JUSTICE … (18+) …Part 1

Ekene is a 20year old boy whose dream is to further his education but when things became hard for him and his mum, he decided to learn trade
Mr Peter who is an importer and Exporter of furniture came to the village during Christmas period and Ekene’s mum Adaeze went to him to tell him about her son’s intention of learning trade and Luckily for her, Peter agreed to train him and a day was fixed when Ekene will leave for the city.

Ekene was in his room arranging all his clothes inside the only Ghana must go bag he has when his mum came and sat him down to give him an advice any mother would give her child who is about to leave the village to learn trade in the city and in return, Ekene promised to be on his best behaviour when he gets there and never to steal from his master.
The journey from Ekene’s village to the city took them more than ten hours and by the time they got to Peter’s house, everywhere was already dark
Peter’s wife Kate welcomed Ekene with a welcoming smile and her husband with a hug. Kate told her maid to take Ekene to his room. She also told Ekene to go freshen up and come down for dinner.
After dinner, Kate told Ekene to go back to his room to have a good night rest because she was pretty sure he must has been tired after the journey.
The next day Peter took Ekene to his shop and told one of his sales girl to put him through all the things he needs to know concerning the shop.
Ekene coming to the city was a dream come true to him because in Peter’s house he wasn’t treated like a serving boy but he was treated like a member of the family. And Peter isn’t the type that stays home always because he do travel every now and then. Kate on the other hand, gave Ekene the freedom he needs and she has never for once complain of anything he does maybe its because she took likeness on him the very first day she set her eyes on him.

It has been over three years now since Ekene has been learning trade with Peter and not even for once has he ever had any problem with his master, master’s wife or anybody around him.
Kate have once told her husband that if Ekene continued being the good boy he is, that he (Peter) would settle him before that eight years he is suppose to spend with them learning trade.
In that three years Ekene met Ifeoma who he fell in love with and also started dating. Ekene did a very good job in keeping his relationship with Ifeoma a secret.
One fateful morning, Ekene was about opening the shop when his phone started ringing. Ekene at first didn’t want to pick the call but when the phone started ringing for the second time, he decided to check the caller ID.
Ekene brought out his phone and checked the caller. He discovered that the caller was Ifeoma so he quickly picked the call and the following conversation took place.
Ekene: Hello Ify
Ifeoma: Good morning
When Ekene heard her voice, he quickly notice that all is not well with her
Ekene: Morning my dear. Why does voice sounds like you are not fine?
Ifeoma: That’s because am pregnant
Ekene: What? When did you discover that you are pregnant?
Ifeoma: I haven’t seen my period for the past three months now
Ekene: But that doesn’t mean you are pregnant now. Go to the hospital and confirm it first
Ify: I went to the hospital three days ago and I was told to come for the result today. And Am just coming back from the hospital and the result is positive which means am pregnant
Ekene: What are we going to do now?
Ify: I don’t know that’s why I called to inform you so that we can meet tomorrow since its Sunday and discuss about the pregnancy
Ekene just said “okay” and ended the call.
“What am I going to do now?”
“Should I deny her and the pregnancy?”
All those thought were running through his mind as he was opening the shop.


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