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JUST ONE NIGHT – Episode 61



Just 🌹

One 🍭

Night 🌃

(The night that changed everything 💄)

Episode 61


I walked into my hideout in new York ,well don’t blame me I can’t just stop my business because of some fucking Russian or because I moved away from Texas .

“boss”all my men greeted as I walked into the house .

“how was the dilivery?” I asked looking at mark .

“it was smooth , everything went well”he replied looking at me .

“the money ?” I asked and he nodded and led the way why I followed him .

we walked into my private room in the hideout .

“this is it “he said as he dropped three boxes of money .

i ran my hands through the note of dollars and I felt really happy ,am getting richer each fucking day .

“thanks Mark “I smiled at him warmly .

“Rico ,I don’t like what you did ” he said looking at me and changing the topic immidiately.

“about sonia”I said focusing my attention on him .

“you don’t have to hit her,she’s a lady “he yelled at me Angrily.

“am sorry mark but she really annoyed me yesterday,she said she was going to kill Anna and that was why I got furious, and I couldn’t control my anger anymore “I explained.

“she’s just obessed with you Rico, you just have to make her understand “he said looking at me .

“am going to apologise,we don’t have to fight over this right ?” I asked looking at him.

“you better do ,but have you heard ?” mark asked looking at me .

“heard what ?” I asked looking at him.

“well Mr Chris the father of your daughter handed the company over to you girlfriend”he said looking at me .

I pulled out my phone from my pocket and I log in to my Instagram account and check the news feed I saw her,she was dressed in a trouser and top,damn she looks so professional and hot .

“you would get horny starring at her picture “mark said grabbing the phone from my hands and started laughing.

I glumped looking at him,if not for the fact that we ended things I would have being fucking her now .

“go meet your girl Rico ,you can’t keep jerking off “mark said teasingly.

“you know me too well mark “I said and started waking out .

I walked out of the house and getting into my car I drove off .

I arrived at the house and I got in ,I saw Lucy and Sam running around in the garden and I decided not to disturb them but thinking about Lucy sickness I had to turn back .

“bro Rico”Lucy screamed running to hug me .

my little baby sis keeps getting pretty each fucking day “I said and kissed her cheeks softly.

“don’t use the fucking word around me,aunt Anna said I shouldn’t get spoilt “she said gigling and I smiled at the thought of Anna lecturing Lucy .

“bro Rico , about aunt Sonia ,she hasn’t come out of her room since yesterday and I don’t think she had eaten anything “Sam said and I dropped lucy immidiately.

“I would be right bank “I told them and rushed into the house,I knew I wasn’t going to meet ray because he has gone to work .

getting to Sonia room ,I could hear her sniffing,I know even if I calls her she won’t open do I used my own spare key to open the door .

“go away ,I don’t ever want to see you “she said immidiately I entered the room .

I looked at her and I could see the packet of cigratte on the floor and the empty bottles of vodka on the floor.

“Sonia am sorry “I said seating on the bed and grabbing her to meet me and she hug me immidiately.

“Rico you hurt me so much “she said crying on my shoulders while I tapped her softly on her back ,but she suddenly pulled away .

“can I get a kiss ?” she asked looking at me .

“Sonia you know “I tried to explain but she place her hands on my mouth and before I knew she place her lips on mine,she fucking kissed me .

“I pulled her away immidiately but making sure I didn’t hurt her ,but instead she had a smile on her face .

“am okay now Rico,thanks “she said smiling and rushing into the bathroom.

I cleaned my lips ,I just hope Sonia dosen’t do something crazy with it .

unknown .

I walked around making sure no one was seeing me .

thank goodness no cemera where in the corridor .

I rushed towards the place making sure I made no noise but just as I got closer I saw two men guarding the entrance .

I fist my hands angrily,am taking my mom out of this place no matter what it takes me and that stupid sister of mine is going to pay .

I had a really stressful day at work.

it’s not really easy handling this things, I had to go through all the flies and I found out some mistake from the finicial department and I already did call for a meeting because I don’t understand this .

“you really did a nice job ma”Jericho”said looking at me .

“well that’s to you,you made my first day at work Interesting and am looking forward to working with you “I said smiling at him warmly .

I really appreciate Jericho effort,I wondered what I would have done it not for him and I really like the way he kept it professional ,I just hope we continue it this way .

my phone beeped from my pocket and I knew it was a text message .

I picked up my phone from my pocket and click on the message and what I saw made me hook .

“Sonia was kissing Rico and she had her hands around him .

I thought I had moved on but seeing this ,tears started rolling out of my eyes .

tbc .


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