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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)


By Blessing D.

Episode 1

💎Jason’s POV💎
I watched as she climbed the stairs slowly , her long hair swaying behind her beautiful slim back.

Amelia is really beautiful no doubt , I can’t get her image off my mind. I’ve been thinking seriously about her lately and I think its really wrong , I don’t just think of her as my sis but something unexplainable.

“Hmm I really need to stop thinking about her.

Before I move forward lemme introduce myself .
I am Jason brooks the only son of my parents and the first born for that matter , I’m in my last year in college , am 20 years and quite cute.

Amelia ? Amelia is my little extremely pretty sister , my friends admirer her a lot and wish to date her.

She is in her second year and she just turned 18 , she likes hanging out with me a lot and I’ve taken her to a lot of place.

But I don’t think I can continue cause of my fast developing feelings, whenever she smiles , it seems like my world just stopped cos I’ll just continue starring and starring at her until she calls my attention back to reality .

I know she’s too innocent, am not suppose to be developing this silly feelings for her so I’m gonna stay far away from her .

I continued with the project I was drifting, my parents has gone to work as usual , we don’t get to see them until weekend and I’m the only one usually there for my sis , reasons why she can’t go out without me .

She had a nanny before but when she turned eighteen she requested to be left alone without one. We have two maids who cleans the house and prepare meal .

I continued drawing and sketching out building plans, in case you wanna no I’m studying engineering.

I felt a hand rob my back and I jolted up.

Geez Amelia what are you doing?

Gat ya ! She yelled and started laughing loudly.

What is it this time?

Did you forget that you’ll be taking me for picnic? She asked.

Uh yea sorry..I won’t make it with you today but I can give you money to go with your friends, I said hoping she’ll buy it.

But I didn’t really forget it just staying away from her .

What? You forget? That’s new…but I’ll wait for you to finish up your sketching so we can go together, she said and took a sat beside me.

No no Amelia , I said and stood up.

I can’t go with you , I’m sorry .

What? I said I’ll wait for you , if you finish up late we’ll go see the movies instead , she pouted and I exhaled.

I really have loads of work to do, I can’t finish up today , I replied standing up and dipping my hand into my trouser pocket to bring out my wallet .

What if I help you with some? She asked blinking her eyes.

Oh lord save me !

No no

Why? I do help you with stuff like this , she said and grabbed a paper from the table looking at it.

I grabbed it from her and kept it back while she looked at me with wide eyes.

Jason! Did I do anything wrong? She asked soberly.

Oh no! I’m doomed , I hate it when she’s like this.

No no Amelia but..I don’t want you to help me , you no its my final year that’s why I want you to stop helping me okay , I need to be perfect for everyone – dad,mom , you.

But I only wanted to do it so you can follow me , so now will you?

“No ,I’m sorry , I pleaded and wanted giving her some money but she ran up stairs .

Am sorry Amelia I need to fix myself first , I thought and continued with my project.


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