HOME ALONE RELOADED…..(18+)…..Part 44


Why is all this thing happening to me now.
It’s totally not fair. I have exams to write
and I am supposed to disvirgin my
girlfriend today but now, this news is about
to spoil everything.
Jenny: I am pregnant.
She said to me as if I couldn’t read. I
looked at her with fear all over my face
and she smiled.
Jenny: don’t worry. No one will know about
it, I will keep it a secret. Heavens knows
that I have always wanted a child so thank
She said to me smiling while I couldn’t
speak. I later left her room and walked
pass Samuel who was busy calling me but I
didn’t answer him.
I entered inside my room and picked my
phone, then I quickly dialled Bella’s phone
Bella: hello love, exercise patient am
She said while I nodded my head in
Me: stay at home, please don’t come
Bella: why??
Me: just don’t come.
I said and ended the call. I remembered
how I suffered before wooing her and all
the brainwashing I did just to make her
agree to sleep with me but here am I,
chasing her away. Am I doing the right
My phone rang again and I picked it up, it
was Mrs Halima that was calling me.
Me: good afternoon ma.
Halima: good afternoon. What is wrong
with your voice?
She quickly asked.
Me: nothing.
Halima: well, I just called you to inform you
that I am……
Me: heart racing you are what?
Halima: pregnant, I am with your child.
She said and my head began to spin round
and round.
Halima: don’t worry. I will place it upon my
husband and your secret is safe with me.
Me: how will you place it upon your
Halima: he has been at home for the past
few weeks and we were f—–g each other
through out.
Me: so?
Mrs Halima: he will agree your child is his.
I couldn’t talk again. The call ended up
and I was over scared, have gotten two
women pregnant so soon, I will be a father
of two. God help me.
I wanted to pray and ask for forgiveness of
sins when a message came into my phone.
I opened it and it reads..
“I am pregnant,
I fainted.

I was locked behind bars by the order of
my father. I had gotten seven girls
pregnant including Ruth, Joy, faith, Amaka,
Rose, Bola and a girl that just came into
our school newly, favour.
Life to me now is worthless and
meaningless. I couldn’t walk around as I
do before because of shame, great shame
from every corner.
I was hated by everyone and I am thankful
I am locked up away from the reach of
many. I have been flogged severally and
more is still coming because my dad is on
his way to port Harcourt.
I couldn’t stand before my mum and little
bother all because of shame. Few days
from now, I will also be made to be
paraded around the barrack naked.
My dad has finally given hope on me. After
beating me severally, he will take me back
to the village. No more school or Education
for me.
Oh, had I know.
Oh, had I listen to Samuel.
Oh, had I repented from my useless and
deadly way of life, things would have been

Bella’s POV
I am a living testimony. I thank God from
life. I couldn’t believe that I agreed to sleep
with a boy who pretended to love me at the
expense of my virginity.
Now look, few weeks ago. I would have
been disgraced or be among the numerous
girls he impregnated. Oh God I thank you
for my life.
My word of advice to everyone is, FLEE

So after everything I have done for Idris, he
still had the mind to disgrace me.
After impregnating more than fifteen ladies
at a go, he will tell me if he is a dog.
waitfirst till I get to port Harcourt, then hell
shall break loose.

The End

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