It was like every other night, my phone rang,
my girl friend (gf), asking me to come see her
since I had jst arrived from ph back to abj
where I’m based. I had spent a month over
there due to workshop and training organised
by my company meaning she undoubtedly had
missed me very badly u know what I mean.
Went over to her place, happily jumped into my
arms and all that, later on we both got into my
camry muscle chatting, kissing, cuddling and
Then her phone rang, her kid sis asking her
where she was, that was when my eyes noticed
what she wore- a strapless leopard skin gown
and realised she must have gotten it while I
was away since I actually haven’t seen it on her
prior till then.
The call ended with me speaking to her kid sis
promising to get her what she asked for, after
which my gf switched off her phone & I was
like why, she said just me no intruder of any
Hmmmmm!!!! My Oga down below quickly
shouted “all correct sir”. She continued from
where we stopped kissing and cuddling in the
vehicle then I noticed something again, while
cuddling, rubbing all over the sweet curves that
she’s endowed with of course with her clothes
on, I observed she wasn’t putting on any
underwear down below. Goshhhhhhh!!! At that
point I knew the night was going to be
Quickly calculating where the venue will be, my
place ain’t going to be conducive coz my kid
bro and a cousin of mine currently live with me,
so a guest house surely. While I was stil doing
the maths up there in my head, the
unimaginable happened…
the unimaginable happened, she slid my chair
totally flat, and mounted upon me with her
weight fully resting on me. Quickly I asked
what this was all about, she also was quick to
remind me that have always wanted her to be
spontaneous not so predictable, that was what
she wanted proving to me. I said I see, well am
not so comfortable with this spontaneity, lets
go over to a guest house then my mind will be
at rest and so as not to disrespect you as a
All I said fell upon deaf ears as she continued
touching all the right places and couldn’t resist
no more till the headlights of vehicles coming
into her estate flashed into the vehicle,
suddenly she said to me why don’t I want to do
crazy stuffs with her, something she could look
back upon and just smile when I’m
not there with her. I said to her so what do you
want now? She was like she just wants a cool,
serene environment with no intrusion of any
sort, I quickly scanned such places in my head
and started the vehicle.

Having just one place in mind, one of the
several gardens and recreational parks littered
around Abj, with soft music playing in the
background, my intention was to go in there,
get her a bit tipsy wif few shots of tequila then
head to a guest house.
Surprisingly, on getting to the park,she refused
alighting from the vehicle, she was like no she
wants me now, here and now, that I should
keep driving forward where the street light isn’t
present, it dawned on me that ma gf was not
just ho*rny but also having her imaginations
running wild.
I did as she said, parked in a very poorly litted
environ few meters away from the park, then it
began, she threw my car key to the back seat,
slid my seat flat once again, french kissing,
caressing, cuddling.

Before I could say Jack she had reached for my
denim pants loosened by belt, before I tried
reaching to unbutton my pants she had cut it
off with just the zipper remaining, said to
myself again what are you doing? I was about
answering that question when ma hand reached
for her butt, she had raised her gown upwards
with nothing down below, here I was laying flat
caressing her butt, feeling the smoothness of
her skin, she had implanted her bosoms in my
mouth by then, sucking off her Tips the best
way possible.
Lo and behold, I felt something, my hand had
trespassed into a totally different environment,
so warm, so wet, that it felt like trying to
untangle my fingers from a chewing gum, she
moaned immediately I gained access into the
main chambers with just a finger. Then, she
already had a firm grip of ma co*rk down
below stroking it gently, using my fluid as the
lubricant while I was busy kissing, sucking and
still finger*ing at the same time(multi-tasking at
is very best). All this with her lying on top of
As she kept stroking my co*rk gently I kept the
intensity down there in hers as well, inviting the
index finger to join in the party which was being
attended earlier on by just the middle finger,
the intensity of her moaning increased, which
spurred me to get even in more creative in there
if you know what I mean.
Now, she was absolutely ready for the main
event so was i, she suddenly paused holding
my hand,trying to stop me from fing*ering her,
which I slowly withdrew getting ready for a
bumpy ride. All of a sudden, i felt a warm
sensation on ma joystick, not her kitty cat but a
BJ, this felt like receiving a Nobel prize for
excellence in kitty pleasing. She stroked and
sucked simultaneously,spitting on it, grabbing it
like her life depended on it, my balls receiving
the best vip treatment ever, she emptying my
sac inside her mouth, this she must have learnt
from adult movies I said to myself, truly, I was
in the seventh heaven.
Having no idea of happenings around me, with
my gf giving me head, all I could do was play
with her long weaves, as she kept on doing
wonders like never before in confined space,
then something happened….


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