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KING OF HEART – Episode 52




(He’s a flirt)🤤😉

Genre:- College Romance And Comedy

Tag:- Betrayal, Death, love, Sex and jealousy

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 52

Location: Chicago

Authoress P.O.V


“What, how dare you!” Ryan said and stood up immediately and mia signal him to calm down with her hand and mia stood up with a smile plastered on her face.

Jack came back with their food and placed it in the table. She picked one of the food and empty it on Cathy head and Cathy shouted angrily.

“Attention everyone!” Mia shouted and the other students in the cafeteria direct their attention towards their table.

“I need two guys and a lady to help me teach this idiot a lesson, don’t worry I will pay you all, money is a very small thing to me” mia said.

Mia sat down back and cross her leg. Cathy was about to run out before a guy stopped her with a slap and another lady kick her hard on her tummy.

A lady removed her wig from her head and she shouted. “Opps, she didn’t even have hair” mia said and burst into laughter and Ryan also burst into laughter.

“You guys should be fast I wanna leave here” mia said and the the two guys and a girl pounce on Cathy.

“Yeah, I love it when she scream, but you guys can do better” mia said with her leg cross. The lady among them drag her round the table and other students brought out their phone to video this scene.

” Yeah, I need to video this” mia said. “Am sorry” Cathy shouted. ” Don’t mind her, she’s a lier and she’s not sorry at all” mia said and burst into laughter.

” My friend is a bad ass” Benita said. “yeah, she has stepped on the lion tail” Mia said and brought out her phone. “I also need to video this scene, her mother must see this” Ryan said.

“Chaii, what a pity the most painful part is that she’s not beautiful as I thought” jack said.

“Are you planning to date her before?” Benita asked. “Don’t be jealous my love, you’re the only one I love” Jack said. “I can’t breathe” Cathy shouted.

“Don’t mind her she can breathe, she’s just pretending mia said. “Enough!” Mia said and move closer to them.

“Who’s the boss now?” Mia asked and Cathy roll her eyes. ” Oh, she hasn’t learnt her lesson, you guys should continue” mia said. “I have learnt my lesson” Cathy shouted. “Good girl!” Mia said with a smile.

“I don’t wanna see you near my man again, if I see you few weeks inches near him, you will be a gonna that day, get out from this place now!” Mia shouted and Cathy ran out and the other students burst into laughter.

“You guys should give me your account details” mia said. and they all called their account details for her.

” Thank you very much mia” the guys said happily. ” It’s nothing” mis replied and went to her seat.

“I really love what you did to that b*tch” Jack said. “They didn’t call me the queen of this school for nothing” mia said.

” Am sure she won’t come close to you again” Benita said. ” You don’t know Cathy, the Catherine I knew will still come” Ryan replied.

“Then I have a bigger shocker for her” Mia said. ” Mia, will you followed me to my house today?” Ryan asked.

“to sleep over?” Mia asked. ” Yes” Ryan replied and scratched the back of his head nervously. “Yes I will” Mia replied and Benita replied.

” You will be saying bye bye to your virginity if you go home with Ryan” Benita said. “What did you mean by that?” mia asked.

” Ryan, is a bad boy now” jack replied. “My boyfriend isn’t a bad boy” Mia replied and jack clear his throat.

“Is it true that I will lost my virginity if I go home with you?” mia asked. “Are you truly a virgin?” Ryan asked. “Of course yes, you’re my first boyfriend” Mia replied. “Wow, am so happy, God truly love me” Ryan said.

” Hope you’re also a virgin?” Benita asked. “Vir what?” jack asked. ” Virgin darling” Benita replied with a smirk.

” Yeah, my best friend is a virgin, bro you can see am at your side, are you gonna give me the ticket or not?” Jack asked.

” I won’t give you” Ryan replied. “I don’t think we can continue this relationship, because I have promised my parents to marry a virgin husband” mia said.

” Are you for real?’ Ryan asked. “Of course yes” mia replied. “if that’s the case, I am an innocent Virgin” Ryan said.

“Virgin or Virginia hunter?” jack asked. ” you heard me loud and clear I am a virgin” Ryan replied.

“Babe, let’s go to the house, I have to rehearse before tommorow, and you will have the chance to meet the other mask singer today” Ryan said.

“Does that mean, they’re coming to our house today?” jack asked. ” nope, am going to meet them in the hotel” Ryan replied.

” F*ck you man, why don’t you just bring them to the house” jack said. ” I can’t bring them because of our identity and am not coming back to the house today, that will be after the contest” Ryan replied.

“Why’s mia not back?” Mrs Wilson asked and clean her hand with the napkin. ” maybe she’s with her lover” Mr Wilson replied.

“She have to come back before the food get cold” Mrs Wilson said. ” you will microwave it, when she comes, let her spend time with her husband” Mr Wilson said.

” I wanna see her badly, come her to come home fast, don’t tell her am around please” Mrs Wilson said to her husband.


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