Ryan get down from the car and urge mia to also come down. Mia was surprised to see the latest car parked on the front of ryan car.

The driver open the car door and bow his head to greet ryan and ryan enter the back seat followed by mia.

The driver parked the car at the hotel and paparazzi were all over the placel. “What are they doing here, and how did they know you’re coming today?” Mia asked.

“I don’t even know, let’s go” ryan replied. “I don’t think I can come down” mia replied. “Why are you scared of them?” Ryan asked.

“Of course yes” mia replied. “Don’t worry hold my hand, they can’t do anything to you” ryan replied.

“Wow Vivian, it been an ages” Mrs Smith friend said. “Yes, how are you doing my dear friend?” Mrs Smith asked.

“As you can see am fine, so what brought you here, because am going to somewhere important and I knew you can’t come to my house without reason” Mrs Smith Friend said.

“I need your help on something” Mrs Smith said. “I knew it, what did you need my help for?” Her friend asked and mrs Smith explained everything to her.

“Are you sure you aren’t having change of mind, because you discovered that the girl parents are rich?” Her friend asked.


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