HONEYMOON…..(18+)…..Part 1

Emilia was coming out from the exit door in Shop-rite,she was carrying two polythene bags looking for a cab or bike to take her home.
Suddenly a Black Toyota Camry Spider stopped abruptly closed to her,she tried to look at the person who was driving the car but the tinted glass didn’t permit her. `Hello’ a fair handsome young man said as he wound down the glass,the man grinned exposing the gap between his lower incisors.

Emilia:Hola!(she looked at the man trying to figure out if they’ve met before). I don’t think we’ve met before mister or have we(She said coldly)?
Man:Nope pretty,we’ve not,please call me Ebuka not mister. I just stopped to find out if you care for a lift,i can’t allow a pretty damsel like you to face the scorching sun looking for a cab.
Emilia:Hmm! I rather stand forever than for a man to give me a lift (Ebuka tried to talk but she shushed him,as Ebuka ignited the engine to go,she thought to herself that it was better to accept his offer and save her strenght)

Because she had been standing for nearly 30 minutes,she decided to accept his offer.
Emilia: Okay! Ebuka stop i’ve accepted your offer.
Emilia:Oh! Stop calling me pretty,i’m Emilia.
Ebuka:Okay! Emilia. So what did you buy in shop-rite?
Emilia: Some articles.
Ebuka: (Inquisitively)Like…
Emilia: (Harshly) It’s none of your business.
Ebuka: Hmm! (He inserted a C.D plate into the C.D drive and it loaded and started playing).
Emilia: (Emilia wished it was not this song,because it was her favourite,she tried to control herself from singing along but couldn’t as she sang along as if she was the one that composed the lyrics of the song,it was `Hello by Adele)Hello…
Ebuka: Wow! What a nice voice.(Emilia ignored him and continued singing).Where do you stay?
Ebuka:Would you get to chief Ayo’s crescent?
Emilia:Yeah! I Stay in the street.
Ebuka:(Joyously) I live in Maritime Avenue which is just about 2km from chief Ayo’s crescent.
Emilia: Whatever(She said still singing).
Ebuka:We’re already at chief Ayo’s crescent ,should i drop you at your house?
Emilia:No! (She said bluntly)Drop me here!
Ebuka: Okay! (He killed the engine) Please give me your cell phone number.
Emilia: Nope thanks for the ride (she said almost running out of the car to the street, meanwhile Ebuka just shook his head in embarassment and drove off).


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