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HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 7



Prudence’s POV:
I laid on my bed dangling my feet in the air as I scrolled through a magazine. I was bored and had nothing doing at the moment so I decided to keep myself busy.

I heard a knock on my door and Rodney stepped into my room.
He threw something at me and I realized it was the ID card.

Oh my!
It’s all fixed and looking brand new.
How was he able to do it all so quickly?

I looked at him. His gaze was on the floor and he had his hands in his pocket.

“Thank you. “I said gratefully.

He tilted his head and turned leaving the room.

He’s so kind.
Thank God for this attribute he has.

My phone rang and I picked it up.
It was an unknown caller.

“Hello… Is this Prudence? “I heard from the other line.

“Yea… Who’s this? “I asked.

“Oh, am Rodney’s mom.”the female voice replied warmly.

My heart skipped a bit.
Rodney’s mom.

Why is she calling?..

“Good afternoon ma’am. “I stuttered.

“Oh honey, how are you? “She asked again, with a warm voice.

“Am good thank you. ”

“I called to let you know that you’ll be going for your dress fitting today. Rodney should bring you along. I want his opinion on the dresses.”she said.

Rodney has to go with me??

“Okay ma’am. “I said.

She hung up and i brought my phone down from my ear.
I sat up on the bed perturbed.
How do I tell Rodney about what his mom just said?

I stood up and walked out if my room. I had no idea where Rodney’s room was so I inquired from the maids.

I knocked and knocked but I didn’t get a response.
Where could he be?

In the bathroom?
I was curious. He possibly couldn’t be in.
He didn’t reply me.

I touched the door knob and pulled the door open. I went into the room. Shockingly, Rodney was on the bed operating his phone comfortably.

This is so absurd.
He didn’t even answer me. So he was here all this time.?

“What do you want? “He asked with a cold but calm voice.

“Uh… Your mom called… ”

“Let’s go.”he interrupted me standing up from his king-size bed.

He got to where I was and walked past me and his sweet perfume filled my nostrils.
I stuttered out of the room following him.

We got to the car and he opened the door for me which marveled me. I entered the car and shut the door myself while he goes to the drivers seat and fastened his belt.

The car started and he drove off. We left the mansion and drove through the main road.

So he knows about the dress fitting and didn’t say anything.

Once I get the chance, I’ll hit his head with a turning spoon for always being so annoying and strange.

After a while, he stopped the car in front of a building. We got down and I walked after him as we enter the building.

We entered into another section filled with wedding dresses!
Oh my goodness!
They were all so breathtaking and sparkles like diamond.

Of course choosing a dress is gonna be difficult with so many options listed out for me.

“Dollar Bridal wears. “I read inaudibly from the sign by a corner.

“Welcome. Your reserved dresses are in the VIP. Please follow me.”a lady beside the counter said cheerfully.

Rodney followed her immediately as she disappeared through a door tagged boldly: VIPS.

I ran after him.

Minutes later…

I returned to the room with the dress slightly folded into my palms.
The lady gasped and smiled.

“You look extra – fabulous! “She squealed like a child.

She’s not helping matters at all. She’s been complimenting me at each dress I wore. She flatters me so much and when I think am in the right dress, Rodney spoils the moment by saying no to the dress.

My gaze dropped at Rodney.
He looked up from his phone and gazed at me for a while. I really couldn’t tell what or where he was looking at.

He scoffed.
“I don’t like it.”he concluded.

This guy’s got to be kidding me.
He possibly have no idea that it’s very stressful removing and putting on a wedding dress.

“Let’s go with this one, please. Am tired of changing. “I pleaded.

I really didn’t mind with what I wear. This isn’t the marriage of my dreams, is it?

He rolled his eyes.
“I just don’t like them.”he said hoarse.
He turned to the lady.
“Is this really the best gown you have here? “He asked icily.

The lady chuckled nervously.

“Uh… Maybe you’ll like strapless tight laces…. Give me a minute. “She said taking my arm and we went back into the dressing room.

40 minutes later..

I stepped out of the dressing room standing before Rodney. He looked at me from head to toe. He took long before staring away from certain places like my hips and b**b areas.

“I change my mind, wear the last dress before this one.”he said and went back to his phone.

Rodney!!! 😠😡😡


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