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KING OF HEART – Episode 51




(He’s a flirt)🤤😉

Genre:- College Romance And Comedy

Tag:- Betrayal, Death, love, Sex and jealousy

Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)

Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎

Episode 51

Location: Chicago

Authoress P.O.V

“Here is what you need to know about her” The investigator said and gave her, a file.

“Thanks, I will send your money to your account” Mrs Smith said and go through the file.

“Wait, here’s her picture with Mr Wilson and his wife, those that means she’s truly their daughter?” Mrs Smith ask herself.

“I am not still confused” She said going through Mr Wilson Bio. “Mia Wilson, could this be true, opps it’s true she’s their only child, what am I gonna do now?” Mrs Smith ask herself.

“And I really what Cathy to marry my son, they have know each other for long, I don’t want my children marriage to crash like mine cause him and Cathy have knew each other from childhood, unlike this Mia” Mrs Smith said and placed the file on her chest.

“What am I going to do now, I think I need advice” Mrs Smith said and picked up her phone. And dial her friend number.

“The test is very hard, that lecturer is very very wicked” jack said. “I don’t believe you, because you’re a Dullard, did you even read at all?” Ryan asked.

“Are you not the one that caused it?” Jack said. “how did I caused it mr?” Ryan asked.

“You didn’t let me read with your stupid cry yesterday, I don’t know you can cry like that” jack said.

“You are cra$y, I don’t cry” ryan replied. “Did you know the funniest part, you look more handsome when crying, I will advise you to be crying everyday, because crying suit you well” jack said.

“I wanted to give you free ticket to the mask singer show before, am not giving you again, because you just spoilt my mood” ryan said.

“I don’t need your ticket” jack said. “Wait, the sales of ticket is closed” jack said to hiself and rushed to hug ryan.

“My baby boo, my darling love, my left ball” jack said with a smile. “Hey get out” ryan said and pushed him away.

“You aren’t even romantic” jack said. “Did I look like Benita to you?” Ryan asked.

“I know you don’t look like Benita, and you can never look like her, but I need the ticket” jack said giving him his best puppy eyes.

” Am not giving you again, I have three extra tickets, I will give one to my love, the second one to my love besty and the last one to my enemy” Ryan said.

“My girlfriend won’t go, if you don’t give me ticket” jack said. “You can’t stop her my darling friend” ryan said.

Jack does some thinking and smile out. “Why are you smiling?” Ryan asked. “You will be shock to see me there” jack said.

“How, because am sure you can’t get the ticket again” ryan said. “I will enter your bag” jack replied and Ryan burst into laughter.

“Hey baby” mia said and hug ryan happily. She tiptoed and peck him on his lips. “Hey, you guys shouldn’t spoil a virgin like me” jack said.

“Let me disvirgin you then” Benita said and peck him on his lips. “Ah, my mum is gonna punish me” jack said and burst into fake tears.

“Drama king” Benita said. “Am Farmished, let’s go to the cafeteria to get food” mia said. “Alright, am also hungry, the test is very hard and stressful” jack said. “Lazy bone” Ryan said and shake his head.

Mrs wilson parked her car at the garage and came down from the car majestically.

She get inside the house and saw her husband sitting on a couch going through a magazine.

“My princess is back” mr wilson said and dropped the magazine in his hand and he was very surprised to see his wife.

“Are you not happy to see me?” Mrs wilson asked. “Am very happy my darling” mr wilson said and stood up immediately.

And he rushed to her hug her.

“I missed you, and you didn’t inform us that you’re coming back today” mr wilson. said.

“Yeah, I wanna make it a surprise for you and my princess” Mrs wilson said. “Wow, that’s nice, come and have your seat” mr wilson said and placed Mrs wilson on his lap.

“You are looking more Beautiful my love” mr wilson said. “Yeah, I know I need to look good for my sweetheart and you aren’t looking bad my husband, who helped you to shave your beard?” Mrs wilson asked touching his beard.

“It was my princess” mr wilson replied. “Where’s she?” Mrs wilson asked. “She went to school” mr wilson replied.

“I can’t wait to see her boyfriend you told me about” Mrs wilson said. “I found out yesterday, that she’s the leader of the mask singer” mr wilson said.

“You don’t mean it, I am addicted to their music, those guys are blessed and my daughter is also lucky” Mrs wilson said.

“Darling, I need to go change my cloth and I want to go prepare mia favorite food before she come back from school” Mrs wilson said. “That’s nice, I will also help you out” mr wilson said.

“Good afternoon Mr Leo!” Mr grey greet the commissioner of police. “Good afternoon Mr grey, longest time sir” the commissioner of police said.

“I brought a criminal that you guys have been searching for, for you” mr grey said.

“Wow, that’s very nice of you sir, we really appreciate” the commissioner said. “You are welcome and one more thing, Mrs martin is innocent, I will like if you can release her” mr grey said.

“We can’t free her, she have to be punish for attempted murderer” the commissioner said.

“Alright, I will see you guys some other time” Mr grey said. “Thank you very much mr grey” the commissioner said.

“My pleasure!” Mr grey replied.
“Hey, you take her to an empty cell and make sure it’s well lock” the commissioner said. “Alright sir” the cop replied.

“Hey, let’s sit down on this chair” mia said and they all sat down. “Let me go and get our order” jack said and stood up.

“Don’t think I will give you the ticket, if you go get our food” ryan said. “Am sure you will give me” jack said and walked away.

“Hi” Cathy greet ryan with a smile and wave her hand at him and mia scoff out loud.

“Cathy, what are you doing here?” Ryan asked angrily. “Baby relax” mia said and Cathy empty the drink in her hand on mia head.

“What, how dare you!” Ryan said and stood up immediately and mia signal him to calm down with her hand and mia stood up with a smile plastered on her face.

I guess mia is gonna show her pepper.


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