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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

JUST A KID – Episode 28






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Written:Waleeyat Olajide💓

Episode 28

Sure! Why won’t she? She just went home to make some food for the boy….Mr James replied grinning ear to ear.

Let’s start! He added and Tyson followed him, excuse me nurse….he volunteered to give blood for the kid in ward 03 where’s he gonna get tested? Mr James asked not sure of where they going.

Follow me sir,the nurse said with a big smile and Tyson followed her.

Mr James brought out his phone and dialled rissa’s line which she picked up on the second ring.

☎️What! she said grumpily.

☎️ Don’t you think you should be here now? The transfusion will soon start ,he said and she merely scoffed.

☎️Why should i?I’m not the doctor so I’ll be there once they’re done, call me if that jerk leave,I can’t afford seeing his monstrous face,she said angrily.

☎️Rissa, don’t be like this… I’m done here! are you?she cut him off and he cleared his throat.

☎️ I’m saying after the transfusion, don’t you think tyson is gonna be weak,make his some sou….you’ve got to be kidding me!she chipped in and hung up.

This girl and her nasty temper!he snorted staring at the phone.

Mr James,he heard and looked up seeing a nurse standing at his front,yeah! He replied.

The doctor asked to come to his office,she said and he nodded, thanks! He added as the nurse walked away.

He made his way hastily to the doctor’s office and knocked…yes,you can come in! He heard the doctor faint voice and entered.

Mr James!you can have your seat…she smiled and he did so.

I thought you should know about the process,their blood matched and the transfusion would soon begin,she said and he clutched his hand together tightly.

After the transfusion,they were both moved to the ward….Dan was still asleep when Mr James entered but tyson was pressing his phone on the bed.

Oh my! Are you okay? He asked and scrambled to his side.

Sure….managing! He replied and Mr James sat on the chair beside his bed.

Good you’re here! Tyson said and dropped his phone on the bed,Mr James nodded and paid attention to him.

The witch won’t listen but I’ll like you to warn her before I filed a lawsuit against her….Mr Alberto,don’t you think you can’t call my daughter a witch to my face? Mr James cut tyson off politely.

Sorry but she behaves like one…sorry! He apologized and continued.

I’ll like to have my kids in my custody,but she’s refusing after all they are my kids as well,she should be ready to separate the kids if she can’t move in with me,he said seriously.

Mr James was really happy rissa would finally have a chance to love but he can’t just support him like that.

Mr Alberto, don’t you think it’s rude? He said and Tyson smirked”what”

You don’t know how the kids grew up for the past five years,they are turning six soon…you can’t just claim them from their single mother that raise them with love, that’s enough to make her hate you,you don’t have any romance story with their mother,so it’s practically two strangers living together,he said and tyson bit his lower lips.

Do you still want to do this? As you know my daughter…I won’t want to call her crazy myself,she’s cold and extremely difficult_even she doesn’t open up to me , it’s gonna be so hard living with her,if you’ll think twice I’ll ask you to let the sleeping dog lies coz this is like inviting doom on yourself,he added and he kept mute for a second before breathing in.

I’ll like to have them by my side,it feel good to know a part of me is growing somewhere,I love the twins and vice versa, they’re gonna be happy to have me as their dad_about the wit…..sorry rissa,I’ll take care of her myself! He replied and they heard some groans.

Dan! Dan! They both called as he opened his eyes.


Okay…will you advise Tyson to live with rissa?🤔


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