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It All Started
With a
(And now I love him )
*CHAPTER 34 **
(Don’t copy or repost )

” Nathan what if someone enters?” Betty asked, trying to stand up
” You worry too much, no one will see you” Nathan chuckled still hugging her thight
” At least let me first lock the door” Betty said
” You might run away, I’ll go lock it myself” Nathan said and then release her, he stood up and lock the door. Immediate after that, without wasting any second, he pupped check and kissed her lips softly
” I miss you soo much” he kissed her neck and hugged her tight
” Tell me did you miss me too?” he asked and heard Betty chuckled
” Hmm, so much,why don’t you give me your number?” Betty asked
” Hmm, come here” he lead her to the bed and made her sit on his laps
” Where’s your phone?” he asked
” Inside my room” she pouted
She collected Nathan phone and saved her number inside
” Save the name as my Q” Nathan said
” My Q what does that mean?” Betty chuckled
“It’s means my Queen” Nathan smiled and rested her head on his shoulder
” I love you Nathan” she said more in a whisper
” Hmm and I love you more” Nathan chuckled.
“Come on eat your food before it’s gets cold” Betty said
” Feed me” Nathan batted his eyes lashes
” Come on Nathan you aren’t three years are you?” Betty playfully asked
” Nah I just want you to feed me baby”. Nathan pouted and Betty chuckled
” Say ahhh” Betty smiled pointing a spoon at his mouth, Nathan opened his mouth and Betty fed him
” Such a great cook” Nathan said and Betty chuckled
They kept on feeding each other through out until it was time for Betty to Leave
” Come on just sleep here” Nathan pleaded while holding her hands
” As much as I would love too, I just can’t, if I do Regina might suspect us” Betty said
” Why do you keep caring of what people saying about you” Nathan said and Betty sighed
” Nevermind I get it good night love” he pecked her lips gently
” I’m so sorry” Betty whispered
” It’s okay, but one day make this public and you wouldn’t work as my maid again” Nathan said while Betty smirked and nodded
” Good night” she kissed his lips hungrily and he reciprocated it
” Hmm” she moaned when her back hit the door,
she tried pushing him off but it seems he had gone crazy his lips went to her neck and that’s when Betty found the chance to breathe
” Good night Nathan, that’s enough she panted
” Good night, I’ll leave now if I were you” he whispered in a horse voice and Betty immediately rushed out, throwing flying kisses at him

” Oh my gosh”
” Can’t believe he’s as hot as this”
“He looks like a grek demon handsome angel”
,” Oh my gosh he’s is coming this way” group of girls were screaming
Evelyn was just coming out of her classroom because she got disturbed by the noise
” What with all the crowd” she muttered to herself
” Tara, Tara” she called but Tara was busy screaming with the girls
” Unbelievable” Evelyn groaned, as she walked through the crowds with her high heels making annoying sounds
” Tara” she pulled her by the arm and Tara was forced to look at her
” What going on??”
” Look it’s Freddy oh my gosh” Tara screamed jumping
Evelyn looked at Freddy and no kidding he was look hot AF, yesterday she had gone to the shopping mall with Freddy to get some new cloth, shoes,bags and all that
Freddy was on a purple fitted sweater with black fitted ripped jeans in a crazy style. His hair was combed perfectly, he looked so handsome that can make a girl kneel wobble
” Oh my gosh, I love this new Freddy ” Tara smiled
” I thought you have a boyfriend” Evelyn rolled her eyes
” I can as well break up with him” Tara smiled unconsciously
” Oh shoot me” Evelyn grumbled doing her hands like a gun and using it to shoot her head, she left herself to fall but Tara cought her
” Tell me Evelyn don’t this new Freddy looks cute to you” Tara asked
” Not one bit” Evelyn scoffed
” Oh please cut the crap, I pray he notice me” Tara smiled
” I’m going to sleep in the class, I need no disturbance” Evelyn groaned and went back to the empty class room she came out from

” Hahaha” Leo kept laughing and Freddy was getting annoyed behavior
” You did all this for Regina??” Leo laughed again
” It ain’t funny” Freddy frowned
” What if Regina doesn’t answer you or mind you?” Leo asked
” Look at all the girls Leo, they are all dieing for me” Freddy said and tapped Leo’s shoulder
” Watch these” he said and winked at Tara, her face reddened and she fainted
“See?” Freddy clicked his tongue while Leo just rolled his eyes
“Look Regina is coming?” Leo said
Freddy licked his lips while rubbing his palm together, he approached her and she just smiled, looking at him from head to toe
“Wow, Freddy what’s the occasion?” She asked with a smile
“Nothing just decided to spice up a bit” Freddy said licking his lips
“You look handsome” she smiled checking him out while Freddy face reddened
“Wait let me take a pic, I’ll show Freddy” Regina said, she brought out her phone and took his pic
“So how about me, you lunch together…” Freddy said and Regina face palmed her self
“As much as I love too, I need to study, my exam is next Monday and it’s Tuesday oh no!” Regina ran out leaving Freddy in confusion
Freddy turned to see Leo laughing, he shot him a dead glare that Leo had to shut his mouth

It was now Friday, both Bella and Betty were sighing all over again
“Let’s go check on her again” Betty said as they went to Regina’s room
Regina was sitting on her bed, wearing glasses and her eyes were fixed to the book she was reading
“She has been reading for ten hours straight” Bella said
Betty sat down beside Regina and rubbed her shoulders
“That’s enough Regina, you need to rest, look your eyes are baggy” Betty said worriedly
The bed shaked and bend hard and it was Bella who sat on the bed too
“I’m sorry” she smiled
“Betty I need to pass my exam so I can fulfill my dreams” Regina sighed
“But still you need rest” Betty said
“And food too” Bella piped in while Betty shook her head
“Fine” Regina covered her book and hugged Bella
“I’ll rest, when I wake up Betty you’ll cook for me” she pouted
Betty smiled and nodded
“Thanks, Bella stay with me I wanna hug you till I sleep, your body is so fluffy” Regina said
“Okay then you can- Bella didn’t finish cause Regina was already fast asleep
“So fast” Bella thought

“Greetings young master” maids were greeting Nathan who just got back
He handed his briefcase to Justin
“Where’s Betty?” he asked a maid
“She’s in the kitchen preparing dinner for Regina sir” the maid bowed
Nathan nodded and went to the kitchen. Patty stylishly followed him
Betty was busy decorating Regina’s dinner when someone hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck
“Nathan” she gasped

To be continued…


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