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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

JUST A KID – Episode 29






(No strings attached)

Written: Waleeyat Olajide💓

Episode 29

☎️Rissa!…..if it’s about that tramp,ion wanna hear it! she cut her dad off.

☎️No!no!Dan woke up,he just woke up right now,he replied and she gasped.

☎️ Seriously,oh my! On my way….but is that son of a bi*ch gone? she said and her dad nodded like she could see her.

☎️He is….huh…Whatever! By the time you’ll be here he’ll be gone,he replied.

☎️Okay, I’ll soon be there! She said and hung up.

She packed all the food she made for Dan and headed to the hospital immediately.


I hope you’d tell dam to make a wise decision,no matter how hard she fight_ you yourself know she can’t win against me,so please tell her….the deadline is this, wait what is today? Wednesday right!

Is either she move in with them on Saturday or send one of the kids to me? He said as Mr James walked him out to the corridor.

I’ll like to walk you to your car but I can’t leave the kid for long, thank you for your help,he said and tyson nodded negatively.

You’re getting this wrong, it’s not a help…. it’s my duty to care for my kids,I should be the one to thank you for your troubles,he replied him and Mr James nodded…yeah, goodbye! He said and return to the ward where Dan is.

They must be definitely kidding,they asked me to donate blood and still can’t accept me as his father,that would make me fight harder.

Clarissa stepped out of the car and picked up her continuously ringing phone.

☎️But, why mom? Do you derive joy in troubling my life? she groaned as she picked up.

☎️shut up you wench! What do you mean? My grandson is in danger and you’re telling me not to care,come on dam! she screamed and clarissa moved the phone away from her ear.

I can’t believe this old wi*ch,she’s so loud,she muttered and placed the phone on her ear again.

☎️I told you,He’s okay now! It’s just a mere malnutritious….

☎️What!!!!!! malnutrition….rissa you’re already neglecting your kids,your stay there is not even up to two months, you’re allowing that old devil to make foods for them,that makeup he called food,I think I’ll come over,she chipped in loudly.

☎️ Seeing you still remember the taste of his food,you must be thinking about dad everyday,it’s not too late you can come back together,both of you have no hope,so it’d be a beautiful reunion,she teased.

☎️You’re definitely out of your mind,think about who? that old bastard,no I’m still as beautiful as ever,I’m only refraining myself because of you,he doesn’t deserve me!….don’t you dare change the topic,I’m coming there,she snapped and rissa gnashed her teeth.

Can’t she ever talk silently…just then she bumped into someone and the lunch box came rolling away,hey dam! she heard a familiar voice and smirked.

☎️ I’ll call you back mom,she said.

Is that my mother-in-law? The person which turned out to be tyson said and she bit her lower lip angrily.

☎️ Who’s that dam? Mother-in-law! He called you dam,did you finally get yourself a man? Clarissa! she screamed.

☎️ I’m hanging up! clarissa said

☎️ Don’t you dare! Is this your method of burying this relevant topic? You left me with no choice than to come there…..she couldn’t complete her speech before clarissa hung up.

Pick those up!that’s what a gentleman does, Clarissa said to Tyson pointing at the scattered lunch box.

Too bad….I’m not one! Let it roll to the street,I don’t care_he replied and rissa smirked.

She bent down and pack the lunchbox then made to leave,sorry can you leave my way? she said and he nodded negatively.

We have a lot to talk about,he said and she nodded_ bring it on!she added.

I guess you didn’t know but I’ve told you dad,if you don’t move in before Saturday you’ll…..what about Friday? Are you doing anything on that day? I was planning on moving in on Friday! she said and Tyson’s jaw almost dropped.

What is this evil wi*ch scheming? He thought staring at her.

She placed her hand on his shoulder and move closer,brace yourself boss…she said and immediately hit his groins with her leg.

Argghh! he screamed and fell to the ground,that’s for the lunchbox! You didn’t think I’ll let that go…do you? she smiled creepily.

She stood up and dusted her cloth.

I’d have advise you to avoid me but what do I do? You already invited this doom to your house,she winked and left him rolling on the floor.

She made her way to Dan’s ward with a plain expression on.


Rissa is moving in voluntarily…you say!🙀😵 It’s not too late Tyson you can take back your words😂

Encourage ur writer.. 🙏

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