JULIUS BEGGER … (18+) … Part 1

I had a lot of difficulty with my education because my father’s job kept transferring him from one place to another and that made me repeat classes a lot.

I enrolled into a new school and turned out to be one of the oldest male in the school (there were three of us who were of the same age range). But among us three, i looked the oldest because I matu red pretty fast.
Thanks to genes. Even at over 6 feet, I already had loads of facial and chest hair and was fully developed. I neither hanged around my class mates nor made friends. Not Because i was older or a snub but because I was an introvert and a man of few words.
In my hostel, there was a guy called Julius whom we nick named “Julius Begger”. This was because Julius Begged alot. He always seemed to be In one lack or another. Another thing about Julius was that he was a mischief. He was fond of always cracking dirty sexual jokes ( most of them on homosexuality ) and I detested that. He was also fond of touching guys on their private part and running away.
Julius was smallish In stature, quite good looking And very bright. He was the library prefect and had quite a good grasp of knowledge. Julius was also fond of Nick naming people and I wasn’t spared. He called me “papa gorilla” (cos of my huge hairy stature) and it stuck like glue.

One evening, i had just taken my bath in the hostel and was at my locker trying to moisturize my body when Julius came with a cup begging for milk. He was butt naked (another norm In same-sex dormitory). He joked about offering anyone who gave him milk a blow job and everyone laughed.
“papa gorilla you sef shake body small nah…don’t be stingy “ he said to me.
As I told him to put some clothes on, Julius, with the speed of a cat, grabbed my dick and bolted for the door.
he screamed.

“Papa gorilla prick na king Kong…..my God!!!! Which kain prick you get? And the tin never stand” . He looked genuinely surprised at my dick.
True; My dick is way above your regular “big dick” And even at that age, it had fully developed like the rest of my body.
At the time, the only girl I have attempted to fuck was my pastors daughter but she had severe difficulty taking me and always complained about pains.
“the Kain style wey go fit Papa gorilla prick na monkey style o” he said mockingly.

I was so embarrassed.
“which one be monkey style again?”
a hostel mate asked Julius.
“show us…make we see the style”
another person asked.
Julius being his usual self, didn’t hesitate. He dropped his cup, laid on the hostel floor, swung his legs with such easy flexibility that his both feet locked behind his head. He now parted his ass with both hands revealing the redness of his man hole.

“papa gorilla….papa gorilla….ahhhhhssshhhh….oohh…..aaahhh fuck me” he moaned as he mimicked getting ass fucked.
“bone to bone (a slang for homosexuality) “ the whole hostel jeered at him.
The fact was that nobody took Julius serious. He was just doing his usual rubbish and that was good entertainment.
But something really strange occurred.

As i watched him take that position and saw his hole, my dick swelled with automatic vengeance. I immediately turned around and pressed my dick so hard on my locker so that nobody would notice. I forced myself to remove the picture of his hole from my mind but it was impossible.

I took another look at him and even though he had stood up, he had a sort of look in his eyes that made me feel he knew I was turned on.
I began breathing so heavy as I crushed my dick on my locker while pretending to be going through my bag. I must have been pressing my dick so hard because suddenly, i felt hot cum ooze out from my swollen prick and wetting my thighs. If not for my big towel I wonder what my hostel mates would say if they saw sperm dropping on the floor.
“papa gorilla abeg nah” Julius was now literally behind me. I just stuck my hand into my bag and gave him my whole tin of powered milk.

“everything????” He asked
“yes. Just take it and go” I said rudely trying to dismiss him. My towel was soaked up with cum and the last thing i wanted was to be caught.
“igweeeeee!!!!” he hailed as he prostrated before me. “no mind these stingy people” he said; Referring to other hostel guys . “no worry I go give you nyash fuck” he said as he looked into my eyes and smiled. My dick began swelling madly again and I quickly turned to do my poor acting with my bag.

Since that day, I don’t know if I was stalking Julius or he was stalking me because we seemed to be in the same place at the same time even during school hours. We never said a word to each other. Just eye contact.
One night, there was a heavy down pour and the whole hostel was in darkness due to the power outage. Students (myself inclusive) where fetching rain water pouring from the roof in their buckets.

There was a bright flash of lightening and in that instant, I caught Julius standing at the other end of the patio area looking at me. My heart skipped. The hostel as well as the patio area was very noisy from students which appeared like shadows in the cold night arguing and singing under the deafening roar of the rain. I could see the shadow of Julius go into the hostel through the entrance close to him and shortly after he appeared.

Julius didn’t look at me. He simply walked into the rain and seemed to slowly vanish into the heavy down pour. Call it instinct or reflex actions but I knew I had to follow him. As i stepped into the cold rain, my eyes never left the shadow that was wandering further into the cold wet night.
My head screamed “go back” but I knew for certain there was no going back. My feet now had a mind of their own and with each step I took, the noise from the hostel seemed to fade. The rain drops felt like sharp needles on my skin as the heavens flashed with blinding lightening and raged with thunder. My feet weren’t the only thing in my body that had a mind of their own…my dick was now fully erect (no thanks to the image of his man cunt that was still tattooed in my head) and was so charged that i was forced to grip it to stop it from ripping itself out of my body and running ahead of me.

As i walked, all there was ; was the rhythm of my slippers on the wet mud, the thumping of my heart in my chest and the rain.
When i saw the shadow make a turn and suddenly disappeared into a corner, it dawned on me where I was. I was standing in front of the school library which was almost a 12 minutes walk from the hostel. It felt like i teleported or did some vanishing trick to get to my location because I could swear there was no way I could cover such distance in what felt like seconds.

Soaked to my bones with a dick of steel , I stepped into the dark library like a predator ready to sniff out its prey. There was a bright flash of lightening once again from the sky god and the whole library was lit with blinding white yellow light. Immediately, I saw him. Leaning on a desk on few meters away from me.


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