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JUST A KID – Episode 25






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Written:Waleeyat Olajide💓

Episode 25

Clarissa entered the car after some moments in ultimate anger.

She has bad driving skill but it was worse tonight, she’s nearly colliding with everything in her way, anyone who fear for their life quickly move out of her way.

She was only picturing how to kill Tyson in her head,the hatred he had for him only grew deeper tonight.

That bastard son of a bi”ch,how dare him? Did i told him I had a kids for him,what gave him the audacity to claim my children? she huffed frustratingly.

Why will they be his? She did that because she hate men,they are all scum….her dad may be the best dad to her,he’s literally the worst husband to her mom.

Why can’t she be just left alone? She’s happy with her kids and her father, he’s more like and intruder if he decided to join the family.

The gate opened and she drove in before parking the car roughly.

It’s more like she hopped out of the car…. barefooted,she took off the stilettos inside the car already.

She dragged the long red gown inside the house angrily, luckily for her her dad and children are not in the living room again,even if they were she won’t pay attention to them.

Unknowingly Mr James was waiting for her in the dinning but she didn’t notice and by that time her eyes were already teary,she thought she’s doing a great job holding them back but it’s flowing endlessly,all her make-up are ruined and she walked upstairs hastily.

The old man was taken aback with shock seeing tears on her daughter’s face,since she has clocked ten this is the first time he’s seeing tears on the stone-hearted girl’s face.

What can ever happened? Was she threatened with her kids? The old man thought and made his way towards Clarissa’s room,he knew it was a wrong idea to go to her when she’s angry but he can’t just leave his daughter alone like that.

Clarissa took off the red gown roughly,she nearly ripped it off in the process,she wore a blues short and a white singlet before taking her seat before the mirror,seeing her face she was also shocked as well but she denied reality”it’s only sweat” she muttered and took off the make up.

His nonsense won’t make me weak,she said inaudibly and laid gently on her bed with her face buried in the pillow.

He only brought back the bad memories of her young self,when her father and mom would yell at each other, throw harmful objects at each other,they both got hurt on different occasions making her cry her heart out in the garden or inside her room in a corner.

She doesn’t want to have that brutal relationship, seeing the type of person tyson was… she’s bound to have the same fate if she had anything to do with him.

Her tears flow out endlessly and she made some sounds which made her father knew she’s still crying,he couldn’t help but to just enter her room.

She noticed someone entered and she sat up immediately cleaning her eyes,dad, you aren’t asleep? she tried sound bold but her voice betrayed her and it cracked.

He merely say beside her on the bed and took her hands,you can cry….let it all out,scream and disorganize your room,you are a human not a tree,a normal human cries a lot and it doesn’t make the weak, sometimes you just have to let it all out,so rissa let it all out huh! he said rubbing her hand and and she sniffled.

Dad, it’s okay I’m not….she couldn’t finish her statement before her dad hugged her and patted her back,all the tears came rolling down immediately.

Dad…I don’t need him,I don’t want him,I hate him,I wish he could stay away from me! she yelled admist the cries.

It’s okay rissa,it’s okay huh! He said and patted her back.

She cried a lot and wet her dad’s cloth with it, after a while he couldn’t hear her sniffing again,he smiled knowing she’s asleep.

The moment reminded him of how she’s gonna run to the garden after he fought with her mother when she’s still young,she cried a lot and he’ll persuade her just this way, she’ll fell asleep and he will make her laid down admist the flowers.

he gently made her lay on the bed and cover her with a duvet,sleep tight doll! He said and smiled before heading out of the room.


Me I pity rissa😪


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