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IS LOVE A CRIME? – Episode 46




[A Story of love and betray😔]

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Meanwhile Angela was with her friends discussing the situation on ground when she saw a Dm on WhatsApp from an unknown number informing her that they need to talk,

she informed her friends that about the message they beckoned on her to reply the sender, which she did,
she later discovers that it was praise, she lost interest in the chat and wanted to block him when she saw a video tape forwarded to her from praise.

ANGELA: Look at this silly boy named praise, why will he send a video of over 156Mb to me, did he think I have that kind time to watch movie

ENDURNCE: (Sensing that the video might contain something vital) have you check the video

ANGELA: Who have that Megabytes to waste am I mad

GLORIA: No dear just open it first, there must be something in it

As she opened the video, everything in her eyes went blank as she collapses to the floor, her friends quickly rushed to her aid and revive her with cold water,
when she regained herself she started crying, as her friends tried to comfort her and acted like they were surprised about the video.

Angela felt ill overnight and she was rushed to the nearby hospital by her parents, she never told them the cause of her illness as they suspected that she was having mild fever,

Kingsley got to hear about Angela admission to the hospital, but he seems not to care about her as all his heart was focused on Cecilia,

Angela spent her holiday at the sick bed with the companies of her friends and Praise, excluding Cecilia who always made an excuse that she was occupied with her mom business.

Kingsley had a lot of fun with Cecilia during the holidays as they hardly spent time without each other,

One fateful day while they were going for their normal evening hangout a thought struck Kingsley mind

KINGSLEY: Sweetheart I heard that was bestie was admitted at the hospital.

CECILIA: Yea am aware of that, but I don’t give a damn about it

KINGSLEY: Like seriously you do not bother to pay her a visit for once

CECILIA: Boo, if she like let her die there, beside I don’t pray for her to recover, so that we should have time together, not for us to be hiding

KINGSLEY: Don’t be cruel dear, you can’t wish your bestie death, that’s inhuman

CECILIA; That’s your business, and beside what’s keeping you from quitting the relationship you have with her, by now you are supposed to be done with her

KINGSLEY: Don’t worry damsel, am working on something first, very soon I will break up with her

CECILIA: You better do because am sick and tired of this our hide and seek love, very soon school will resume and we will go back to our normal life, pretending as if we have nothing in common

KINGSLEY: I know how you feel dear, don’t worry with time, you will see how everything will unveil, step by step.

it was another brand new term, all the student were anxious to resume, as it was the first term of another new class, the newly admitted SS 1 students were seen hovering around the school premises,

Angela parents dropped her at the school gates as they went to their different workplaces,
Angela rolled her box to the hostel, as the video she watched was still replaying in her memories,

when she entered her dormintory she opened the door and enter inside the dormintory, when she entered, she saw Cecilia arranging her luggage’s she was alone in the room, Cecilia quickly ran to hug Angela, but instead she got a resounding slap from Angela.

ANGELA: Are you stupid, after all you did to me, you still have the mind to hug me.

CECILIA: Am sorry bestie for not paying you visit at the Hospital, you know how my mom business is, I hardly have spare time for myself

ANGELA: Who is talking about paying me a visit at the hospital, who will your visit help, all I want to know is what transpire between you and Kingsley on the Graduation day

Cecilia understand that the cat was out of the bag, so she quickly applied sense, and use Angela weak point against her, she started crying and murmuring, Angela was shocked to see tears dropping from her eyes.

CECILIA: (In tears) I know they will tell you, I know they will want to ruin our friendship, God what have I done to deserve this embarrassment

ANGELA: (In a confused state) What do you mean

She quickly lied that she was been forced by the Slay mamas girl to do what she saw on the video, that they wanted to use it as a trap to catch her, so that they might deal with her, but luckily for her, she fell Ill and did not have chance to come to her house during the holiday, if not she could have been attacked,

Angela was shocked to hear these, she seems to have bought her bestie lies, Cecilia who knew that Angela was falling for her lies,

keep on crying and pleading with her that she do not mean to do it, she was been forced by the Slay mamas girls,

While she was still pleading, Endurance and Gloria walked into the dormintory they were not surprised to see Cecilia on her knees apologizing to Angela, they got to hear Cecilia side of the story as they shook their head and walked out of the room.

ENDURANCE: I told, that Angela is a big fool, you thought I was lying

GLORIA: My dear don’t blame, we all know that Angela cannot withstand the tears from someone eyes and that is what Cecilia is using against her

ENDURANCE: And so, shedding crocodile tears and tearing that little girl apart, I think I have to expose everything to Angela, so that she won’t commit suicide, later if she finds out the whole truth

GLORIA: No, let her be, she will use her tongues to count her teeth



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