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( The Mafia’s Sweetheart… )

By, Naomi Cindy B.








“Why would you even smoke five sticks of cigarettes when you know the damage one stick can do to your health!” Mary ranted, looking at Rosario who was lying on the bed.

“I’m fine, I’m just tired, trust me I’m not…

“Shut up” she interrupted, and he pressed his lips together, then she sat beside him and eventually slept on him.

“Promise me that no matter what, you won’t try smoking again” she said, touching the skin on his face.

“If you leave me again, then I’mma smoke ten” he winked.

“Ross!” She shouted, and he started laughing.

“It’s not funny” she pouted.

“All you have to do is promise you won’t leave me again sweetheart” he said seriously.

“I’ve made that promise close to a million times for the past one week” she replied.

“Make it again” he said.

“I’d rather eat than leave you” she said, and they both laughed.

“That doesn’t count” he replied, tilting up a bit to kiss her lips.


“Again” he laughed.

“You must be having a lot of fun right now” she rolled eyes.

“Of course sweetheart” he winked.

“I’d rather die than leave you” she said, and he sat up immediately.

“I never told you to involve death!”

“But you wanted a serious promise!” She replied.

“Still, death is too extreme” he replied.

“I don’t mind dying for you” she said, straddling him.

“I’m already dying for you” he replied.


“Yeah, the love poison is working perfectly” he replied, and they both giggled.

“Wait…your temperature went down” she said, feeling the skin on his neck.

“Maybe I really don’t want to have the party shifted again” he replied, slithering his hand under her short jean skirt.

“Wait…we have a party to attend you horny thing” she said.

“Ok let’s go get dressed for the party” he replied, wanting to get down from the bed but she held him down.

“You don’t dare” she said, and he laughed, his fingers finally touching her cl*t.

“Shuffle” she said, raising up her @ss slightly.

He started moving his index finger around on it, playing with it caressingly.

He pinched her p*ssy lips and continued hovering his fingers around.

“Ouchh!” She gasped, kissing his lips deeply.

“Make that sound again” he said after they broke it, his fingers still playing on her folds.

“Ouchh!” She said loudly, and he played more rapidly, moving the index around in circles.

“Oh my… Ross!” She shouted.

“Do you remember when I was treating your wound in your former apartment?” He asked, gently pulling on her cl*t to tease her.

“Aasshh… Yes, I winced ouch but it turned you on so you pulled out your gun” she said, rotating her@ss with his fingers to match up.

Rosario giggled and kissed her lips, rubbing faster.

Her wetness was already wetting his fingers badly, he couldn’t wait to lick.

Meanwhile, Mary was getting impatient for the serve.

“Serve!” She gasped when his fingers touched the most aching part of her peak.

“Not yet baby” he replied.

“Serve please!” She gasped impatiently again.

Instead of doing that, he pulled out his fingers and licked her juice that’s splashed all-over them.

Mary took his hand back to her middle immediately, and she inserted the two appropriate ones into herself.

“Gawd” she shivered, balancing on them.

“Love my fingers?” Rosario asked naughtily.

“Yeah, but I love your c*ck more” she replied.

“Serve already, serve!” She shouted, and he started moving he fingers at a crazily fast speed inside her.

“My goodness!… Ross!” She screamed.

“Love when my name’s on your lips in form of a scream” he whispered, pulling down her singlet with the other hand.

Immediately it went down, he started licking her n*pples with the tip of his tongue while his fingers worshipped her p*ssy faster.

“Gawd!, Gawd!, Baby faster!”

“I love you!, I love you Ross!”

“I love you more sweetheart” he replied, attaching his lips to hers as his fingers kept moving circularly inside her.

She started trying to pull his pants down his leg so she’d get down to the real deal, but that was when they heard the living room door opening.

“Baby Donna!!!” Lush’s voice shouted.

“Boss lady!!” Nightingale screamed.

“Time to dress up!!” Pandora shouted too.

“Rosa you better come out of that room right now, I’m sure they’re f*cking” Romanio’s voice said.

“That idiot” Rosario smiled, pulling his fingers out of Mary.

He made his mouth feel it, licking off her juice once again before kissing her shortly.

“Time for the party sweetheart” he winked, pulling up her singlet for her.

She pulled down her skirt to cover her thighs before leaving the room with her.

“You were f*cking, right?” Romanio said.

“So what?, Get a girlfriend and stop getting jealous everytime, we’re not the architect of your singleness” Mary rolled eyes.

“Ouch!, That hurts…my heart” Romanio held his chest, and the girls laughed.

“Baby Donna, let’s dress you up” Lush said, and Nightingale raised the makeup kit.

Pandora raised the hair stretcher.

“I’ll be your dresser” Romanio said, pushing Rosario into the room.



“OMG!!, So there’s a beautiful place like this in here!” Beryl gushed happily when she stepped in with Leenox.

They’re among the first set of people to get there.

“I never knew too” Leenox replied, and she looked at him.

“Lee” she called.

“Huh?” He replied, facing her.

She stood on her toes despite her heels, and she kissed him lightly.

“You’re so handsome that I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, you give me butterflies too” she said freely, looking at him.

Leenox gave her an empty look for a while before switching to passionate, then he held her face and was about to kiss her when an hand pulled back his head.

“F**k!” He gasped.

“Brother!” Beryl shouted, shocked to see Romanio.

“Did you just try to kiss her?” He questioned.

“Yes” Leenox replied.

“Wow you’re bold, and why would you kiss my kid sis!” He demanded.

“I like her!” Leenox replied.


“I mean… I’m into her” Leenox said.

“Say it the right way motherf*cker!” Romanio shouted.

“I love her!” Leenox shouted, and he finally let go of his hair.

“Good luck” he said, giving him a pat before walking away.

Beryl inhaled hard.

“He’s really scary” Leenox smiled, and she closed her eyes, waiting for another kiss.

He leaned in and was about to kiss her again when Romanio appeared again.

“I didn’t give you permission to kiss her yet” he said, and they looked at him quickly, but someone suddenly pulled his ear.

“Shit!, Who the f*ck!” He shouted as the person pulled him away.

Beryl and Leenox finally got to feel each other’s lips.


The person got to the middle of the place before letting go of Romanio, and when he faced whoever it is with the aim of dealing with him or her, his eyes widened.

It’s Preet Kay, looking so different and stunning in her yellow dress.

She’s so hot that he almost fell as he stared.

“Go get a girlfriend and stop disturbing other people’s relationships” she rolled eyes, but he kept staring, so she pinched his cheek.

“Ouch!” He shouted back to reality.

“I’m talking here” she rolled eyes.

“How dare you pull my ear?, You even pinched me?, You know for a younger person you’re too rude” he said, and she scoffed.

“I told you to stop telling me about rudeness when you’re so daft”

“Daft?” His eyes widened.

“What?” She replied.

“Stupido” he said.

“Idiota” she replied.

“Stop talking back at me!” He shouted, grabbing her hair.

“Stop calling me names!” She shouted back, grabbing his hair too.

Immediately they did, Pandora knowingly bumped into Romanio’s back, and Lush bumped into Preet’s.

Preet and Romanio bumped into each other in the process, and their lips mistakenly met, their eyes widened.

Pandora and Lush stuck hands and left them.

They remained that way, none was ready to close his or her eyes, but their hearts were thudding.

“Preet Kay and Romanio Gambino!!” Nightingale shouted over the speakers

Everyone faced them with wide eyes, and they both came back to their senses.

They pushed each other away and went different directions.

Lave’re was already sitting comfortably on an high chair, and when Knife came in with Catalyst, she smiled at them.

“Should we drink first?” She asked.

“Yes, let’s do that” he replied, and she gave him a peck which he returned before they walked hand in hand to a corner.

“Let’s drink on our lips first” he said, and she smiled as he made her back hit the wall before kissing her gently.

“Cat!” Pandora shouted when she came in with Pierce.

“What’s up babies?” She replied, joining the girls.

“Romanio and Preet foodie kissed” Lush said.

“F**k!, Are you kidding?” She replied.

“We made it happen though, but I’m sure something will lead to something” Pandora winked.

“Bad girls” Hellcat laughed, and Pierce held her hand.

“Let’s go somewhere separate” he said, pulling her away.

“Life of single girls” Lush said.

“I know, right?” Nightingale laughed.

“Oh!, Clyde!” Pandora waved when he came in.

He joined their table and picked a glass of wine.

“To us” he smiled, and they clinked theirs with his own before drinking.

“The owners of this party are finally here!” Romanio said through the microphone, and everyone turned to the curtained door, the path was lined with red carpet.

“Rosario Xavie Gambino and Preet Madonna Marcus” Romanio said, and the curtain moved sidewards automatically, revealing the lovers.

Palms started jamming immediately, and everyone gasped at their gorgeousness as they walked in on the red carpet, linking arms.

Clyde sighed as he clapped, staring at Mary.

‘Though I didn’t get to be with you at last, but if you’re happy, I’m happy too, please stay happy forever’ he thought.

‘I sinned greatly against you, but you forgave me without even thinking twice, I think you’re the best person in the world Preet, and I’m hoping the rest of your days with Rosario will be delicious’ Hellcat thought.

“I’ve always wished we were really a twin, but too bad we only share the same name and face, but still…I love you so much, I wish you happiness my doppelganger” Preet Kay smiled.

“I hated you a lot before, but when
i realized life is too short to be hating, I scratched it all, I just hope we remain friends till the end Madonna, I love you” Nightingale thought, wiping her tears when she remembered what she did to her in the past.

“Yes our relationship wasn’t very sweet in the beginning, cos to me… you were a pest in here, but thankfully I learnt to change that philosophy, I hope you never experience pain again ” Pandora smiled.

“I love you so much my baby Donna, that’s all I have to say” Lush said.

“To me, you’re the spice in this place” Pierce thought.

“Lifesaver, I hope you don’t leave my brother again” Beryl thought.

“Take good care of my stepbrother” Knife said.

“This feels like a wedding whereas it’s just a party, I really can’t wait for the wedding” Leenox said.

“Trust me” Catalyst replied.

“I just wish for happiness for the two of you, and I hope I’ll be able to act as a loving mother to everyone in this place till I die” Lave’re smiled, standing up to hug the two of them when they finally got to the middle.

Rosario and Mary picked their designed glasses of wine and raised them up.

“To us!” They chorused, and everyone raised their cups too.

“To us!” They chorused.



The party is still ongoing, but since they both seem too horny to endure till the end, they came back to finish what they started earlier.

Rosario kissed her lips hard immediately they saw the walls of the room, and at the same time, they were traveling to the bed.

He was already hard even before they left the party, and her p*ssy was flooded already, great erosion is happening down there.

His pants went down before they got to the bed, and he hardened the kiss, zipping down her gown.

He peeled it off her body and tore off her pants and bra.

He’s always impatient when it comes to her, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a cure to that.

Once they went down, he started squeezing her b**bs in his palms, and at the same time, she was caressing his d*ck cap.

Her moans filled his mouth, and they sent more rockiness to his joystick which was still warning up in he middle of her palm.

He grabbed her @ss when they got to the foot of the bed, and he was still squeezing it softly with her b**b when they fell on the bed.

She readily spread out her legs, and he instinctively propelled his c**k into her wet c*nt

“F**k! Ross!” She screamed, her eyes widening every second.

He was ready to knock life out of her with the way he was doing it fast, his d*ck was mighty inside her,it filled her up as usual, and that always makes her come to the affirmation that they were made for each other.

The way he makes her feel, his hard satisfying bangs, his attentiveness and care…his regular display of affection ..

He attacked her lips with his own as the knacking hardened, and she was unable to moan as he kissed her madly, not releasing her lips till they swelled with his own.

He knocked himself in again, and she held him tight.

“I love you Ross!”

“Gosh gosh ouch!, Gawd!”

“Shuffle please… shuffle” she shouted, and he started moving in a roundabout style, scattering all her inner components.

“Ross!!!!” She screamed, and he kept going hard, holding her hands to the bed.

Their skin contacts made sounds like pam! at every thrust.

“Serve… serve” she panted, but he kept shuffling.

“Serve please!, Ross!”

He slammed down on her, serving with one hard thrust, and her eyes widened.




Rosario was busy checking out his choice of wedding suit on his tab…

“Baby!, Baby it’s positive!, Ross!!” Mary shouted, running out of the bathroom with a pregnancy test strip.

Rosario dropped the tab quickly and stood, then she waved the strip in front of him, it really has a red line.

“Damn!, Sweetheart you’re pregnant!” He shouted, carrying her in his arms.

He started swaying her around, and she cackled happily.

Mary drew the crescent moon tattoo at the back of her right hand too, they both have it now.

The last one month has been full of happiness for everyone in the empire, yeah… happiness.

Romanio and Preet Kay travelled out together two weeks ago after they stubbornly started dating.

Pierce and Hellcat are still in love.

Knife and Catalyst are doing just fine.

Beryl and Leenox’s love story is still on.

Clyde travelled last week too, to America.

The single girls gang… Pandora, Nightingale and Lush… They’re off to Paris for summer fun.

Lave’re is still in there, being a cool protective mother to everyone.

Everyone who travelled will come back next week though, next week is the wedding.

“Finally our baby Crescent is coming alive” Rosario said.

“I can’t wait!” Mary replied, and he kissed the necklace on her chest before kissing her stomach.

“I love you sweetheart” he smiled.

“I love you more Ross” she replied, and he kissed her lips.

“Let’s go top it up in the bedroom” he winked.

“Put me down horny thing” she giggled, but he started running in.




Another book ended.

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