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It All Started
With a
(And now I love him )
*CHAPTER 35 **
(Don’t copy or repost )

“Hmm it’s me, I miss you baby” he whispered and the kissed her neck repeatedly
“Nathan anyone can enter” Betty said in a tiny voice
“Then let them, I’m tired if hiding I wanna be public with you” he whispered, licking her earlobes
“Okay fine let’s just wait for a week and I promise we’ll go public, just need to process everything” she said and he let go of het
“I love you and you love me to right, so ion get why we are hiding but it’s okay if that’s what you want” he and and left the kitchen
“Nat- Betty wanted to call him but some maids entered, preventing her from moving
“I’m sorry” she said lowly

On Nathan’s way to his room, he bumped into Patty who was about falling over a large stairs but he cought her waist and pulled her back up
Her hand landed on his chest in that process and their face were really close
“Careful” he said as he released her and went to his room
Patty just stood there in shock, face flushed her heart was beating faster than normal, she then smiled to herself

Betty took the tray of food to Regina’s room, Regina was still sleeping along side with Bella
They were both cuddling eachother like a snake in their sleep
“Seriously” Betty sighed and shook her head, she dropped the tray of food in Regina’s table
“They’ll understand when they wake up” she thought as she left to Nathan’s room
She knocked on the door gently before entering
“Hey” she smiled
“I didn’t say come in” Nathan replied
Betty sighed and turned to leave
“Wait” Nathan voice hallowed
“Babe please don’t be mad at me, I promise we’ll go public next week” Betty pleaded but Nathan just scoffed and looked elsewhere
He began hearing sniffs and it was from Betty, he immediately turned to her
“Betty hunny I didn’t mean to make you cry” he moved closer to her
“Hey” he cooed as he cupped her fresh cheek with his warm palm
“I’m sorry” he kissed her tears
“Please don’t be mad at me, if you put yourself in my shoes you’ll know why I’m feeling this way, I’m just a maid and-
“Who said you’re just a maid, you’re my girlfriend” he said as he kissed her lips softly
“Okay fine, we’ll go public next week” he said
Betty smiled and nodded
Patty was standing against the door with her eyes fixed on the small hole
So they are dating, a tear drop fell from her eyes
She has been working for Nathan for years now even when Clarie was not married to him and when she was living under his mansion, she had loved him, she waited three years for him to grieve and now Betty just came not to long and they are already dating??
She clenched her fist angrily
“No Betty, not on my watch” she thought
Sounds of chirping birds woke Regina up, she stood up and met Bella still sleeping
“What?! Get up” she tapped her
Bella rolled and rolled over the bed before getting up and rubbing her eyes
“What time is it?” She asked
Regina checked the time from her alarm and it was 7: 30am
“Oh my, I’m late for my duties I’m leaving now” Bella stood up
She took the tray of food that was untouched since yesterday
“I guess you won’t be needing this” she said licking her lips
Regina just motioned her to go, Bella smiled and left

Betty opened her eyes and sat up listening to the sound of the running tap and that’s when she realized that she slept in Nathan’s room
“Morning sunshine” Nathan came out of the restroom with his bathrobe
“Morning cupcake” Betty stood up and pecked his lips
“I need to go to my room now before anyone notice I slept here” she said
“Okay, meet me at the garden later ” Nathan said and he kissed her lips one more time before she left

Betty tiptoed to her room and went to the bathroom, she showered and came out in her pink towel but gasped when she saw Regina stretching her body, she was fully Ike she’s ready for gyming
“Morning Betty” Regina smiled while pulling one if her leg up to her head with her both hands, all this wasn’t hard for her cause she’s pretty flexible
“Morning how was your night?” Betty asked, selecting a skirt to wear
“No don’t wear that, we are going for a morning run” Regina said
“I’ve talked to Nathan and he said it’s cool, plus Bella would be coming with us” Regina said
Betty sighed knowing Regina persistent behavior, she selected a sport outfit and wear it

They met Bella already dressed, gulping down a bottle of water
“Come on, you don’t wanna get tired before work” Regina collected the bottle from her and threw it one side
Betty looked at Nathan who was watching TV, he just nodded and she smiled and left with Regina

“So let’s warm up before we start” Regina said, jogging in place and stretching
Betty was stretching her arms while Bella just rolled her eyes
“Do you wanna loose this fat or not?” Regina asked Bella
“Whatever let’s do fast so we can go eat” Bella rolled her eyes again
They started running and haven’t even reach half mile when Bella fell on the ground and started panting like a goat
“Bella get up” Betty was trying to drag her up
“Just leave me here to die, I can’t go anymore” Bella panted
Regina opened her mouth but no words came out so she just sighed instead
A speed bike suddenly passed, three men dressed in black jumped down from it, they rushed to Regina and grabbed her
“Oh my” Bella gasped and stood up in fright
“Let..go someone help please” Regina yelled
One of the man pointed a gun towards Bella and Betty
“Your hands on your head”
“Let her go!!” Betty shouted, moving forward
“Help” Regina started crying
“One more step I’ll shoot your legs” the man threatened Betty and Bella started crying
Betty raised her arm but immediately threw a high kick on the man hand, he’s gun flew off and she cought it
She pointed the gun at him this time
“Leave her” she ordered
“Leave or I’ll shoot your brains” she yelled
The man holding Regina, brought out his gun and pulled his trigger but it was empty
Suddenly a loud thud was heard,Bella blocked her ears. It was Betty who shot the air
“Released her or I’ll aim for your head” she shouted
The man dropped Regina and they all ran away
Betty threw the gun away and rushed to pick Regina up
“Are you okay?” She asked
“What just happened??” Regina asked too

To be continued…


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