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It All Started
With a
(And now I love him )
*CHAPTER 36 **
(Don’t copy or repost )

“What Regina??” Nathan asked and Betty nodded
“Ion know what they want from her, she was the one they were holding” Betty said
“Where’s Regina now?” Nathan sighed
“Inside her room” Betty said
“I’ll go see her” Nathan said before leaving his room
He went to Regina’s room and met her sitting on her bed and looking down
“Sis” he called softly and she looked up
“Bro” she smiled faintly
“I heard what happened earlier and don’t worry, big bro would look into it okay??” He cooed and she nodded
“If not because of Betty I wonder what would have happened she was really cool out there” Regina smiled
“Really tell me more” Nathan said as he sat beside her
“She fought with those three men and even threatened them with their own gun” Regina said
“Wow” Nathan smiled inwardly feeling proud of her

Bella and Betty were in the maid lounge, they were watching TV together
“Ohh look this is the part when Bryan kiss Cassandra” Bella squeeled but Betty was busy giggling and chatting on her phone
“Awwnn” Bella gushed and looked at Betty who was still pressing her phone and laughing to herself
“What’s wrong, who are you chatting with??” Bella asked
“Hmm” Betty looked at her
“We’re you saying something look Bryan is kissing Cassandra again” Betty smiled fakely
“Give me your phone” Bella dragged the phone from Betty and ran
“Give it back Bella” Betty chased after her
“Never knew you were Chung li the street fighter 2 my love” Bella shouted the text message
“Bella!” Betty shouted when they reached the door
The door opened, Nathan and Xavier stepped in
“Bella” Betty shouted again but this time was in panic
Before Bella could stop, she slipped and fell
“Arghhhh” Xavier screamed when Bella was about falling on him, there was a loud thud and it was already to late
A loud thud was heard, Betty looked down to see Xavier and Bella lying on the ground
“What the hell…” Xavier cursed as he managed to stand up
“Help me up” Bella stretched her fat hands and he helped her up
“I’m sorry” she said shyly
“Next time be more careful” Xavier scoffed before turning his gaze to Betty
“Betty” he smiled and moved to hug her but Nathan held him back
“Haha,come let me show you what I called you here for” he said, dragging Xavier to his room
He turned back to wink at Betty while she gave him a warm smile
“Who’s that?” Bella asked smiling
“Who you mean Xavier” Betty grinned
“No don’t you dare-
“You like Xavier haha” Betty laughed and started running too with Bella chasing after her

Patty went to Betty’s room, her gaze fell on the plate of food that Betty planned to eat as her dinner
“I can’t just sit here and watch you still what’s mine” she muttered and brought out a white substance inside a bottle
She smiled wickedly before pouring it inside, not leaving a drop so before any one could see her, she hurriedly left

“Nathan” Betty giggled
“Stop I need to eat in hungry” Betty laughed while pushing Nathan off her
“You’re hungry?? You can eat this” he pointed his d**k and Betty laughed again
“You’re crazy let me go” she rushed to the door but Nathan grabbed her and they both fell on the bed
“Nathan” Betty laughed but he pinned her on the bed
“I’m not letting you go, hope you remember we are still going public on Monday??” He said
Betty sighed before nodding
“Let me go so I can prepare myself” she said
“If you don’t I’m gonna beat you up” she warned
Nathan released her and stood
“Let’s see what you’ve got Chung li” he said stretching his arms
Betty stood up too
“Okay then, here I come” she ran and pass under his arm
“The fuck..” Nathan cursed when she opened the door and ran out, sticking her tounge out at him
Nathan mouth opened but he just chuckled and shook his head

Betty got to her room and locked the door
Yes she love Nathan, she really do, she smiled and rested on her door, placing her hand on her chest and feeling her heartbeat
“I love you Nathan, I’m willing to go public with you on Monday” she said to herself
Her tummy grumbled and she sighed, after showering and changing, she took her food and began eating
“I’m feeling sleepy” she muttered and walked slowly to her bed
She hadn’t even eaten much, she just abandoned it and yawned loudly before falling on her bed
“Bye Betty we’re off to church” Regina smiled with Bella as they both left the house
Bella is now Regina’s personal maid and follows her anywhere she goes
Betty was feeling a bit weak so she was just lying on the couch
“Babe” Nathan called softly and she gave him a weak smile
“I think I’m having a fever” she said lowly
Nathan touched her forehead
“You’re burning up” he said worriedly
He then called some maids to get Betty some drugs and also cook for her
“Come on hunny” he picked her up in his arms and carried her in a bridal style to his room

“What’s going on between Betty and young master?”a maid asked in the kitchen as they were all making food
Patty kept on frowning deeply
“He’s just being kind” Patty said
“Kind? Young master rarely talks to people, even Irene never gets such kind treatment could it be that he likes her already?” The same maid asked
“If he falls for her again then I would be really happy, that’s what I want for him” lady Kira smiled
“Hmm, him and Betty would make such a cute couple” another maid spoke
“He’s just being kind!” Patty yelled this time, startling almost everyone
“What’s wrong Patty?” Lady Kira asked
“Nothing, they don’t look cute at all, maybe just for a picture” Patty scoffed and left
“Wow never knew she got such an attitude” a maid laughed and so as the rest

It was already evening and Betty hadn’t eaten, expect from since morning along with the drugs she took
Right now she was sleeping on Nathan’s bed while he was stroking her head
“How could you fall sick so early, we were supposed to go public tomorrow” he said softly
“Babe” Betty called softly
“You’re awake” Nathan smiled
“Hmm I feel a bit better, I think the drugs worked” she smiled weakly
“You scare me babe, you slept from morning to this evening with your body burning really bad, you met everyone worry I’m so glad you’re fine now” he said as he kissed her lips and raised her up
“Come have a warm bath” he led her to the bathroom
“Bath and wear my shirt. We are going public right now, I want people to know you belong to me and me alone” he said and Betty eyes widened

To be continued…


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