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Find My Luna

By Genevieve Edwin



Where is the queen? Peyton who was dressed elegantly asked the maids standing in front of a door.

She already guessed their Luna would be in there since there was no other female except she and the queen.

She’s being bathed, My Princess, one of the maids responded humbly.

Oh… I see, I should probably go pay homage to her, she said and started to walk towards the door when the maids blocked the entrance.

I’m sorry my princess, but we were strictly instructed not to let anyone in there, they replied respectfully.

Frowning, she glared daggers at the most confident one among them then she walked away, swaying her hips like shes trying so hard to let them know she isn’t bothered.

Inside the room…..

Don’t you think this is a bit to much? I mean, you have prepared my bath, I can bathe my self, Zelda protested.

I’m sorry, My Queen but we were asked to handle that ourselves, the older lady who seemed like she was their head spoke.

I don’t get it, I’m to be bathed? Is this a movie? Zelda asked but no one said a word.

You know what, I think you all should leave, I can fucking take care of my self, she spoke angrily walking away from them, towards the huge bathroom.

“Why do they have to make take my clothes off in public ? Even Mia hasn’t seen me naked for years.

I have to stand naked before them while they touch my body as they please?

What are you guys? Perverts? She kept muttering to herself as she searched for a fancy soap and sponge but all she saw was something that looks like liquid soap but isn’t as fancy as an actual liquicd soap.

What is this? she asked dipping her finger into it.

Eww, I’m I supposed to take a bath with this?

And where is the sponge? she thought looking around.

The cold hands on her shoulder made her stop then she lifted her head to see the maids, staring at her.

I can take care of my self, can you all leave now? she asked calmly

I’m sorry My Queen but that’s not happening, we have to take care of you and you don’t have to lift a finger, the older maid spoke behind her.

The two maids didn’t take their hands off either.

By watching me naked? she asked with eyeing the girls.

We won’t be watching you, Your Highness, we would be cleaning you up, and dressing you up, that’s all, My Queen, she spoke too politely that Zelda wished she could smash her head on the wall.

I do not approve.

I’m sorry, my queen, the lady spoke again, with just an eye contact, the maids were already taking her clothes off her body.

She was putting on a shirt, and a singlet and a blue jean baggy so the struggle was real and messy.

This is an abuse of power, you don’t have the right to invade my privacy, she screamed struggling with the maids as they forcefully undressed her.

I’m sorry My Queen, we are just following orders, please don’t take this to heart, one of the maids whispered.

Whose orders? Who the fuck gives such orders! Zelda yelled still dragging her pants with them.

That’s how things are done here, even Princess Peyton also gets bathed and dressed up everyday, the maid whispered again.

And who they hell is Python, you have pythons in here? She asked with wide eyes.

Just the little distraction and her pants was dragged down by the other maid.

Its not a python My Queen, its Princess Peyton, the maid replied with a smile as they finally let go of her.

She was standing in front of them, as naked as the first lady in eden.

Without waiting, she walked into the mini pool like thing in front of her which was filled with water and flowers.

She couldn’t stand them looking at her but she knew she had to get used to it.

They came to her and she didn’t resist, she let them bath her, her mind wandering.

What would it be like to live here?

Will they be accommodating?

I hope I don’t regret it, were few of the numerous thoughts that went through her head.

They were done washing her in few minutes, then they led her out after having her body wiped clean then they placed a temporary garment on her before leading her back to the room where they dressed her up.

The head maid already left with the two maids who prepared her bath and she was left with the two maids who bathed her.

Am i going to put on all these? she asked looking at the big and heavy garments and ornaments lying on the bed.

Yes My Queen.

But its night already, I should be putting on a nightie, don’t you think? she asked.

Nightie? The first maid asked.

Yes, nightie, she replied in frustration but one look at their faces told her they didn’t know what she meant.

I mean… night wear…? you know what you wear before going to sleep, she explained.

Oh, you mean this? the maid asked pointing at another long robe.

Zelda stared at it with irritation…. don’t you have something shorter? Lighter…. a bit transparent too, that’s how nighties are…

They both shook their heads.

Damn…. what shit hole did I get myself into, no nighties?

Will i be stuck with these robes then?

The thoughts were killing her.

She dreaded the days ahead.

“I might just run away before twenty four hours”

She stood quietly as they dressed her up in those thick robes.

Adorned her with jewelries, she shifted away from them when they were about applying make up on her face.

I do not need those for now, its night already, she said.

But we….

Where are my friends? She asked cutting the maid off.

The guards took them to their rooms, the only maid who has been speaking replied.

Zelda stared at the quiet lady, she gave off a very awful aura, she didn’t like her one bit.

Take me to them, she spoke, directly to the other maid.

My queen, you can’t see them till tomorrow, she spoke.

And why not?


You don’t even know why… are you taking me or should I go ahead myself? Zelfa asked walking away

I’ll go with you my queen, The maid replied chasing after her.

They walked out and the maids at the door bowed, then followed behind her immediately while the other maid headed straight to Peytons room, looking behind to be sure no one was watching.

Where are they going? Zelda whispered to the maid

They are your assigned maids, My Queen, she replied.

And you? Zelda asked walking faster like she wanted to out run them.

She was nervous as it is with the amount of maids and guards that has bowed as they walked past her.

Having a bunch of grown up ladies follow behind her like she’s a priest who has to lead a service was just unacceptable.

I’m only assigned to help you bath and dress up.

Why? She half yelled.

That’s how the chief maid assigned us, you can request for a personal maid among them, My Queen, the maid spoke respectfully.

Will this personality maid take over bathing and dressing me up too? Zelda asked, it was a difficult sentence for her to make.

Maid….. bathing and dressing me up…. such bigs words has never escaped her lips before.

You can request for that, My Queen.

What’s your name? Zelda asked stopping.

Quee…I mean Florence, she stuttered.

Zelda stared at her….. were you going to say queen? she asked.

I’m sorry my queen, I didn’t mean to, it was a slip of…..

What are you apologizing for?

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have….

Is your name Queen? Zelda asked walking again and the maids followed her.

I’m sorry My Queen, I wasn’t trying to compete with you, I just haven’t gotten used to the new name.

Wait… let me get you….

Your name is Queen and not Florence?

No, My Queen, my name is Florence now, I would never compete with you, she pleaded.

Stop begging… I do not like it, Zelda said with a sigh.

Why aren’t we there yet? Zelda asked..

Its at the far end of the hall, My Queen.

Who named you Queen? Zelda asked.

My… my mom.

Aww, that’s so sweet… who named you Florence then?

It was… it… the head maid, Queen stuttered

Why would she do that? Does she have the right to change people’s names?

She has the right to change our names My Queen.

What is she? Vice president of this country? Zelda flared up.

Its alright My Queen, no one should bear names like, King, Queen or Princess when we have them in the palace, its like competing with you My Queen.


Does your King know about this? Zelda asked and Queen chuckled

What’s funny?

I’m sorry, My Queen.

Ugh… the apologies again.

I’m…….. Zelda glared at her playfully and she chuckled..

The King doesn’t know, she replied.

So the old hag just throws in rules and make you all obey her like a puppet? You should all start up a riot and have her ass thrown into jail for abuse of power.

My Queen! Queen whispered.

What? I’m not scared of her, Zelda replied with an eye roll.

The King won’t have any business with peasants anyway, we are all under her rule.

Peasants? What century are you all anyway, the 15th?! Zelda whispered loudly.

Here we are, Queen announced when they got to a door.

There was a guard standing outside.

Zelda rushed to him to ask of August.

Since he was the only white among the guys, she didn’t need much explanation.

She was informed that both Arnold and Oliver were in the rooms facing each other but August was given a room very far away from the main palace building.



Why does he have to be the only one there?

Why him?

The guard said nothing.

Are there no other free rooms here? she asked hoping that would be the reason but the guards honest reply threw her off guard.

All the rooms down this lane are empty My queen, do you not like your room? the guard asked.

Zelda stared at the long passage with about six more doors… they are all empty?

Why is August in the other building then?

We were only obeying instructions, My Queen.

Who gave such stupid instructions?

Its the King, the guard replied hoping she would get scared and change her words.

The king?

Where the hell is the damn king?! she screamed shocking both the guard and maids.

He is….. Queen was saying

Take me to him… and where is Beiber, what have you done to him?

Beiber? Queen asked chasing after Zelda who was walking very fast..

The cat, Zelda replied through gritted teeth..

The King has him, Queen replied and she halted.

The King again?!

Why is he taking everything that belongs to me, where the hell is he hiding?! She screamed walking faster this time like someone who was going for war.



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