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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

JUST A KID – Episode 27






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Written:Waleeyat Olajide💓

Episode 27

Clarissa pushed tyson out of the way and rushed outside of the building hastily,Dan why? What’s the issue with you?she uttered inaudibly as she entered her car and drove off like a crazy woman.

Tyson stood up from the ground contemplating on going or not,I shouldn’t since i didn’t drive her there, I have no excuse_ being the type of person Clarissa is she wouldn’t enter his car even if he offered to help.

What will I say when I get there? this is crazy! He’s my son as well…why would I be denied of my fatherly right?! It’s not like she told me she was pregnant back then and I ignored her so why would she do this to me? He banged his fist on the table loudly.

If I decided to give up,there would never be a situation that would make this wi*ch come to me for help,she’d rather die than do such!he smirked and took his seat on the swivel chair.

I have to keep on trying, it’s not over until it’s over!

Clarissa nearly flew outta the car before parking it,she rushed inside the hospital when she saw a familiar figure in the hallway.

Dad! she called and Mr James faced her,she nearly fell down out of breathe but her father helped her sit on the chair in front of the ward.

He sat beside her and patted her back,easy girl! He’s a champ he won’t get sick for you,he smiled at her and she only nodded looking damn worried.

What do I do rissa? Dan hasn’t been eating and I think that is why he passed out,I think american dishes are strange to him,he would only pick on it and dropped the fork when he’s done, I’ll pack some for him to take to school but he’ll return with it in the afternoon again and again,I was meaning to tell you but you are way too busy.

The only day I saw him eating was when you made the Korean dish tteo…tte…I don’t know,it was the day you made it for them_he really ate them,her dad explained and she held her forehead frustratingly.

You should have told me dad,you should have….gimbap is what I can make in a minute gukbap as well,if that would take a lot of time there’s kimchi pancake, kimchi fried rice ,that tteokbokki as well,he like spicy ramen_i’ll have made everything for him but I thought he’s coping with the foods that why you didn’t tell coz naturally Dan is picky,she said and huffed angrily.

I’m sorry dear,he said and patted her back continuously.

Some moments later the doctor came out to them after examining Daniel,what wrong with him? Clarissa said and sprang up.

Good day Mr James,it’s been a while! The female doctor greeted and and nodded,yeah doc! How have you been….can you postpone the meet and greet please and tell me what’s wrong with my son? Clarissa hollered and they both flinched.

Sorry doc that’s how my daughter is she has a bad temper,Mr James said and she nodded.

I understand but did you have a daughter?I thought it was…..YAH, AHJUMMA!!!!!(hey! lady) Clarissa screamed and the doctor immediately opened the file.

He had malnutrition and short of blood,we would have done the transfusion but his blood type is very scarce (0 Negative) so we were planning on examining his family blood if it matches then we can…..darn it! Clarissa muttered before the doctor can finish her statement and sank on the chair.

We would test your blood now so Mr James catch you later,the doctor said and headed to her office.

What’s the issue rissa? Her dad said immediately the doctor left, you’re not 0 Negative dad neither am i,only mom is but she’s not here, what do I do?

Yeah that….she muttered and raised her head,over my dead body…I won’t call him,she muttered and her father held her hand tightly.

Who rissa? Who are you talking about?

Dad…tell me! she drawled and her father yelled.

Darn it_there’s no way it’d make sense but Tyson is their father,she said and his name sound strange in her mouth,it’s probably the first time he’s calling it.

What,ty…what! Oh! Oh! Which Tyson did you know any tyson here? Her father asked unable to believe his ear.

Alberto….Tyson Alberto,the same tyson you knew,she shrugged and his jaw dropped.

The Alberto’s,you have their kids_no, wait you’re kidding right?that’s not possible! where did you meet him? How come you have kids for him? did he raped you? You did it voluntarily? Rissa!! Her dad bombarded her with a lot of questions and she scoffed.

Stop the melodrama! I’m not a kid…darn it!she glared at him angrily and Mr James gulped in nothing.

But, still you need to explain! He said lowly and rolled his eyes.

Dad I made this decision because i thought I won’t meet this jerk again but fate is against me,I even recognized him the first time we met,I don’t know how he pulled his strings as well_he found out and claimed his kids but dad the kids are mine and mine alone.

I hate marriage dad, I’ve never dated in my life,I don’t know what love is! But me giving my kids love and they showing it back to me,I’m more than contented!she sobbed and her father hugged her still in shock.

Is this how people meet? This is really unbelievable,he mumbled patting her back.

Clarissa wriggle out of the hug and held her father’s hand,dad I have an idea_lets call mom! she’ll be here in no time ,I don’t wanna have anything to do with the jerk,she said apologetically.

No rissa! This is not a matter of calling your mom, let’s call tyson…anything can happen in a minute,don’t regret not calling him_please sunflower! Her father replied and she nodded negatively.

I hate him,ion want him to meddle with our life,it’s just malnutrition dad nothing will happen to dan huh! she said fearfully and her father shook her up.

Get a grip Clarissa,get rid of this fear you called hatred!me and your mother had the worst relationship ever…yeah,so what! Does that mean you’ll pass through the same thing? No! I always feel bad and guilty rissa_ guilty for the fact that I made you like this,we made you like this!

But you have to stepped on the past and walk into a clearer dawn,give yourself a chance to be happy daughter,you deserve that….stop being strict with yourself,be happy! Her father said strictly and she shed uncontrollable tears.

Please,you have all the right to love,you’ve restrain yourself too much….way too much! It’s time for you to be happy,Tyson must have passed through the same thing to make him like that,no one is born as a monster but what we passed through make us one or not,which we can definitely correct_if we turn to one,you can help him rissa and he can help you,I won’t want anything that can hurt you to happen,I want the best for you_he said and she kept on crying.

Call him! she said in tears and grabbed her bag heading out of the hospital,what a pitiful soul! Her father muttered staring at her as she composed herself again looking as cold as ever.

He brought out his phone hastily and dialled Tyson’s number which he picked up Immediately.

☎️ Tyson Alberto on the line, what can I do for you sir? He said from the other side knowing who it was,the contract was supposed to be between them before Clarissa took over.

☎️Mr Alberto, can I see you for a moment in the country hospital??

Good day! Tyson greeted Mr James and he walked down the hallway sighting him in front of the door.

Good day Mr Alberto! It very rude of me to summon you like this,I’m so sorry for not being able to help it! he said politely and tyson nodded negatively.

I will like to go straight to the point my daughter told me what transpired between both of you, I’m sorry it has to happen like that,Mr James said and Tyson smile.

The twins are your kids and one is sick right now so your help is needed, your son need your help,he explained further.

I was coming already but the wi*ch…sorry Miss Efron stopped me, Tyson controlled himself immediately.

He needed some blood_Hope you won’t mind if your blood is tested? The old man asked reluctantly but Tyson’s reply shocked him.

Sure! Why not? If I can’t donate it to my son who would I donate it for? He replied and Mr James felt on top of the world.

Thanks Mr Alberto! He appreciated him delightfully.

But did the wi*ch approved of this?


Stoppeet Tyson 😂 wi*ch!

Mr James is awesome 💥


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