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I THOUGHT I WAS A V!RGIN … (18+) … Part 2


Theresa:I’ll follow the right friends like have always done..there’s nothing to be scared of okay?
Mrs Johnson:you know I’ll miss you so much my dear..
Theresa:I’ll miss you even more mama..though it isn’t easy o..but I’ll try to adapt to the city lifestyle..
We both hugged each other.. despite the fact that I want to go to the city so badly..deep down I’ll really miss the village..my bestie onome..my mama of course..my papa..I’ll miss them so much..I can’t wait to tell my bestie onome..about my travelling to the city..

Two days before my departure to the city..I went to onome’s place to give her the good news..of going to the city..my mother already accepts for me to go to the city with my uncle emeka..*

(Onome and theresa gisting..)
Onome: really?so you are going to the Lagos the day after tomorrow..ugh..am so happy for you o..
Theresa:yes..o..at last am going to the city..
Onome:I’ll miss you o..by the time you are back..link me to those handsome Bobo..wey dey for city..o..!
Theresa:hmm..onome onome..bad girl..wey get innocent face..I don’t think I can ever see a guy.. there since I’ll be going to all girls boarding school..
Onome:ugh..that one ke?I thought it was a mix up..school sef..Stanley will miss you so much o..
Theresa:yeah..Stanley hmm..I just can’t wait..to go the city..and marry my book like my mother said..that’s all..I really don’t think I ve time for guys..now..
Onome:but you had time for Stanley…tessy..tessy..!
Theresa:ehn..we were just friends though..he was the one crushing on me after all..
Onome:hmm..Na u Sabi..Sha find me all those handsome boys for city..
Theresa:you and boys..na so f–k dey hungry you reach?chaii..onome and Dem boys..
Onome:(laughed)na so..e hungry me o..my dear..anyways..I won’t lie..I’ll miss you so much..so much my friend..
Theresa:I’ll miss you even more onome..(hugged onome)*

The day finally came..I couldn’t sleep through out last night…over anxiety wants to kill..me..I woke up as early as possible as I arranged all my things for my journey..I took my bathe..very fast..and dressed up..waiting for uncle emeka in..the living room..just then mama joined me with my father in the living room..
Mr Johnson:my Lagos daughter..you ve woken up so early..(sits beside theresa)
Mrs Johnson:(sits beside theresa)let’s pray..before your uncle..gets here..
Theresa:sure mama

We sang our usual morning song which every Nigerian knows..”in the morning..early in the morningafter that mama took the lead in prayer..she prayed for journey mercy and also prayed that I receive favour were ever I stepped my feet on..we prayed for like 45minutes..and when we were done..mama and papa gave me words of wisdoms..they advised me..so well and I promised to keep to their words…

Finally uncle emeka arrived with his latest range over car as I hugged mama and papa..uncle emeka packed my luggages inside the boot of the car…
Theresa:I have to go now..
Mrs Johnson:God bless you my daughter..
Mr Johnson:be a good girl..

I rushed into the car with excitement as uncle emeka talked to my parents for a while..and finally he entered the car..as I bidded mama and papa from the window..tears rolls down my cheeks..I can’t believe a grown up sixteen years old girl like me can actually be crying for leaving her parents aside..uncle emeka zoomed off..

The journey to the city took us..hours..to reach the city…I was sitting at the front seat of the car..as I couldn’t remove my eyes from the windows admiring the nature..and how beautiful Lagos was..musics have never heard of and girls and boys walking round the streets..I didn’t see anything like clay pot..I saw tap water..for the first time..though I was been thought how to use it in school..when my home economics teacher explained to us..how to use it..I was enjoying the Cool breeze coming from the windows as uncle emeka broke the silence..he had asked me earlier if I was hungry and of course I told him yes.. despite being a big girl..I don’t joke with my stomach..so we dropped by at a restaurant..I offered for Egusi..soup popularly known as melon soup and akpu..aka fufu..with cold minerals..while uncle emeka offered for jollof rice and chicken..which isn’t my type at all..After we ate..we headed off to uncle emeka’s mansion in Lagos..

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Gate opened by the gateman as emeka droves in..)
Gate man:oga..oga..welcome..o!
Emeka:(gets down from the car)saliu..my guy..
Theresa:(gets down from the car)
Gate man:oga..oga..wetin you bring from village for me na?(staring at theresa while licking his lips disgustingly)
Emeka: hmm..saliu..I’ll settle you later..pack the luggages in the boot and take them to the guest room..meet theresa my niece..
Theresa:good afternoon..sir..
Gate man:so you mean say she be your cousin..omo..she too fine o..hope sey no be mermaid you carry come here so..
Emeka:cmon..shut your mouth..tessy..*


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