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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

JUST A KID – Episode 26






(No strings attached)

Written: Waleeyat Olajide💓

Episode 26

It was a sullen morning for clarissa as she dragged her feet down the bed,she tiredly slipped her feet in the slippers and then stood up from the bed.

She headed downstairs firstly without doing anything,the house was was too silent so she predicted her father has taken the kids to school.

She took her seat on the dining table and dragged the single tray closer,she was exceptionally hungry so she couldn’t help it _it’s been a while she ate at home and alone so it felt weird.

Clarissa uncovered it and it was the regular type of breakfast, scrambled eggs with slice bread accompanied with a cup of steaming hot tea.

Wow,I really needed this! she mumbled and picked up the cup of tea…she blew some air at it before taking a sip,job well done pa! she hummed at the taste of the milky with less sugar tea.

Anyone who see her face will doubt it’s her coz the pride there is nowhere to be found,she was really down and doing things the other way around coz she hardly take breakfast,her hygiene is her number one priority she would never take anything in that mouth of her’s without washing up,she was actually surprised at herself.

I guessed this is the real me that I don’t wanna accept,she smirked and chew on her bread slowly.

After a while she finished the whole meal and stood up heading back upstairs,I really hate to face him but I have no choice than to,I’ve gotta annulled the contract.

She came back downstairs looking like the real “Clarissa dam Efron” her gaze was now cold again and sharp.

I’ve gotta do this quick she said and stepped outta the house,oh darn this sh”t! she cussed under her breathe seeing her dad took her car out,where did he even see key? she smirked staring at the gate.

Just like luck is by her side,the gate opened automatically and he drove in the white Lexus, God save your a”s old man!she huffed out loudly.

Hey girl! you must have been waiting for me,her dad said smiling knowing she’s damn angry right now as he stepped out of the car,he threw the key at her which fell on the floor.

She smirked and bend down,she took the key and glared hard at him as she approached the car.

Good morning Dad! She greeted getting to his side and he patted her hair before paving way for her.

She entered the car and ignited the engine,Mr James waved at her as she zoomed off.

Easy girl!!!! He hollered and she honked loudly at him.

Good morning!your boss is in there I guess? Clarissa said to the receptionist and she nodded.

But first I need to ask if he…..the receptionist couldn’t finish her words before she barged inside.

Tyson wasn’t suprised to see her,he knew she’s bound to come_nothing can stop her from cancelling the contract.

She took her seat in front of him and they both stare at each other, eyeballs to eyeballs!

Look Mister,I’m not her for some staring contest,you know what I’m here for….is there any file to sign? she spoke up after a while.

Sure! Tyson said and rummaged his drawer before bringing out a white, neat sheet of paper,he placed it on the table and she drew it closer.

She was looking for her pen when her eyes caught something on the paper,it’s not the cancellation file….it’s something else she knew and picked it up alas it was the result of the DNA test of tyson and the twins which was 99.9% matched.

Clarissa smirked and the next thing she did was to tore it,she threw the piece of paper on tyson_ Dream on…who cares anyway? She said and laughed sarcastically.

Tyson nodded and brought out the real file, which she was tryna sign before her phone started ringing,she dropped the pen on the file then picked-up.

☎️ Hello! Clarissa dam Efron on….she was saying and went silent for a while.

☎️ Sorry, you said what! she arched her brow and stood up almost immediately,okay I’ll be in the hospital in a minutes time! she said and hung up Immediately she started dialling another number Immediately.

☎️ Dad meet me in the country hospital,Dan fainted at school I’m headed there right now.

Wait…who? My son! Tyson said and she smiled angrily before facing him,does this look like the perfect time to joke around?! she yelled angrily at him.

Tyson stood up and picked his car key before rushing towards the door, Clarissa dragged him back by his collar before rubbing her forehead aggressively.

Sorry, ahjussi(mister) are you normal? Where do you think you’re going? she arched her brow.


The last line got me laughing 😂


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