JUST THIS ONE TIME … (18+) … Part 1

‘Ouch!’ Olaide felt a chill gust sweep through her feet. It had been a cold evening, but her cry had not come from the harsh weather, it had rather come from an unexpected poke from a strong index finger of the man walking beside her.

‘Ouchh’ Austin mimicked playfully, making his own deep voice overly soft, so that anyone who heard him would assume that he was mimicking a bird’s chirp.
‘That was not how I did it o!’ The petite lady protested playfully.
The night was still dark and cold, and even the mood was completely perfect for lovers. But these were no lovers, they were ordinary friends, – as Olaide liked to think of it whenever she asked herself, but in reality, Austin was already getting into that part of her head where she was finding it quite difficult to resist him.
Her reason remained simple – there was Kay, with whom she was in a “perfect” relationship with. Once there was no glitch in a current relationship, Laide saw absolutely no need to why anyone would cheat. Since her relationship with Kay was perfect, Austin therefore had no possible chance in her life.
But Austin wasn’t one who gave up trying. He concentrated all his efforts into his target, even Laide had to confess that if she had met him a week earlier than she did, then the response she gave to Kay could have been totally different from that which now birthed their two years smooth relationship.

As they walked side by side, Austin felt the back of her cold left fingers brushing his right hand, Austin quickly made an expert attempt to hold her hands. She flinched with reluctance at first, but his partial persistence needed no further stress as she – on a second thought – slipped her hands into his. Austin quickly interlocked their fingers.
‘Your hand is warm’ She remarked impulsively, before a nagging pain of guilt in her stomach cautioned her of the coming ordeal – If the hand remained warm, a kiss might just evolve. She feared and hoped not.
‘I’m warm blooded,’ Austin simply responded with a sweet smile which was buried by the darkness of the night.
There is no one watching, Olaide reassured herself. And even if anyone was, no one could possibly notice their crossed fingers in that dark isolated area. That could only happen if one of the oncoming vehicles shined its bright halogen headlights from a distance, casting only the silhouette of two lovers who could be anybody anyway.
‘Thanks for today Austin,’ She said in her naïve voice, the point of warm connection now seemed like a tube that passed warmth into her own very body, she could almost feel the flow of liquid warmth from his fingers into her heart, but the only visible evidence of her appreciation was a big white polythene bag in her right hand which housed her dinner; a combination of fried and jollof rice with a chicken wing that was forcefully squeezed into the same take-away package. Beside the food was a big sized fruit juice, both were safely embracing themselves inside the protective nylon cover that housed them. These items were what was left as a souvenir to a just concluded but well enjoyed date with Austin.
‘You need not mention.’ Austin stopped walking. He paused a bit and then took two strides ahead of her without releasing her hand. He stood facing her, even though he could not see her face.


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