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#INFIDELITY :- Naughty adventures of Annabelle ? ?

Episode 3 and 4

Written ✍ Sadiq Infinity (Capri Leo)



Of all of God’s creation, there’s no better creation than a woman. Most people might disagree with me but here are my reasons ; there are many thing that fancies a man especially money, power and fame but when it comes to a woman, that’s another case entirely. A man can work tirelessly to make his life better but when it comes to the woman he loves, he can even perform impossible feats just to impress her. Women do have their issues but when it comes down to the fact, a woman is at the top list of every man’s want.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed about women even at an early age. Not a day goes by that I don’t spend quality time staring at women. A lot of people have tagged me as a womanizer but I really don’t mind and besides who wouldn’t be fond of a woman? Man, no be wood na. Abi?
Although despite my crazy desire for women, I haven’t been really lucky with any one so far and that’s my fault. Every man has his own taste in women, well for me my own taste is a bit too high and impossible for an ordinary guy like me. The ladies I usually gun for a ladies with foxy figures and killer bodies, they’re the kind of babes that could make a man drop dead just because of their super s-xy looks. But unfortunately ladies like this have their own taste in men as well, they really have no interest in guys like me, they mostly spend their time with Men of influence and wealth e.g Sugar daddies, Alhajis and the rest.
Just when I thought my luck was running out, Fate lifted my hopes up by bringing Annabelle Nnamdi into my life. Through my life, I’ve seen lots of lovely women but none of them tickled my fancy like crazy like the way Annabelle does. Unfortunately, she’s a newly married woman but still that didn’t let that stop me from trying my luck.
Not only was she beautiful, Annabelle was also blessed with a nice body and sets of correct packages and ripe fruits. In other words, she’s a gorgeous lady with a foxy body.
Ever since she moved in as our neighbor, I’ve been trying all I can to get her to notice me. I always greeted her frequently and reached out to her to see if I could help her run some errands but so far there was no progress. Every night in my bedroom, I would m–sturbate 2 to 3 times thinking about Annabelle’s gorgeous body and in the process I would curse her husband feeling jealous of how lucky he was to have a banging wife such as her but as time went by I realized something.
There are things one observes just by mere looking and realize that something is wrong. Well after a little bit of eye service ?, I realized that Mrs. Annabelle wasn’t quite enjoying her marriage and her relationship with her husband seems to be getting thinker and nonexistent. There was no display or spark of love between them, it was like they just living as strangers in the house. I also noticed the bored and frustrated look on Annabelle’s face and I knew the situation that she was facing and so without any hesitation, I made my move.

There is a quote that says ” If you fail once, try again until you succeed “….. Every time I approached Annabelle, she would politely turn me down and give me a slight warning never to bother her again. I kept coming and trying and she still turned me down making the same threats.
One thing I learnt from all this was that, Nothing was going to happen even if I made my move. Annabelle was probably bluffing and waiting for me to make the bold move, so after reassuring myself with full confidence and hope, I finally took the bull by the horn.
Getting slapped by Annabelle didn’t bother me at all, besides it was expected but what surprised me was her hesitation before she struck. I was sure she was about to surrender herself to me, I was sure of that but then suddenly everything ended with a hot slap on my face.
Later that night in my bedroom, I was anxiously waiting for Annabelle to come and report me to my uncle. But there was no sign of her but still I waited and I waited. Finally, the clock stroked the midnight hour and there still was no sign of Annabelle and in that moment, I assured myself that everything was going to be alright.


Four days passed since that incident with Annabelle and so far there wasn’t any commotion. Although, I never talked or approached Annabelle during these days, cause I’d figure that she might still be pissed, so I decided to withdrawal and give her time to cool off.
One particular afternoon, I returned home to relax after having 6 hours of 3 different lectures with no intervals. As soon as I got to my bedroom, I opened the window to get some fresh air and in that brief moment, I saw something shocking and unexpected.
Here in the backyard of her house, Annabelle was busy having an affair with some strange dude. The two of them were busy having an intense doggie style and they were really going hard at it. Within that moment, I felt turned on and my d–k stood like the Nigerian flag. I should have felt angry or disgusted by what I was seeing but No! Instead, I was enjoying the sight before that and before long, I brought out my d–k and began to m–sturbate.
Watching Annabelle getting banged turned me on more and more, I couldn’t believe that the woman was crazy about was such a Sl–t. As I kept watching from my window, things began to get more and more intense. Annabelle’s moans was getting louder to the point I was hearing her from my window, she parted her legs wider taking the hard deep thrusts of the stranger man’s d–k, her beautiful bre-sts bounced hypnotically against each other and there was this loud sound of smacking sounds with echoed the atmosphere. I bit my lips jealously and kept m–sturbating myself feeling jealous of the b-stard that was pounding Annabelle, wishing to be in his place right now but things came to a rather unexpected end.
Throughout the whole f–king session, Annabelle’s eyes was closed and she was facing the direction of my window, not realizing that I was watching her. But then suddenly, She opened her eyes and instantly saw me from my window. She called out my name and instantly stopped what she was doing, I on the other hand froze with shock and then quickly ducked down from my window, feeling annoyed by how things ended. I was so close to ej–culation but my er-ction quickly disappeared after being spotted by Annabelle.
Nothing was ever going to be the same after this cause I had just witnessed a case of infidelity, my hot neighbor’s wife was cheating on him.
Sincerely speaking, I should be doing the right thing by reporting this to Annabelle’s husband but the jerk was an obnoxious jerk that looks down on people, but on a personal level doing this would make me a snitch and a hypocrite cause after all I was poking my nose into someone’s private affairs which I wouldn’t take kindly to either. But then again, I began to have shrewd thoughts about using this to my advantage by blackmailing Annabelle into doing whatever I want with her but then again I canceled out that thought in mind.
Blackmailing a woman just to satisfy one’s s-xual needs is no different from rape cause it’s like forcing her to do it without her consent. Putting myself in the situation, I figured out it wouldn’t be nice if someone tried it to my sister or female cousins. So I gave up the nasty thought and decided to keep this to myself.

48 hours passed since I witnessed the cheating affair and I still haven’t told anyone about this, not even to Annabelle’s husband whom I’ve made constantly especially at night. Supposing the guy was kind of nice to people, I would have at least told him but arrogant attitude dissuaded me from doing so. As for Annabelle, I was busy avoiding her so that we wouldn’t make contact but that didn’t last long.


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