“Morning Maria”Luca grunt walking into the dining room.
Maria turned to face him.
“You look a mess”She teased.
He opened the refrigerator and took a bottle of water.

“Don’t tell me about it”And then he gulped down everything in the bottle.
“Did Aryann have one of those hilarious dreams again?”
“Uh-huh, and last night was worse,she practically wept that I called her fat in her dreams and after I could manage to calm her down,she wanted to eat waffles,She ate lots of it just to end up crying again that I see her as a glutton,is that fair, Maria?”Luca asked.
Maria laughed.”You did appear in her dreams though.Have you been giving her any reason to think that way?”
“First off,I can’t control dreams and my real self wasn’t in that dream, second,She isn’t getting fat, except for her baby bump which keeps getting bigger, she’s still damn sexy,why can’t she get that?”
Maria shook her head.”You two are one of a kind”
“I can’t wait for her to give birth and she won’t take in again”He declared.
“Morning Dad…Morning Grandma”Four years old Damian greeted sitting on a chair.
Maria grinned joyfully,it meant so much to her when Luca had told his kid to call her grandma, and even after hearing that so many times,she could never get used to it.
“Buddy,did you sleep well?”Luca asked.
“Did you brush your teeth?”Maria asked.
“I did.Is mom still sleeping?”
Luca wished she was.
“No, I’ll go get her for breakfast”With that,he walked away.

Luca walked into his bedroom, scratch that, their bedroom.He found her putting a shirt on.
Unconsciously, he ran his tongue over his bottom lip taking in the sight of her naked butt.
“Don’t even think about it, I’m hungry”She said pulling a short up to her waist.
Luca sighed,she was six months gone already,he wished he could fast forward time and at the same time,he was scared of the day she would put to bed.
“Breakfast’s ready”He announced and turned to walk away.
“You ain’t gonna carry me?”She asked, surprised.
Luca turned to face her.
“You always complain each time I offer to carry you since you took in”He reminded.
“But I always agree at the end, right? women need to put up a show at first and then agree”
Luca huffed.”You never sieze to amuse me everyday”And then,he strode towards her and carried her in bridal style.
She smiled,”Am I heavy?”
Luca stared at her smile fading already,he wasn’t ready for this again.
“Don’t start please”He begged.

Few minutes later,he lowered her on a chair in the dinning room.
She had already exchanged pleasantries with Damian and Maria.
“So Aryann, did you sleep well,Luca told me you had a bad dream?”
Luca frozed avoiding Aryann’s eyes.”You ain’t supposed to tell her anything”He mouthed.
Aryann shot him a death stare.
“You had a bad dream mommy? what was it about?”Damian asked curiously.
“Someone hurt my feelings”Aryann announced.
Luca rolled his eyes dramatically.
“Someone hurt you? weren’t you scared?”Damian pressed on.
“Of course she wasn’t, Daddy was right there beside her and got rid of the obnoxious dream from her mind, don’t you know who I am?”
Damian giggled.”You’re Superman and I’m Superboy”
“My ass”Aryann mouthed.
Maria laughed,”Breakfast’s getting cold”She announced.
Damian started eating immediately.
Luca stared his beautiful pregnant wife whose mood swings were frustrating hell out of him.
He saw her eyebrows arched together.
“Are you okay?”He asked, concerned.
“I’m just tired”
“I warned you not to fall pregnant again but you wouldn’t listen,now, the baby’s stressing you out”
“She isn’t”Aryann snapped.
“Daddy said you should never be stressed out,the baby’s doing that to you, is she bad?”
“No”Aryann retorted, calmly.”Daddy’s just being paranoid”
Luca gasped,”Paranoid?”
“Can’t we ever eat breakfast in peace?”Maria snapped and they went quiet again.
She knew the couple still had to talk things out before returning to their right senses.
“I’m full, Grandma,may I be excused?”Damian asked, politely.
“Of course, sweetheart”Maria replied and Damian scurried off.
“I’m full too”Aryann announced.
“At least for five minutes then you’ll start asking for steaks or waffles or……”He paused realizing that he shouldn’t be teasing her right now.
“I knew it,you really think I’m fat”
Maria sighed.”Can you two please settle this upstairs, I wanna watch Damian’s favorite cartoon with him so this is not a convenient place to argue”She warned.
Luca sighed, stood up and strode towards Aryann,he carried her and walked off.

“My point here is that you ain’t taking in again and don’t try to fool me into believing you’re under birth controls after this again”Luca warned,they were both sitting on the bed,seething.
“Well if you can remember,you didn’t want children when we got married and when I fooled you into thinking I was under birth controls,you were furious,you didn’t want the child but after many nights,you finally dropped the issue and when Damian was born,all your attention flew to him”
“Are we still on that again, I admit,my views about children was wrong but I sincerely think Damian was more than enough bundle of joy for us”
“We got married before Harry,he’s expecting his fourth child”She pointed out.
Luca grimaced slightly,”Not everyman wants to be the father of all nation and you think I can ever forget that day when you were in labor,you were literally screaming my name”
“I thought you love it when I scream your name”
“I hate it when you scream my name in pains, I almost died that day”
Aryann giggled,he had cried alot and after everything, when she asked him why he cried that much,he denied ever crying,he denied it to the core.And she could never get him to admit to it.
“I’m hungry”She announced.
“Again?You just ate breakfast”He reminded, surprised.
“I know that look you’re giving me,you just said in your mind ‘you fat woman”She said mimicking his voice.
“You’re not on
my mind”He blurted out.
Her mouth fell open.”I’m not on your mind?”
“No…. I didn’t mean it that way…. what I’m trying to say is….. that wasn’t what I thought about”He said frustratedly.
“Then why did you throw it at my face in my dream?”
“I wasn’t in your dream!”He slammed back and stood up.Aryann was driving him nuts,she was overreacting about everything and he was running late for work.
He walked into the dressing room.
Seconds later,he walked out knotting his tie.
“You’re going to work?”She asked in disbelief.
“I don’t want you to go”
“I’m going’He pressed on.
“It’s me, your queen begging you to stay”She reminded.
Luca grinned”I know”
“I’m the love of your life”
“I know”
“I’m your heartbeat”
“Ah! Everyone knows that”He replied staring at the mirror.
Aryann suppressed her lips in a tight line,she wanted to be in his arms throughout today and she knew that the only way to achieve her goal was to use his weakness against him.
“I’m gonna cry”She announced.
Luca turned to face her,”You certainly can’t use that against me”
“Well,you can go to work but be prepared to come home and meet my eyes so swollen”She threatened.
His heart clenched just thinking about it.
“You would have been a very good actress!”He exclaimed tugging off his tie.
Aryann smiled.”Really? And you would be okay with that?”
Luca thought about the attention most actresses got.
“I take that back”With that he got into the bed.
“So will you finally tell me what this fat issue is all about?It has to do with a book you read or a movie you watched, right?”He asked pulling her up to sit between his legs.As soon as her backside touch his crotch through his pants, tingles of electricity shot through him.
“It was a movie,she was getting fat and her husband started to get less attracted to her”She said sadly.
“You really need to stop watching those miserable movies”He exclaimed.
“I can’t help the way I eat,Luca.Does it bother you?”
He tilted her head to look at her face.
“It doesn’t at all, you’re eating for two,that doesn’t mean I would want another child after this but fat or not,you still stir up something in my chest each time I look at you,you definitely ain’t fat and your baby bump is beautiful”He said and she felt the sincerity in his words,her lips curled into a broad smile,she rested her head on his collar bone.
He pulled up her shirt and rubbed his hand over her belly.

Aryann felt her baby kicked.
“She’s loves to respond to her Daddy”
Luca smiled.”And she’ll be a beautiful girl just like her mom”
“How beautiful am I now,Luca?”
“It’s indescribable,you keep on glowing each day”He slowly cocked his head and stared as her cheeks grew crimson.Up till now,he was glad that he could still make her blush very hard.
“So what will I be doing today at home?”Luca asked.
“Well, the doctor said I need alot of exercises, pulling your hair is one”She said turning around to face him and bitting her bottom lip.
Luca rested his forehead on hers.
“And me thrusting in and out of you is another one”
And then, their lips locked,they nibbled each other’s lips once…then twice and for a long time as if they had never kissed before.
A sound came from the door and Aryann quickly sat beside Luca.
Damian walked in.
“Dad,you promised to take me to the park today”He announced.
Aryann sighed but she’d do anything for her sweet little boy.
“Alright,go get dressed,I’ll be done in five”He replied.
“Yes!”Damian exclaimed excitedly and ran out of the room.
“Well,baby, I’ll try to be home as soon as possible”He promised standing up from bed.
“And I’ll await your pleasure”She replied smiling.
She hurriedly held his hand and he thought she was going to tell him something very important.
“Waffles aren’t much in the house again and I’m craving for popsicles and meatloaf and watermelon and apples and……”
Luca smiled quite amused.He kissed her passionately.
Then he pulled back.
“My love, I’ll buy you everything edible”

The End!

Thanks alot for reading.

Solely written by Pamela (Ella).

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