Nasaasira Benjamin

Nasaasira Benjamin
Student at Makerere University kampala
Male (M)
0754724200 (WhatsApp)

****At EliKam properties limited company Ntinda. ****

“Benji, time is running and years are multiplying yet you are not planning to marry! Don’t you think it’s getting too late?” This was a concern from Ethan, one of my workmates at Elikam properties Ntinda.

****My story****
Ethan and I were in the same age bracket and we shared equal ranks in the company, the only difference was that Ethan was already married with a two year old baby girl and indeed his family was a happy one and sincerely speaking Ethan lived an adorable standard of Living.
The cost of living on my side was so high because I was that guy who used to host a different skirt on a different weekend and that meant expenditure. “Before you take her in, take her out” as the law states. I used to comply.
After a series of serious thoughts, I decided to meet the responsibilities and Dinah was my priority.
Dinah was in her mid twenties by estimation since I hadn’t bothered asking for her name and she worked with her sister at the supermarket since she had not yet gotten a job of her choice basing on her academic documents.

She had recently graduated with Bachelor’s degree in computer science at St Lawrence University Lubaga.

She accepted my hand in marriage and meeting her parents was inevitable.
As time evolved Dinah was left with days to deliver and that meant getting a helper, not a chamber boy but a serious maid who would help her with house chores as Dinah cared for the baby.
Everything went as planned and a maid was brought but I felt the guilt within me on the first sight of her .
She was a well constructed young lady, she had everything only that she needed renovation otherwise she was fine.
She wore an old wig on her head, with an old but clean pullover which made her look old fashioned, but like any other sharp eyed gent, I was in position to view her beyond her old wig.

We gave her a room in the boys’ quarters where she slept for some time before she was shifted to the main house.
After Jack’s birth, as the baby boy was aptly named, Anitah the maid became so hard working since my Dinah was still weak. She could only do one thing; taking care of the little baby.
Due to too much love that “mama baby” was developing for the maid because of her hard work without complaining, she decided to send her to a beauty salon to work on her hair as it was now plucking.
She asked me if I could drop her to the salon as I was heading to the workplace and I didn’t hesitate as I gave an extra excuse that the hair could even get into our food since it had started plucking.(was it the issue anyway?)
I drove her to the salon and I paid for one of the trending hair styles. I reminded her that I would pick her up as I was coming back from the job . I reminded the salon lady to give me a call when Anitah had been worked on so that I could bring the balance of her payment.
I can’t explain what was happening to my life but I started wishing to explore and see what her skirt was bidding inside. That’s what my loose mind was telling me.
I continued to the office but I kept on waiting for only one thing, a call from the salon lady.

After a long time of waiting I received a call from the lady at 2:45pm with the news that Anitah had been worked on. I didn’t wait for my office hours to end because I had been given a one month leave to only work when I want.

I immediately developed a plan of taking Anitah out for the remaining two hours since office hours at up to 5:30.


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