I was idly pushing my trolley back to my car in
the Exclusive Stores car park when the
screaming of a baby disturbed my thoughts.
Next to my car a well-dressed young woman
was unloading a vast amount of shopping into
the back of a gleaming silver 2014 Toyota
Prado while trying to soothe the small child
sitting at the back of her trolley. The sound was
so strident that it was hard to believe such a
small person could make that much noise.
Many people were looking at her with disgust,
and I even heard a couple of them murmuring.
“See as the yeye little girl dey make noise. So to
show us say she get money, she come dey
bring her notice-me pikin.”
“Abeg no mind am. If we look am now, na
sugar daddy she get oh. Born pikin out of
I just shook my head. Typical Nigerians and
their bad belle. Ever the gentleman, I offered to
finish the unloading if she wanted to put the
child in the car. The offer was accepted
gratefully as she was already getting frustrated.
I heard the two busybodies murmuring again
and I turned to give them a hard glare. They
quickly turned away and faced their own
matters. When I’d finished I asked her if she
had far to go.
“Only up to Zone 6. I’m afraid she’s long
overdue for her afternoon nap.”
“I pass there on my way home – if I follow you,
I could repeat the process while you settle her
“Are you sure? It’s a very kind thought and I’m
just about at my wits end with all this
“Consider it a deal,” I said, liking her
appreciative smile.
I loaded my own small basket of goods onto
my front seat and waited for her to reverse out
of her slot before following her SUV at a safe
distance. We arrived at a large detached house
in about twenty minutes and she got out,
opening the trunk & waiting for me to join her.
She removed the still unhappy baby and headed
“The shopping can go in the kitchen – straight
through,” she said over her shoulder.
While unloading her groceries I took a quick
look at the surroundings. The compound was
quite large and had a 3-car garage to one side.
I saw a cool-looking Honda Accord and a
wicked-looking black Mercedes E-Class parked
under the canopy. The house itself was a
beautiful cream color.
I was just carrying in the last bags when she
returned downstairs.
“That’s so sweet of you” she said, “Would you
like a drink?”
“Well…” I looked at my watch and then at her,
“Well, OK – as long as I’m not delaying you”
“Certainly not. By the way, I’m Bessem” she
said, “I’ve finished for the day now – or until
her highness wakes again. There’s only the two
of us.”

I must have looked surprised.
“I do have a man, but he works in an oil field
and is away for about another ten days –
depending how many drunken days he stays in
PH before he decides to head back to Abuja.”
I sensed the bitterness in her voice and
wondered what caused the husband to stay
away longer than he had to; after all, the
woman was very attractive and had a nice
rather shapely figure. However, nobody other
than the couple themselves knows reasons for
such things.
I followed her into a very large and luxurious
living room. She walked over to a bar and
prepared the drinks, passing a glass to me.
Bending forward to put it on the table she gave
me an excellent brief view of a deep cléavage
between two firm bréasts, but I wasn’t sure
whether that was intentional or not.
We sat over our drinks and she elicited that I
was single, two years older than her and a
junior partner in a local firm of lawyers. In
exchange, I learnt that she was a qualified real
estate agent but no longer working since the
arrival of the baby. She mentioned more than
once that her life was quite lonely without her
husband around to do things for her – she
didn’t elaborate on what specific things.
A second glass of wine was served and Bessem
excused herself to check on the baby upstairs.
Shortly afterwards I heard the toilet flush and
she returned to the kitchen, commenting that
the youngster was fast asleep.
As she walked past me to the bar I had an
embarrassing shock. Bessem had obviously
been to the toilet, but in her hurry to come
downstairs, she had caught one side of the
back of her short skirt in her panties and was
now exposing the briefest of black thongs and
a large area of her pert bottom. I thought it
kinder to warn her rather than have her realise
it later and be even more mortified.
“Um, I think you got something sort of ….caught
….in your skirt ….when you were upstairs” I said.
She turned towards me and smoothed down
her skirt at the front.
“No, it’s at the back”
Her hands went behind her and she blushed
scarlet as she realized what had happened.
“I….I’m so sorry” she said apologetically, sorting
out the problem.
She brought the glasses to the table and must
have felt too awkward to look at me for a while.
When she did there was a wry smile on her

“I suppose you saw everything?”
“Not quite everything” I assured her and added
boldly “But what I did see was extremely
“My fault for wearing such a short skirt, and I
should have worn more sensible pants”
“Oh no, that would have spoilt my enjoyment” I
“I don’t usually wear them”
“What?” I exclaimed, “Panties?”
“No, you silly man, thongs. I was much younger
when I last went out without panties. Now
you’re making my mind go into overdrive.”
Bessem sat quietly for a few minutes & then
got up from the table and went into what I
presumed was the kitchen. She returned in a
few seconds with a slightly flushed look on her
face and sat to finish her drink.
I finished my drink, thanked her and was about
to make my departure when she asked if I
could help her with one small task before I left.
I agreed and she ferreted in a cupboard to find
a light bulb.
“If you could just hold this chair on the landing
while I change this, I’d be most grateful.”
She trotted up the stairs ahead of me and I had
an even more érotic view of her butt as it
undulated with each step. At the top she turned
to await my delivery of the chair and I was now
treated to a view that I certainly wasn’t
expecting. The short skirt was so brief, that
with her legs slightly parted, I saw no sign of
the black thong – only the dark shadow of
pink. I tried not to show surprise and put the
chair under the light fitting. She climbed onto it
and in seconds had the bulb changed. She put
out her arms towards me and almost jumped
off the chair, resulting in her falling against me.
After the disclosure of her lack of panties,
presumably removed when she went to the
kitchen, I was now in no doubt as to her ulterior
motive – or I hoped I was.
The resultant clumsy clinch confirmed my
wildest hopes, for her arms went around my
neck and she kissed me hard. I returned the
favor before she came up for breath. She
looked at me with a seductive smile.
“I must remember to put that bulb back in the
cupboard – there’s nothing wrong with it, but I
was too shy to ask you blatantly to come
upstairs. D’you mind?”
“How devious of you!!” I answered, “But I’d have
to be peculiar to object,” and kissed her again,
letting my hands stroke the back of her thighs
before advancing to the smooth rounded
cheeks above.
When she looked up again she was panting a
little, “I’ve taken off my thong.” she mumbled.
“I know, I saw that when I was coming up the
Bessem butted my chest with her head, “So
you knew!! Just as well you didn’t see it – it
was very mucky. I’ve been turned on ever since
you first spoke at the Supermarket”
“Well, this certainly isn’t going to turn you off”
She looked down and whispered quietly, “I don’t
want to be turned off. I want you to turn me on
a whole lot more – totally in fact”
“I’m not actually equipped for ‘totally’” I said,
regretting that my wallet was devoid of the
usual small “packet” for emergencies like this.
“There’s no need to worry about that – and
from where I’m standing you feel well equipped
for “totally” – and growing more so by the
minute” she replied seductively, rubbing my
She was right about my growing, for I could
feel my érection aching to be freed from my
jeans as it pressed against her. I was beginning
to understand her sadness from earlier. Here
was a young, hot woman frustrated by the lack
of intimacy from a husband who prefered to be
500 miles away in the arms of a höoker. Which
sane person does that? All that stored up
tension in her needs to find an outlet. This
young mother-of-one needs all the release she
can get.
Bessem opened the door to what I imagined
was a spare bedroom and was pulling her
blouse off before I was inside. She closed the
door quietly and undid the side zip on her skirt.
A magnificently proportioned body clad only in
a black bra confronted me and she unclipped it
quickly as she bounced onto the bed.
“Get those clothes off and come here,” she


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