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? #INFIDELITY :- Naughty adventures of Annabelle ? ?

Episode 1 and 2

Written ✍ Sadiq Infinity (Capri Leo)



Infidelity is a concept that everyone knows too well and it has been around for as long as mankind could possibly remember. There are many reasons why infidelity is been committed ; Most of the infidelity committed are for selfish reasons, while some are committed due to some desperate situation but whatever the reason is, Infidelity is still wrong.

My name is Annabelle Nnamdi, I’m 32 years old and I’m happily married and blessed with 3 beautiful children. I’m currently working as a therapist and I’m proud to say that I’m happy with the way my life is going but sadly to say I wasn’t exactly the same woman back in my younger days as I am now . Back in the day, I was vulgar and a voluptuous lady with no moral ethics, I was a real knockout and an ideal figure of a s-x symbol, Men could hardly resist me and I used my feminine charms to the best of my advantage to get the finer things in life (Money) ; Ruthlessness was my nick name and I was so full of ambition that I was certain that the sky was my limit but Fate had something in store for me. The story I’m about to narrate now is the story of my immoral youth and I hope it will serve as a lesson to all women who are currently walking in the same path I once walked on.


2015 KADUNA,..

2015 was the year I finished my masters degree ? in Psychology and with my excellent results I was sure going to get a job without delay.
Being a psychologist wasn’t my dream job at all in fact I wanted to be a model but my loving mother was against it and she brought so many reasons why she didn’t want me to join the modeling biz and the main one she emphasized on was prostitution ; Unfortunately, she had no idea how much of a b–tch I was at the time.
The main reason why I studied psychology in the first place was because of my low jamb score. There was no department that was going to admit me with my low scores so rather than to wait and rewrite another jamb next year, my father made some few twists and threw me into the department of Education. I had no choice of objecting this, after all my parent were the one paying for my tuition fees, So eventually I accepted my fate and studied as an education students.
My 4 years of study wasn’t in vain, my results weren’t bad and I had no issues whatsoever, I even enjoyed my studies during my 4 year programme.
After my masters, I had high hopes that I would get a job but unfortunately there was none. I scouted for vacancies in any job but nothing came up and after a while, I decided to apply for lecturing and with my good degree/masters CGPA, I was immediately hired.
Teaching wasn’t my cup of tea, I had dreams of working in big firms that paid cool cash but here I was as a lecturer under the department I once studied as an undergraduate. Nevertheless, The salary wasn’t bad and neither was the lecturing gig. My lecturing time was once in a week so I used the remaining days to work on my social life.

3 Months passed since I became a lecturer and Life was neither good or bad. I wasn’t having the time of my life either but there were times when things seemed pretty good, while I was working hard I was also b–tching around enjoying the little things that I stumbled upon.
So one evening, while I was standing on the road waiting for a transport to get home , a brand new EOD parked in front of me in an orderly fashion and in that moment, I was totally blown away and I began to count digits in my mind. Shortly after that, the window winded down and the person behind the wheel popped his head out and made his move on me.
The stranger’s name was Odili Moses and as fate would have it, he and I would be locked in an unfortunate union in the later future. If I had known what a worthless man he was I wouldn’t have given him a second look the minute he made his move on me but the natural order of things took it’s course.
Within a matter of seconds, Odili quickly wooed me with his impressive British English and the wads of cash he waved at my face. I tried to maintain my dignity but the b-stard was just too handsome and rich for me to resist. Before long, Odili lured me into his car and that was the beginning of my unfortunate journey with this man.

A couple of weeks passed since I met Odili and I was madly in love with him, The sly wolf spoilt me with costly gifts and money to the extend I foolishly convinced myself that this was true love. Odili and I went out on a couple of dates and sometimes spent nights in hotels making love. I’ve spent with dozens of men and I must say Odili wasn’t exactly a pitcher, He’s quite good in bed but he lacks the skills to make a woman feel good but that didn’t matter to me, all I cared about was the money and gifts I was getting from him.
After 3 months of dating, I decided to introduce Odili to my parents so that they could approve him as a potential son in law. Odili behaved himself in front of my parents and they liked what they saw in him but they were curious to know about him. So during one of our visits, My mom insisted that we stayed and have dinner which we did and as we all sat on the table enjoying a hot meal of pounded yam and egusi soup, My father began to throw questions at Odili.

Nnamdi ➡ Odili my son.. It’s been quite a while now since you’ve been hanging around with my daughter and I really appreciate all that you’ve done for her but I would like to know who you really are. Are your parents alive? And with the costly gifts you’ve been spoiling my daughter with, what kind of job are you doing?

Odili shivered as if he had been stabbed with a hot knife in his back but he quickly composed himself. To be honest, even I didn’t know what kind of job he was doing but I never cared to ask cause I was busy swimming in his bank account.

Odili ➡ That’s a very good question sir. It’s quite important to know the kind of men your daughter hangs around with but I assure you, your daughter is in safe hands. My parents were quite wealthy and they live abroad in Europe ; as for my job I’m an international petroleum salesman. I buy and sell petroleum wells to the Arabs in Saudi Arabia. Those fellows pay a lot of money.

Immediately my parents heard that, They were excited that I had hit the jackpot. Since then, my mom and I have been attending church programmes and herbalist so that I may end up with Odili as his wife and as time went by God finally answered our prayers.
In the month of December, Odili popped the question and proposed to me, I wasted no time in accepting his proposal. I felt so happy and on top of the world that I organised a small party to celebrate the occasion. My mother fainted when she heard that Odili proposed and my dad was so full of smiles that his cheek was almost touching his ears. Everyone in my family was happy that I had blessed the family with a provider and they were all looking up to me to solve their future problems.
After Odili proposed me, I called off all contacts with my secret lovers and filled their accounts with cash so that they won’t come back to me ever again.


Finally in the March of the year 2016, Odili and I got married in grand style, The occasion was quite superb and no expense was spared but something seemed rather odd and that was family of Odili. They looked somewhat different from him and they behaved as if they weren’t related to him at all. There was no real excitement or joy from them and the emotions they displayed seemed as if they were paid to look happy ; Even his so called parents acted strangely and there was no parent and child bond between them but still I didn’t care, all that mattered to me was the fun life I was have in the future.
After our marriage, Odili and I flew to Los Angeles to spend our honeymoon, I was hoping to have to great time with my husband but the man I thought I knew was gone and the real Odili began to display his true colors.
During the first weeks of our honeymoon, Odili and I rarely had s-x, He would always bring up excuses that he had work to do and before I knew it his presence became scarce that I was barely even seeing him. Every morning, he would leave the hotel room and come back late at night. At first, I didn’t really care about what was going on but as this crazy routine kept going on, I soon became fed up. Whenever I was alone, I would watch the other couples on their honeymoon having the best time of their lives but here I was like some celibated nun. Every now and then I would be itching with lust, watching and listening with envy as the other couples fulfill their naughty fantasies. I was barely trying to control myself so that I wouldn’t do anything to sabotage my marriage but as a woman It was really really difficult to keep my desires at bay.
One afternoon as I was sitting on the pool area enjoying the sun, I overheard some European women talking excitedly about a new masseur that was just hired in this hotel. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on their conversation as I heard the goody things they said about this masseur. Finally after the women had left, I decided that I would check out this masseur and see if what the white women said was true so later that afternoon I went over to the massage parlor and saw a long queue of women waiting to get massages ; I wanted to take my leave but I decided against it after seeing how eager the women were.
After waiting for almost an hour, my turn finally came and stunned when I saw the masseur. The guy was hunky and muscular, his skin was black as charcoal and his abs was a sight to behold. He had this long dreadlocks like Bob Marley and he had this mysterious look that made him look so sexy.
I felt hot all over as I gazed at this dream boat before me and in that very moment I swore to myself that I would get this hunk to f–k me.
Jamie was the name of the masseur, His name was written on his complementary card which he passed out to every lady that came to his place. After gazing at Jamie, I took my place on the massage chair stretching my body to his disposal. Jamie’s eyes popped wide open as he saw me in my birthday suit, he scratched his lower region gently for some seconds before applying his massaging skills on me.
The moment I felt Jamie’s oily hands on my skin, I moaned sensually feeling wet between my legs, his hands was so strong and firm that he was driving me crazy. He was touching all the right places at once making me moan louder with each passing minute.

Annabelle ➡ (moans) Ohh! Ahh…

Jamie ➡ You’ve got a nice body, woman. So smooth and silky.

Annabelle ➡ Thank you. You’re quite a catch yourself. Do you always turn women on like this?

Jamie ➡ Sure, they can’t get enough of me so they call me to give them a little extra service.

Annabelle ➡ Is that so?

Jamie ➡ Absolutely.

Right there and then, I knew where the conversation was going and it was quite obvious that Jamie was interested in me. So instead of us both wasting each other’s time, I decided to make it easy for us both to get what we want.

Annabelle ➡ Say, is there I way I can get that extra service?

Jamie ➡ Sure, we can meet up later.

Annabelle ➡ Actually I was thinking of getting it now. I’m free right now.

Jamie ➡ In that case, looks like I’ll have to suspend my services for this afternoon but luckily you’re the only client left, so let’s get started.

Annabelle ➡ By all means.

And that was it, everything happened so fast and quick. For the first time since my marriage to Odili, it sure felt good to have a real man satisfy my womanly needs. Jamie was gentle and slow but his d–k was a smasher, He ploughed me hard and deep on the massage chair that afternoon and each thrust of his d–k made me squeal like a b–tch.


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