HOT BEANS…. Part 1

Every year in August, we always go camping in my church @our head quarters in Lagos. This year’s own happens to clash with my academic session in school.

On one of our weekly student fellowship day, we were reminded of our upcoming camp in a fortnight to come.
It was mandatory that all the students who were in their final year, must be in attendance and participate in all the biblical activities that will take place in the camp.
The national youth committee of the church has made it a short camp, as it would last for 3days which was Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Undermining it was during my academic sessions, it won’t affect my lectures since its weekend.
Secondly, as a senior student in my department every Friday was a lecture free day for us.
In respect to the camp we were all asked to pay N3000 which was our camping fee for this year.
The next day I called my parents and told them about our camping, and they were happy I could make it from school.
They told me my younger sister who is a jambite was also going for the same camp, and that she is almost through with her preparations, and have paid her camp fee and other dues.
In conclusion they promised to send me some money the following day, so I can pay mine.
I have some money already, so adding to mine would make my stay in the camp a sweet one. More also I would be able to tackle this young girl that I have always been eying, especially during weekly programs.
We haven’t discussed yet but I believe travelling together will bring the opportunity …

The next day I woke up with a surprised alert of N10,000 from my Dad, I was so happy and hastily began to make arrangements for things to go with, such as clothing, toiletries etc.
The deal day finally came and I was so excited. As usual, we all gathered at our church premises where a bus was packed to take us through the journey.
I was among the first five persons that came as early as 6am since the time chosen for our departure was 7am.
Arriving there, I was the fifth person to board by registering my name on a 2A exercise book, which was with the driver.
My church target (babe) wasn’t even around, but I had a strong belief that she will come and I must definitely sit close to her.
We waited until 7am which was our supposed departure time, chosen by our leader and we weren’t complete yet. The remaining campers to board were 5 in number, as about 9 persons have written their names on the camp register.
Just for the fact that nature could not be cheated, I excused myself from the campers that were around because my stomach has already started aching me, as a result of hunger.
I went outside in search of something I could eat but all the stores where I could get snacks were locked, and some hadn’t opened for the day.
So I had to asked those staying around, who gave me directives on where to get cooked food.
Following their directives, I located a Canteen with a signboard at the front which has the following write-ups

”Food is Ready @ Mama Yabasikira Canteen
We sell
1. Akara and Akamu
2. Moi-Moi and Agidi
3. Beans and Bread
4. Egg and Indomie
5. Rice
6. Minerals ”

Before going inside, I had a good view on the board so I could made a choice on what I would eat because, I need a meal that would hold me till I will complete my trip to the camp yard in Lagos.


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