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JUST ONE NIGHT – Episode 44



Just 🌹

One 🍭

Night 🌃

(The night that changed everything 💄)

Episode 44

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Anna .

I watch him enter the car and I cleaned the tears in my eyes,I thought I wouldn’t cry,I had promised myself never to cry but I just couldn’t help it,I miss him so much .

he didn’t even look like someone who missed me,he was even mocking me .

the tingles sensation in-between my legs where something else and I could feel the wetness on my pant .

“why did you break up with him Anna,? you should have listened to him “ray said standing In front of him and cleaning my tears .

“I missed you “was my reply and I hugged him tightly .

from inside the car I could see Rico hard glare on us, but immidiately he saw me starring,he looked away .

“who’s he ?” ray asked looking at Jericho who stood by the car and watching all the drama .

“oh that’s my friend”I replied .

“ray get here and don’t keep me waiting”Rico yelled Angrily from the car .

“let me get going “he said .

“uhmmm ray can I ask you a question ?” I asked making him stop on his track.

“yeah anything anna”he replied .

“the baby with that lady,is it for Rico ?” I asked looking at him with hopes wishing he would just say no .

“the baby is mine and not rico” he replied and I nodded .

I watched them leave and I held a sign of relief,at least his not the father of that kid .

“Anna am running late,let’s get going “Jericho said from where he stood obviously tired of standing .

I walked towards him and getting to the car he, opened the door for me like a perfect gentleman and I smiled to him in appreciation .

as we rode in roads of Texas,my mind went back to my past life,the once nerdy me ,all thanks to my crazy boyfriend who made me this way,stole my first kiss,made me fall helplessly in love with him broke my heart and ended the relationship and yet am still in love with him ..

I wonder why I wasn’t moving on so easily like he did, why am I stuck with him and why did I even fall for a person like him in the first place, I wish I had met someone like Jericho at first,my life wouldn’t have been such a mess now,am so wasted .

I pictured the way he looked at me I’m my head and I clenched my legs together,only his cold looks was making me wet,I wondered why I love the dark aura around him and yet I couldn’t stand him being a mafia .

Rico can be crazy at times and I know that,my thought went to the day he almost shot the lecturer that threw me out of his class and I giglied sweetly .

“Anna “someone called breaking me out if my thoughts and I raised up my head to see Jericho looking at me worridely.

“am sorry “I said coming down .

“are you sure you are okay Anna,you looked so stressed out and please stop thinking about that stupid ex of yours,he doesn’t deserve you one bit “he said.

“his not stupid Jericho”I yelled at him Angrily.

“Anna can’t you see, can’t you see he dosen’t loves you , can’t you see he moved on already, can’t you see he doesn’t even care about your feelings but you are the one here sulking for a guy who dosen’t even gives a damn about you “he yelled at me Angrily.

“you know what Jericho,this should be the last time you ever open your godforsaken mouth to say a word about Rico, I don’t care if he had treated me badly In the past all I know is that he cares about me and let this be the last time you would ever talk about him in such way,you are never gonna be him,am never gonna have anything to do with you,you are not like him and would never be him,you should get that Into your empty skull and let this be the last time I ever set my eyes on you,I don’t wanna see you anymore “I said angrily and breathing hard .

I could see the hurt in his eyes but I can’t let my emotions get into me right now,he needs to understand the fact that I don’t take such trash and without saying a word he drove off .

I didn’t wait ,I walked into my house after opening the door .

I looked around and not finding Clara,I held a sign of relief .

I walked into the bedroom with Rico still in my head .

I needed a quick shower and with that I pulled off my clothes and I walked into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and I enjoyed the cool water on my body .

I washed off all the discharge in between legs but on a second thought I dipped my finger Into my body .

a low moan escaped my mouth as I pushed it out and In just the way Rico thought me .

I picyured him been here and fucking me,I just couldn’t help it .

I pulled off the finger in and out of me the fastest way I can,my breath becoming hard .

I held on to the wall as my way of support and pulling my hands out,my cummed poured out .

I moaned out his name softly and fell to the floor weakly because of how weak and jelly my legs where .

I sat on the garden in the cold night, with my book and pen with me,I don’t just know what I write but with the cool breeze I just feel like writing something .

I thought I would forever be some boring girl, I thought am never gonna get intimate with any guy but with you, everything changed,you are a blessing in disguise,I don’t care if you love me or not but all I know is that I love you and j would forever do .

I looked at the note I had written down and I smiled in satisfaction,I would think about becoming a writer .

I was about joting down something even my phone rang.

I never wanted to pick it,but looking at my screen I quicky picked it up because Anna never calls this late .

“Anna whats wrong ?” I asked as I picked up the call.

“Anna he broke up with me ,that boy is a cheater,he has a baby mama somewhere but he never told me,he cheated on me “she said crying .

“just wait Anna ,am coming over “I replied and hugged up .

I quicky picked up my book and dashed into the house and wearing a trouser and top,I walked out .

clara was seating in the living room and filing her nails as usual.

“what’s are you going ?” she asked .

“like you even care”I replied.

“dad said on no account should you leave the house and that’s what am trying to do,I would just place a call to dad and I would tell him that you are leaving the house “she sais Smiling and standing up .

“I don’t care Clara, nothing freaks me anymore,you can go fuck yourself,I don’t care “I replied and with that I walked out of the house ..

I rode on the road hurridely and within an hour,I got to her house.

Sonia was standing by her door and waiting for me .

“Anna “she called and ran to hug me immidiately she saw me .

“hey what’s wrong “I said tapping her back softly .

” I hate him so much ,I wished I had never met him “she replied crying.

“let’s go in Anna”I said leading her in.

I walked her Into the house and the first person I saw was rikky,he was seating on the couch shitless,it’s been long I lady saw him .

“hi angel “he said immidiately on seeing me .

“so you are at home and your sister was crying ?” I asked looking at him .

“I told her to break up with that jerk but she bluntly refused saying she loved him and couldn’t leave him,so what’s my business if he decided to break up with her “he replied .

“you are so horrible “I said as I went to sit on the chair and Sonia rested her head on my laps .

“Sonia mom called while you were away, she said she wanna see you “rikky said.

“well that’s means I would be going by the weekend,Anna would you come with me , I want you to meet him family ” Sonia said.

“of course I would come along I can’t wait to see your parents”i said and with that we heard a knock on the door .

“I would go get it “rikky said standing up .

rikky opened the door and that dark aura entered immidiately that scent that said it all .

I raised my head to meet Rico hard glare.

“what was he doing here ?” .

tbc .


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