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It All Started
With a
(And now I love him )
*CHAPTER 38 **
(Don’t copy or repost )

Patty was angrily moping the floor, she couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday when Nathan declared his love for Betty in public while she had been here all this while, why didn’t he see her
Betty was coming out of her room with a trash bin and a maid rushed to collect it from her
“Ma’am you can’t do this anymore” the maid said
“But I’m totally fine with it” Betty shurgged
“But ma’am..
“Don’t worry, not because I’m dating Nathan I won’t stop doing my job” Betty said with a sweet smile
The maid nodded and slowly let go of the trash can
Patty fist was tightly clenched
“Hey Patty” Betty smiled, coming to her and Patty had to force a smile on her face
“Congrats on your relationship with young master, you’re really lucky” Patty said
“Nah it’s nothing, don’t worry we can still be friends” Betty said
“Sure we are. Um I just wanna get something from across the street” Patty smiled and left
Betty just sighed and continued what she was doing

Outside the store, Patty kept cursing at nothing as she was walking, she heard footsteps of someone following her
She turned back sharply and saw nothing, she continued walking front and was having some strange feelings, she got scared and started running till she got to a corner
But unknown to her, behind her someone covered her mouth forcefully with a napkin making her pass out, they took her to a car and drove off

The car arrived at a very big mansion and by then Patty had already woken up, the men holding her forcefully took her in
A woman wearing red long dress was backing her and facing the window
“Knee” she ordered
The men forced Patty on her knees
“I know you work for Nathan and I’ll just give you a simple task” the woman said still backing the wall
“Who are you” Patty stuttered in fear
“Well that’s not important, I must have my revenge first” she said
“And if you fail to do what I’m about to ask of you,my boys will blast your head” she said again and immediately two guns were pointed at Patty’s head
“Please I’ll do anything don’t kill me, don’t kill me” Patty whimpered in fear
Slowly a dark smirk form it’s way to the woman’s lips
“Freddy Shane, you are late for maths class why?” The math lecturer asked
Freddy scratched the back of his neck with an awkward smile
“If you continue like these then I’m afraid that you might drop down in this subject” the lecturer said
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry this won’t repeat itself again” Freddy apologized
“Hope so, now go sit” the lecturer said
Freddy glanced at Leo who was sitting with a girl
“Ahem, it’s boys and girls,, find a girl to sit with” the lecturer said
Freddy glanced at Evelyn who was sitting alone and writing, he went to sit beside her
Some girls were now staring at them and murmuring somethings
“Hey” Freddy called but she ignored him and continue writing
“Eve” he called again but still nothing
“Why have you been giving me this cold treatment, what is it I’ve done wrong?” Freddy asked
“Well nothing” she finally spoke
“You didn’t do anything wrong it’s me, it’s just me I’m the one who’s wrong don’t you get it” Evelyn said to him
“Listen Freddy our relationship ends here, I owe you nothing and you owe me nothing so do me this favor and don’t talk to me, our line has ended from here so let it be like before, I don’t know you and you don’t know me with” Evelyn said and felt something dropped on her book
It was now she realized that she had been crying
“Evelyn you-
She stood up and rushed out if the class, leaving Freddy in confusion again

Evelyn bumped into Regina on her way out and they both stared at each other for a while
“You’re crying why?” Regina asked
“Does it looks like I’m crying, well I’m not” Evelyn cleaned her face and rushed out
“Could it be because of Freddy, could it be that she saw Freddy and I….
Regina gasped, using her hands to cover her mouth
“I forgot about Freddy’s girlfriend, what were you thinking Regina, I better apologize to her” she muttered to herself

Cindy was pouring some bear inside glass cups, she took them inside a tray and served to some customers
A paper suddenly hit her head and she turned to see Adam signalling her to come, she rolled her eyes and went to him
“Why! What do you want?” She asked flatly
“Just a simple request please help me” he pleaded
“Go on?”
“Please call Betty and tell her to visit for a while” he said
“Why?” Cindy asked
“Well you see I kinda like her and miss her, Ion know why I didn’t realize this earlier” Adam said
“Betty use to have a crush on you but I’m sure-
“I’m sure shell still have, please love k for a way to make her come back to us, back to me please” he pleaded
“Fine, I’ll see if there’s anything I can do” Cindy said and a huge smile appeared on Adam face

{Guess what} Cindy said on phone
{What, make it quick} Betty replied flatly
{Well I just discovered that Adam is in love with you, your crush loves you} Cindy smiled
{Um, don’t use the word crush again, I think it was little and it has past now} Betty said
{What do you mean} Cindy asked
{Well my heart now beats for someone else} Betty said
{Who, Nathan} Cindy said happily
{Well yeah, I discovered that I love him and he loves me too} Betty said
{Woah, I knew it gosh this is too much} Cindy gushed
{Um can you please help me apologize to Adam, tell him I can’t love him back, tell him I’m sorry} Betty said
{Okay then,hope he won’t get too hurt} Cindy replied
“Greetings young master”
Immediately Betty heard the maids voice, she smiled
{My boo is here, I’m hanging up now} she hanged up and rushed to him
“Mi cutie pie” Nathan kissed her lips in public
“I miss you” Betty blushed
“Regina isn’t home?” He asked
“Nah, she says she gonna sleep in her dorm tonight until she sees her results” Betty shurgged
“Okay then” Nathan said, he held her hand and walked her to his room
After changing to his night cloth, he met a delicious food on his table and Betty was smiling
“I’ll eat only if we eat together” he said
“Sure then, come” Betty grabbed his hand and sat him down, she sat on his laps and began feeding him and he fed her to
Occasionally he would peck her lips and cheek till they finish eating
“One more surprise” Nathan said and Betty closed her eyes
He put something on her hands, she opened her eyes and saw a black credit card
“Huh, what’s this for??” Betty asked
“For you to go shopping with Regina and Bella, you’ll be starting work in the company next week” Nathan replied

To be continued…


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