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Find My Luna

By Genevieve Edwin




My Queen…..its Florence, Queen spoke aloud from Zelda’s door.

She was with three other maids and they all carried stuffs with them.

While Queen had her wedding dress, one of the maids had make up equipments and another carried beautiful beads in a wooden tray.

Come in, Zelda spoke from inside.

She was sitting on a chair when they arrived.

Her room was all arranged and clean, she already had her bath despite it being barely 6am.

My Queen, they bowed and she smiled at them.

How are you? she asked with a smile, crossing her right leg over the left prettily.

I’m fine, My Queen, they chorused with a bow.

You can drop those, she instructed pointing at the bed and they did as she said then stood staring at her.

You… already had your bath, My Queen? Queen asked

Yes Queen, you all can take a rest, there’s plenty of time, Zelda replied with a smile.

Yes, My Queen, They all chorused except Queen who looked worried.

How are you feeling, My Queen? The… the… wound…

Smiling at her, Zelda touched the place she was stabbed lightly as she faked a painful expression.

Its still very painful but I can manage for the day Queen, thanks for asking, she lied glancing at the other maids.

She didn’t know who Peyton’s informants are yet so she has to keep up with the act.

She, King Wright, Evenius and Maya had stayed awake all night in King Wrights secret room, practicing.

Her mate made sure to restrict everyone else aside from his Chief guard from walking or standing about 5 meters from the room.

None of them slept a wink, Maya took her time to teach Zelda a whole lot of things she wouldn’t know even in hundred years if she had practiced alone.

When Maya was done, it was already evening, they ate the food Evenius prepared for them right there beside the river then King Wright started to teach her sword defense.

She didn’t need to fight, all he wanted was for her to be able to defend herself, and Zelda being Zelda was a very fast learner, she was quick to grasp everything she was taught.

She knew she needed to be strong to fight for her loved ones.

Though Vampires are naturally strong and they have a natural speed, but both August and his brothers has spent all their lives in the human world, they won’t be as strong or as fast as the people here.

Evenius already assigned trained guards to train them secretly while she trained but she still felt a strong sense of responsibility, to protect them.

“You have to know your enemy, watch their movements, study their eyes and expressions, let your inner mind be at alert, they might not attack with the weapon you can see, in here, anything can be brought into a fight, they can use their powers, they can use knives, poison or even a gun, keep your inner mind at alert, that’s the only way you can outsmart them when they attack you” she recalled her mates words while he was training her.

Sighing, she glanced at the maids, they were still standing, their heads, bowed.

Is that how you rest here? she asked with a smile.

We are fine here, My Queen, one of the maids replied bowing more.

Zelda glance at Queen who tried to hide her chuckle, its okay, we can sit, Queen whispered to the three girls and they glanced at Zelda, nervous.

You can seat on the bed, Zelda said pointing at her bed.

No, My Queen, we can’t…..

Zelda glanced at them, sighing tiredly then touched her forehead like she was having a migraine.

Seeing her reaction, the maids strolled to the bed without complain.

Sometimes yelling doesn’t work, Zelda muttered to herself then smiled.

Her hand went back to her lower abdomen, we have two hours to start getting ready, I’m really weak right now, wake me up when it’s time, she said then shut her eyes pretending to be sleeping.

To them she was sleeping but she was busy rehearsing, it’s just like the movie script, i have to rehearse well to pull this off, she thought as she started to use her mind and imagination to create God knows what.

The maids sat uncomfortably on the bed, not because the bed was uncomfortable but because they felt it was a crime to feel comfortable sitting on their Queens bed.

They felt scared, scared that someone might just come in and catch them sitting there so they sat with half of their asses, as alert as a dog.
My Queen! A maid called from outsode the door, quickly the maids got up and stood in front of the bed, facing Zelda who was sitting at the other corner.

My Queen, there is an emergency, the voice said again but no response came from Zelda.

My Queen, Queen called Zelda and she snapped her eyes open.

Her eyes were red, and obvious proff to them that she was sleeping.

My Queen! The voice called again and Zelda glanced at Queen telling her to let the maid in.

The maid ran in sweating and panting real hard.

Her hand gripped her chest, Queen had to give her a hand to stop her from falling.

Zelda stared at her.

My Queen… its Lancelot….

What about Lancelot? Zelda asked looking totally awakened.

He escaped!

That killer escaped! she half yelled and Zelda stared at her, shock visible on her face..

My Queen, Queen muttered looking sad.

Her queen must be in shock, getting stabbed and watching one of her closest maids die in just a week after getting here must be traumatizing.

Zelda placed her palms on her face sucking in her breath, the maids looked shocked, Queen already had tears in her eyes watching her Queen break down before her.

The three other maids were visibly shocked, only one of the maids didn’t seem shocked.

She had a shocked expression before Zelda placed her hands on her face but when Zelda covered her face, crying, she scoffed and looked away trying to hide her expression from the rest.

The maid was, Esther.

What are we going to do now, what if he disrupts the wedding? the maid who brought the news asked.

Weren’t there gurads guarding the prison, how did he escape them? Another maid (Joan) asked.

They were both knocked out when they were found, the maid replied.

How can they be so weak? Esther asked

Do you think he did something to them? As far as I know that prison he was locked up in isn’t the type to bound their powers, Queen pointed out.

Usually, dangerous creatures are always locked in a prison that binds and limits their powers but to their surprise, Lancelot was locked up in the normal prison.

Thats true, Joan agreed.

Queen glanced at Zelda, she still had her eyes, covered and crying.

I’m sure his majesty will get him, Queen said trying to console Zelda who kept on crying.

The whole palace was in disrupt yet the wedding preparations continued.

None of them apart from Evenius and Hadrian has seen their King since the stabbing incident.

Back in the room, Zelda finally wiped her tears then open her eyes.

Come help me up, Esther, she said and Esther dutifully rushed to her, helping Zelda stand up from the chair as she (Zelda) winced in pain.

Sorry, My Quern, Esther muttered displaying so much concern for her Queen.

Zelda got up and started leaping to the door.

My Queen! they all called rushing to her.

What? she asked with a glare.

You can’t go outside, Its your wedding day, My Queen, Queen told her.

But I want to see what’s going on, I have to go find Lancelot myself if the guards aren’t going to do a good job, she ranted.

I’ll go… I’ll go find out for you, please My Queen, Queen begged.

Sighing she turned to Esther.

Esther darling, can you help me find out what’s going outside, please? Zelda pleaded.

Yes, My Queen, Esther replied eagerly then bowed before rushing off.

Immediately she closed the door behind her, Zelda stared at the door and smirked.

Acting, faking sadness, tears and anything fakeable were her speciality.

Its almoat time, My Queen, one of the maids spoke when she heard their palace bell ring once.

It was like a reminder.

Yeah, we had better hurry, Zelda said still facing the door.

Slowing she leaped to the bed, the beautiful wedding dress and beautiful jewelries were staring at her.

They are beautiful, aren’t they? she asked slowly tracing her hands on the fabric.

Yes, My Queen, they responded behind her as they watched.

She shut her eyes like she enjoyed the texture and design of the fabric, atleast that was the impression she was trying to create.

She left the dress and started touching the beads.

She was still doing that when got to a spot and stopped.

Smiling she went back and forth in the spot then picked up one of big beads smiling.

Its a neck bead and the beads on it are bigger than the rest.

Wow…this is beautiful, she said still touching that spot.

With a smile still plastered on her face, she slowly dropped the bead then turned to Queen.

Come with me, she said pulling Queens hand, she pulled her to the corner her shoes are then asked, which of the shoes do you think I should put on today? she asked this still holding her hand.

Her wedding dress was a blue garment with gold design, it matched her eyes so well and that was why Queen chose it for her.

Queen glanced at the shoes then back at Zelda.

My Queen I… she was going to tell her that she selected a pair of shoe for her already when Zelda smiled then pulled her hand away.

Queen opened her hands when she felt something on it, it was a tiny gold ball, so tiny to be noticed,she quickly closed her palm as she glanced at the others,they weren’t looking.

Give that to Hadrian, tell him it was in the bead,he will know what to do, she whispered to Queen who seemed shaken.

She recognized that tiny golden ball, it was the same poison that was found inside body of one of the maids who died in the palace after eating few years ago.

It was a deadly poison that kills within seconds if swallowed but when it burst open and touches a persons skin, it takes about two hours to sink in deep into the body and kills the person.

Who would want to have the Queen dead right on her wedding day? She thought thinking of how it got into the bead and was even hidden properly.

Who was in charge of getting the beads? Zelda whispered as she picked up a golden shoe then handed it to Queen.

Isn’t this pretty? She asked in a slightly raised voice.

Its pretty, My Queen, Queen played along then darted her eyes around before whispering, Joan, then her eyes widened like she just realized what it means to have Joan be the one who bought and delivered it.

She glanced Joan, She was arranging the beads with a smile on her face.

My Queen, She whispered in fear.

Zelda glanced at the girl touching the bead then back at Queen.

Go ahead,she said to Queen who ran out immediately to hand the gold ball to Hadrian, fear hitting her from all directions.

She remembered the last time something like this happened, she was one of the maids in kitchen that day,they all went through hell trying to prove their innocence.

It was a tough period for them, they didn’t just loose one of the most honest maids, they were also accused of being the culprits.

Just like Edna, she was close to that maid back then.

Thinking about it sent chills down her spine.

Blood already dried up from her face by the time she got to the kings chamber after avoiding the guards and lying to the ones she couldn’t avoid.

Hadrian glared at her when he saw her coming, she wasn’t supposed to be there.

Get back! He ordered from afar but she kept walking, fearlessly..

She was too scared for the life of her queen to let Hadrian the chief guard scare her today.

Are you deaf? Get back! he barked at her when she got to him.

She rolled her eyes at him first then sighed as she confirmed no one else was around to hear her.

She drew his attention to her closed palm then he switched, using his eyes to communicate.

He asked her what was in it with his eyes and she shook her hand then glanced at his own hand.

Scanning the area, he opened his palm and she put the ball in it, it was so tiny that his strong hand almost pressed it open.

His eyes widened the moment he saw what it was.

First he thanked his stars that he didn’t burst it open, just a drop of the content is enough to kill anyone.

He stared at her, asking her where she found it then she touched her neck like she was holding a bead, his eyes widened

Clearing his throat, he nodded at her then she walked away

Still backing the Kings door, he tapped the door twice from behind.

Come in, he heard the king say from inside.

Glancing around he opened the door and rushed inside.

Another Lancelot problem? King Wright asked and he shook his head.

He dropped the gold ball on the table then told him how Zelda found in among the beads.

Inform them, King Wright said without tearing his eyes off the ball.

He didn’t look scared or worried, he just had an unreadable expression on his face.

We start in 30 minutes, he added and Hadrian nodded.

Hadrian left his room then sent someone to inform Maya and Evenuis who would be officiating the wedding then informed Zelda too.

Within few minutes, Zelda was already prepared, Maya, Evenius and all the village representatives were there already, but Lancelot wasn’t.

Hadrian knocked on the Kings door when he was informed that they were about to begin but no one responded.

He opened the door… there was no King Wright, no one was in the room.

My King? He called rushing to search everywhere but there was no trace of him, his wedding attire was on the bed, untouched.

Meanwhile, Peyton already snuck out of the palace to the forest.


Where did the King go?

Who do you think put the poison in the bead?

Is Queen really trustworthy?

Am i the onlu one who feels like this wedding won’t happen today? ?


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