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It All Started
With a
(And now I love him )
(Don’t copy or repost )

“The deal was tomorrow” Betty stuttered
“Yes it was tomorrow but with what happened today, I don’t wanna keep it a secret anymore” Nathan said
“But even if we go public tomorrow they will be no difference, please let’s to it now cutie pie” Nathan pleaded cutely
“Let me first shower” Betty muttered in a tiny voice as she went to the bathroom
Few minutes later she was already in Nathan shirt and kept dragging it down
“Let it go, it can’t adjust anymore length” Nathan chuckled
“Okay but I I..
“Nothing let’s go” he grabbed her hand and went out of the room
“Babe please let me just rehearse what I’ll say” Betty kept pleading and pulling herself backwards
“Quit that shit” he grabbed her to the living room
“I want everyone present here right now!” Nathan ordered when he got to the living room
Some maids were starting to rush in, the door opened and Regina entered with Betty
“Where have you been?” Nathan asked her
“Church why?” Regina answered flatly
“Church?? So it’s now you remeber God” Nathan said and Regina pouted
“What’s the occasion?” Bella asked
“Well I’m gonna announce something and I want you all to hear me” Nathan said and then cleared his throat
He intertwined his fingers with Betty and raised it up
Right now, you can hear some maids gasping even Regina was smiling happily
“Betty and I are couples she’s my love, my heart, my soul my life my everything, I hope you guys can respect her” Nathan said openly
Some maids were smiling, some where clapping
“I sensed this earlier” the maid from earlier said
“Yeah when two people are in love, they can’t hide their chemistry” another maid said
Patty was trying her very best not to cry, right now she’s feeling so heartbroken, really heartbroken and angry very angry, she left before anyone could notice her pail face

Regina and Bella rushed to where Betty and Nathan were standing
I knew it, sometimes I won’t see you inside you’re room. Gosh I’m so happy” Regina hugged Betty tight
“How about after I pass my exam, we’ll go shopping together?” Regina asked happily
“And me to??” Bella chirped in
“Of course, I’ll also get you some cloth” Regina smiled
Bella squeeled happily
“That’s enough I need her” Nathan scooped Betty in his arms to the dinning table
“I don’t really need a personal maid anymore, we are all family yunno now that you are my girlfriend” Nathan said and Betty frowned
“If I don’t work as your maid then what will I do?”
“You’ll work as my PA so I can see your face everytime cutie pie” he pecked her lips
“Thanks Nathan, I seriously don’t deserve all this love and kindness” Betty teared up
“Come on babe you’re kind enough to come into my life and made me fall in love with you,, I’m so grateful for that” he kissed her cheeks
Some maids came to put some delicious food and left with a smile on their faces. They were happy to see their master smiling once again
“Boom” Regina suddenly appeared at Betty’s back
“I wasn’t scared” Betty smiled
“Whatever” Regina rolled her eyes and sat down, she took her cutleries and began eating
“You see earlier, I poured my hear out to God hoping I’ll pass my exam and now this wonderful news” Regina smiled
“Shh.. shut up and eat your food” Nathan hushed her off while she pouted
“Fine then tell me how come you’re wearing Nathan’s shirt,, did you guys…”
“Didn’t your brother told you to shut up” Betty hushed her
“Fine. Zip” Regina smiled, using her hand to zip her mouth as if there was an imaginary zipper there
Nathan and Betty kept stealing glances at themselves and smiling

Freddy escorted Regina to her exam Hall, he hugged her one more time before she entered
He sighed and started walking front, groups of girls were shaking him as he was walking
He seriously don’t know how he became popular
“Hey Evelyn” he called when he saw her heading to her classroom
That girl had been avoiding him after she gave him this killer looks and he didn’t know why
Evelyn kept walking fast, not wanting to look back at him
“Evelyn I’m calling you” Freddy ran after her and grabbed her arm, pulling her close
“What Freddy? Why are you still calling me. Our deal is over I’ve passed my math test and you’re finally with Regina so I don’t see any use if me anymore” she said and forcefully freed herself from Freddy’s grip and then ran off
Freddy looked at her, feeling confused for a while before shrugging

Three hours later****
Regina came out of the exam Hall with a shaky sigh, she smiled when she saw Freddy waiting for her outside
“Hey” Freddy moved towards her and hugged her
“How was it?” He asked as they started walking to the school park
“Well I did my very best, let’s just hope I pass” Regina smiled
“I believe in you” Freddy said to her
“Thanks let’s sit” Regina said and both if them sat down on the long bench
They both sat in silence but it felt very comfortable until Freddy decided to make a move
“Regina” he called softly and she slowly looked at him and then hands when she saw him intertwined their fingers together, she then looked at him confusedly
“I’ve always wanted to say this both I didn’t know how” he sighed and licked his lips
“What do you wanna say?” Regina asked
“Well you see Regina, I’m in love with you” he finally dropped the bombshell and Regina eyes widened
“I know I’m to forward but I couldn’t help it” Freddy said
“Freddy I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this” Regina said softly
“I get it, you don’t feel the same way but we can still be friends right?” He asked
“Of course sure we will still be friends” Regina nodded with a smile
“Okay one tiny favor before you go?” He asked
“A kiss please” he pleaded
“Fine then, one kiss wouldn’t hurt” Regina pulled him close and slowly captured his lips
Evelyn happened to be passing by, she saw what was happening and she doesn’t look happy about this at all

To be continued….


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