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IS LOVE A CRIME? – Episode 42




[A Story of love and betray😔]

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Cecilia who was busy sleeping in her friend room never had in mind that there is an impending danger coming from her

ROSY BEAUTY: (She tapped Cecilia) Hey, sweet heart wakes up we need to talk

Cecilia opened her eyes and saw her, fear gripped her instantly as she became speechless

LADY P: Don’t worry don’t be scared just do as I said, we need to enter your dormintory to get your friend Angela, if you cooperate with us you Live, if you fail to then you die

Fear gripped Cecilia but she refused to help them, so Mama G dragged her out of the dormintory she was sleeping,

when she came out of the room she saw different girls putting on Black clothes, she became scared she had no other option than to cooperate with them as she walked to her dormintory.

When she got to the door post she knocked at the door and all the girls in the room quickly looked at the door.

They were all scared excluding Ashley and Endurance, Endurance quickly whisper to Ashley

ENDURANCE: Should I call my Dad now

ASHLEY: No don’t put him on call let’s remain calm and silent.

Cecilia knocked on the door three times and nobody responded, she turned and looked at Mama G informing her that nobody is responding to her, Mama G just smiled and gave her a sign to continue knocking until they respond to her.

CECILIA: (Knocks on the door) Gloria please come and open the door,
am the one Cecilia

The junior girls all turned simultaneously and looked at themselves looking for who will make the next move,

Ashley told them that no one should open the door that she is been followed by the Black Scorpions girls, Angela began to vibrate as she felt like the Earth should open her mouth and swallow her

CECILIA: Please open the door don’t lock me outside, Angela am sorry if I offended you, please for the sake of our friendship come and open the door for me to come in

Angela was shocked that she mentioned her name, she wanted to go and open the door for her bestie to come in but Ashley held her back informing her that Cecilia was not alone outside.

Cecilia turned and told the Black scorpion girls that no one is in the room, as she said it they held her hands and took her far from the room, then push her to the floor,
as they all brought out their machete one after the other.

MAMA G: Do we look like we are joking, my dear if you don’t get us into that room of yours I promise you that we will beat you to death,
and beside since you have seen our true identity either you get us into your room or you join us

CECILIA: (In tears) Please Senior don’t kill me, I don’t want to die now, I promise you I will get you into my room

LADY P: Babe joy no die my face at all, nobody young to die, all die na die, either you burst us in or you die na your last chance be this

They lifted Cecilia from the floor and dragged her to her door post, Cecilia thought of what she might do to save her life, beside it’s better for Angela to die so that her and Kingsley can have peace.

She put on a face, and started banging the door

CECILIA: (Crying) Bestie, Bestie open the door I don’t want to be expelled from this school, you know if am been caught outside by this time I will expelled, please forgive me,
please, what did you want me to tell my mum, forgive me I promise I won’t hurt you again

Angela was moved with compassion as she stood up and ran towards the door to open it for her bestie to come in, as she was about unlocking the door Gloria jumped and pushed her to the floor,

When the Slay Mamas girls heard movement in the room they all smiled and tapped Cecilia for a job well done.

GLORIA: (Whispering) don’t be silly if you open that door, today will be your last day on earth, remember tomorrow is their final paper, they can do anything with you and get away with it freely, don’t be stupid

ANGELA: (In tears) How are you sure they are outside with her I don’t want anything to happen to my bestie

CECILIA: (Hitting the door) Please bestie don’t do this to me

ASHLEY: (Shouts) Bestie kill you there, my dear I.D yourself unless anything wey you see you go take

MAMA G: Ashley you again, (She quickly covered her mouth so that Ashley will not know that she is at the door post with Cecilia, but it was too late everyone heard her voice sound and clear).

Angela quickly ran back to her bunk and held senior Ashley tight.

ASHLEY: Mama d general I know you are outside, don’t worry I know how to deal with you, you fat fool

MAMA G: Ashley na me you de insult (She started banging, and she instructed her gang members to break the door), Everyone in the room was scared, the door began to break gradually.

As they were about the burst in the entire bulb in the girls dormintory shone light, instantly all the girls took off for their heel, because they knew it was a bad omen for the school generator to be put on by that time of the light, that means securities are coming to do checkup.

When the Junior girls saw the light they were a bit relieved, Ashley quickly ran to door open it, and pick up Cecilia who was on the floor thinking of where to run to, and locked the door



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